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First modeling portfolio picture of a Tampa model on Tampa Bay Modeling. All portfolio photographs, unless otherwise noted, by C. A. Passinault, lead photographer for Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, as well as Director of Tampa Bay Modeling. C. A. Passinault is a top photographer, as well as a modeling expert.Second model photograph on Tampa Bay Modeling. Click on the image for an anecdote of the modeling shoot which produced this picture.In this third picture, you can see why the Tampa Bay area is one of the best in the world for modeling portfolio development work. Photograph by Tampa photographer C. A. Passinault.Image four of our online portfolio of another Tampa model. This photograph, if we are not mistaken, was taken on location in the Tampa Bay area. The best modeling portfolio photographs are location shots.This is another great picture. This is the fifth model photograph on Tampa Bay Modeling. Pictures featured in our thumbnail array may not be the same as those of models which are in our featured model section, but often, they are one and the same.Unmatched in any Florida modeling market. The quality of this image is excellent! Photograph by C. A. Passinault, our resident photographer and modeling expert.Another top Tampa model gets their look on. The best models can obtain a wide range of looks, as you can see when you look at other pictures of this model!Is it any wonder why more and more companies and art directors are booking independent models without going through an agency? Proof that you can be a professional model, with a lucrative career, without being dependent upon an agency to find and book modeling jobs!Another awesome photograph of a Tampa model by modeling photographer C. A. Passinault, lead photographer Aurora PhotoArts, and director of Tampa Bay Modeling.For modeling portfolio work in the Tampa Bay area, nothing beats location work. Studio photography is not nearly as cost effective, or appropriate, for modeling portfolio work.Keep in mind that this picture, for a modeling portfolio, was taken by a qualified modeling portfolio photographer, C. A. Passinault, for a specialized, professional market, which is modeling. A wedding photographer or a portrait studio will not be able to give models what they need for an effective modeling portfolio, as you have to know what you are doing!This is the 12th picture in our Tampa Bay Modeling online portfolio. Yet another Tampa model shows a marketable look in their portfolio. The best models are capable of the most looks, and are not locked into a single look!Agency model or independent model? It doesnt matter, anymore, especially in Tampa Bay. Professional models like this one can be booked without going through an agency, saving both the model and the job agency fees.Modeling portfolios need at least six looks, and by looks, we mean different looks. A composite cards needs at least five, on average, with a headshot on the front, and four different looks on the back of the comp card. This Tampa model is demonstrating a marketable look right now, in this photography. Picture by C. A. Passinault.

Tampa model Harmony Layne during a early 2007 modeling photography session in Brandon by Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design. Headshot photograph by photographer C. A. Passinault, who obviously knows more about talent photography than most other photographers in the Tampa Bay area.

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It often grows very quiet before a storm, and you can’t always see a revolution happening. The Tampa Bay modeling market is about to change, and models are going to benefit. - Chrisfucious

Happy New Year from Tampa Bay Modeling! 01/04/2023/0150/ - Happy New Year from Tampa Bay Modeling!
Happy New Year, and welcome to 2023!
This is going to be a great year for Tampa Bay Modeling, as we build and deploy an armada of next-generation talent resource web sites that have been in development since 2007, and are now ready to be built and deployed. Much more advanced and more user-friendly than this one, and updated to address the current industry, these sites will be extremely easy to use and are one hundred times more effective, with cutting-edge tactics, resources, and tools.
That catch, however, is that new sites have priority at the moment. Tampa Bay Modeling is being monitored by hostile parties, and we want these new sites to start showing up in large numbers for relevant search results before we show our hand, here.
Please be patient. Keep searching for the information that you are looking for in search engines, and you will soon start seeing these sites.
This site will be overhauled and upgraded later this year.

Are you a player in the real modeling industry, or are you a pretender? Are you a player in the real modeling industry, or are you a pretender?
To those “photographers” and “models” out there who are new to what you think that you are doing, and whom do what you see everyone else doing on social media as the “right” way to do things. Arrogant and entitled, you think that you can do what you want to. You also think that you can compete with established professionals because you fake your work by over editing (cooking) images to misrepresent what you can do when you market yourself, not able to give people what they expect at the rates, often set to undercut real professionals, that you “advertise”.
Question: Have you made money at what you are calling a “career”, yet?
You can be honest with yourself, unless you are deluding yourself thinking that you give anyone any level of competition.
We did not think that you were making any money at it. That is why you are insecure, and why some of you justify lying, cheating, and stealing.
Pathetic. You not only hurt those whom you associate with, but you are in some pseudo alternate “industry” where no one feels that they have to pay for anything, which means that none of you can compete with those whom actually invest in their careers.
Good luck competing with us and with our models, as you won’t be able to.
What annoys us is that your mistakes, and your acceptance of mistakes as the way that things are done, give the perception of power to middlemen such as modeling and talent agencies, as they are seen as the only way of booking legitimate modeling work.
We are going to fix that. - 01/28/18/0611

New security measures implemented. New security measures implemented.
In preparation for new content, and, eventually, next-generation talent resource web site tools and tactics (We will be deploying them on brand new next-generation talent resource web sites first, simply because no one will immediately know what those sites are. We want to delay our opponents getting a look at what is being deployed until it is deployed in overwhelming numbers all over the Internet. No one will know fully what is going on), we have implemented new security measures on Tampa Bay Modeling.
Other than our general site update log and generalized dates, as well as time sensitive additions which require a need to know regarding the date of posting, all content posting and update date information has been removed from some content and new content.
Our opponents are monitoring us. Fine. This site is for models, and we will engineer it in a way that it benefits our target audience more than anyone else. If anyone wants to figure out what we have recently added, they are going to have to monitor everything, which will take a lot of time.
Hell, we intend to waste their time.
Models who need something, on the other hand, will be able to find it.
See how that works?
We have some other things that we are doing, too, which we will not go into. If you are someone who is on this site for the wrong reason, we will take steps to ensure that it will not be as productive for you as it will be for our intended target audience. As a matter of fact, those whom are not on this site for the right reason will find that their plans will backfire.
We just added some things to Tampa Bay Modeling, now, too. Good luck finding it.
That is all for now.

Florida Models updated, again; addressing age and career appropriate modeling. 07/27/16/0600 - Florida Models updated, again; addressing age and career appropriate modeling.
Yes, Florida Models has been updated, again. No, we won’t link to it. You all know where to go.
A lot of people aren’t going to like it, either. Tough. You can’t do whatever it is that you want to do, especially when it is at the expense of others, and misrepresent what it really is. Exploitation is not art, either.

Help and Support of the Local Market Suspended. 07/22/16/0300 - Help and Support of the Local Market Suspended.
Regarding the “supporting professionals” strategy outlined in an earlier post, it still stands, but it is now a future thing not intended for the majority of the current players in our market (there are, perhaps, maybe a dozen local photographers and models whom I would help, and that is IT).
Effective immediately, the professional associations, networking events, and modeling jobs that I have planned are suspended, until the market is ready for them. They will be further developed, and the web sites will be established (I already have all of the relevant domain names; I now have over five times the number of domain names that I had in 2014, and the resources in place to use all of them cost-effectively. Hell, I can even afford to give away a few. I also have the best ideas, born of experience which others do not have, and never will have, unless they can invent a time machine and go back to experience the market environment which I evolved from), as will the support infrastructure, but I no longer want to help most of the current players in the Tampa Bay market. In my opinion, they don’t deserve my help or support.
They also don’t deserve my respect, as they simply have not earned it (No one can tell me who to like or respect, especially when I actually know what I am doing). It is my opinion that these people do not know what they are doing, and what they do, frankly, bores me (You have no idea. Then we have the “art” argument which these idiots use to justify whatever it is that they are trying to do and they want to do, especially when what they do is at the expense of others. Exploitation is not art, regardless of how you try to spin it, anti and wanna be “artists”! ). That goes doubly for the photographers who are too stupid and arrogant to understand that all photography is not the same, and that they cannot do all kinds of photography (the wedding photographers who think that they can shoot models, and understand what they are doing, simply shocks me. It is arrogant as hell, and cripples the careers of any “model” whom are ignorant enough to work with them. There is a lot more to servicing a specialized professional market than taking pictures of a model, and they will learn that the hard way when they can’t compete with me. Their “models” will find out the hard way that they cannot compete with my model clients, as well, and that is going to cause a lot of problems for them).
Can they teach each other? How? If they don’t know what they are doing, they will only be learning, practicing, and perfecting mistakes. Amateurs networking with amateurs is like the blind leading the blind, and it sets up a faux local market industry where people are conditioned to accept mistakes as the way that things are done, crippling their careers and their ability to compete with real professionals whom do not make their mistakes. It could be argued that there is a wealth of information available online which can teach these morons, but, in my opinion, you have to know what you are doing to sift through all of that and to separate the good information from the bad information, and, frankly, no one in the world is teaching anything as effective as what I do because I am the one who developed my processes over the years from experience. If I am not teaching anything, people are screwed, because they will be forced to reinvent the wheel. Those people out there in Internet land are not me, and that is that. Nothing out there that I have seen is going to help any of these people compete with me, or other real professionals.
If anyone contacts me and asks me for help, I am simply going to ignore them, as no good deed goes unpunished.
I have made more enemies by being nice and friendly to people in the past five years than I ever did fighting any modeling scam or unethical photographers in the years before. It seems that they want to talk to me to see what they can rip off from me, and I am not tolerating this. The market seems to be glutted with amateurs misrepresenting themselves as professionals, and these insecure people have proven to be equally unethical (what do you expect from people who are cool with lying?) by seeking out known professionals whom have been doing what they think that they should be doing just to scam them and rip them off (These people “helping” each other and “supporting” each other is B.S., as these “friendships” are self-serving. These people will turn on each other and backstab each other when they feel that they have the most to benefit. I don’t do that, as I am genuine). These people even go so far as to justify what they do, trying to portray faking it until you make it as a legitimate way into a career (do we even have to debate this when the opening argument is wrong on every level?), and, if you call them out for doing something such as ripping you off, they will victimize you again by trying to make you look like the aggressor, and, themselves the victim.
Don’t even get me into the people whom prove that they are idiots from their support of others who are doing wrong.
Indeed, most of these people are mad at me for something that they have did, and they also run around slandering me to everyone.
I have “photographers” now whom I have been nothing but nice and respectful to, whom I have done nothing to, and these people are now going around convincing others to make me some sort of pariah by blocking me on social media (as if I had the time and the inclination to look at people’s social media accounts to see what they are doing. The idiots are doing what the other idiots are doing, so there is no tactical advantage in looking at anything that they are doing individually). This is actually helping me weed out the followers, and I now know whom not to trust or work with. Then there are the rumors that I am “reporting” the pictures that people are posting. Well, them posting inappropriate material which in the violation of the terms of use of the social media site beside the point, I don’t have time for that. I can say that I will not be reporting anyone for anything, especially since I don’t have time for that. Basically, you people are not important enough for me to give you any attention.
Then I see all of these “models” on social media supporting them. I consider these models to be idiots, and to be tainted.
Frankly, I do not need any of you, and I don’t have to give anyone a chance, either, considering the potential risks and the waste of my valuable time. It is far more your loss than it is mine.
I am going to focus on my business and on my support infrastructure. I have a lot of web sites to build and deploy, too, and the next-generation talent resource sites are on their way.
Will there be photography events, professional associations, and modeling jobs? Of course there will be; I would not continue building support infrastructure and resources if they were not still on the way. It is just that most of the current players don’t deserve it, and that will be for the future.
The modeling and talent job boards on my talent resource sites will still be built, deployed, and expanded; I am going to need them in the future. As for models, however, I will have more than enough to choose from in my client pool of models; those models being the ones whom are booking all of the modeling jobs (and, no, I will not be baiting model clients in with the promise of modeling jobs, as that is how modeling job scams work. I won’t consider these models for jobs until after they have become clients.).
Until then, I will use the present infrastructure, such as what I have developed for Tampa Bay Shoots, for the support of my projects, such as my Shimmerworks research and development program and my secret Mirage Shoots experimental photography events. There will be photography and modeling events, but they will be mine, and they will be private.
As for the amateurs misrepresenting themselves as professionals whom lie, cheat, and steal, well, I will just sit back and let them hang themselves as they do it to each other, and I will smile when they do it. If they do it to me, they will do it to you. The difference, though, is that I am smart enough to keep them from doing it to me.
As for this market, they can simply sit back and wonder how I am getting my business, and beat themselves up trying to figure it out, because I did not tell anyone how I do anything; what can be seen is what I want them to see, or what are the results of what I am doing. Studying the effect will not teach anyone the cause of that effect. Additionally, my social media accounts are not a good source of information on what I am doing, anyway, as I only post information on there that I intend for people to see (I do not post any sensitive information or secrets on my social media accounts).
I have 16 years as a professional photographer whom has successfully specialized in modeling portfolio and talent headshot photography (and those continue to be my specialties, despite the claims of the idiots in the market claiming that you can’t make a business out of those specialties. I know better). I have 19 years of experience in the modeling industry. I have 23 years of experience as a casting director. Etc, etc, etc. None of these newbies can come close to approaching being able to do what I can do, or even think about competing with me. I even know things that the modeling and talent agencies don’t (as it shall be proven).
I should not have to say anything, however, because I am merely stating the obvious.
I will continue to help models and talent with my talent resource web sites, and I will certainly help my model clients, but the “help” that I freely give publically will be sanitized and generalized; no trade secrets or sensitive information will be published on any of my web sites. That watered-down generalized information is the same information that I gave to the people whom wanted to talk to me, as I wanted to give them the chance to earn my trust and see what they would do with my information. Now I know, and what they took and misappropriated is not as effective as they thought it was. The real secrets remain secrets.
If you knew what I did and knew what I was working on, it would blow your mind.
I am the future of this business, make no mistake; history will prove it. I know the future because I will be the one creating it. I also run the market. If I don’t want to help someone, it is a severe loss to them, and the worst thing that could happen to them.
Everyone can stew in the market chaos for all that I care, blinded in the dust, and I will transcend whatever it is that they are doing far above the chaos, a business deity whom will not help them.
C. A. Passinault
Professional Photographer and modeling expert
Editor, Tampa Bay Modeling
Editor, Florida Models
Editor, Independent Modeling
Editor, dozens of other sites

Florida Models updated with important information. 07/18/16/1225 - Florida Models updated with important information.
Florida Models has been updated with a lot of important information which directly affects the Tampa Bay Modeling web site, as well as our sister talent resource sites.
What? Did you think that Tampa Bay Modeling was the only web site that we had?
We’re not linking to it, though. You all know the web site and how to find it.
The photographer whom stole content from Florida Models a few weeks ago and plagiarized it obviously knows where to find the web site.
You will find it and read it, simply because you want to know what is going on, what we are thinking, and what we have planned. Big things are coming!

Supporting Professionals. 06/18/16/0626 - Supporting Professionals.
From photographer C. A. Passinault, Editor, Tampa Bay Modeling
There seems to be a misconception being spread around about me that my work has the objective of eliminating competition. This is not true. I believe in collaborative competition, and I have no issues with competitors, even if they are better than me. My objective is to support other professionals so that we can set standards in the market and build it into something where we can all benefit. Period.
Tampa Bay Modeling and my other modeling resource web sites are set up to help and support models, too. Period. I am only interested in helping models and other professionals. As a matter of fact, I am working on making sure that these web sites are around, free of charge, after I have passed away, so that they can continue to help models and professionals in the industry. That alone is proof that my intention is only to help, as none of these sites will benefit me or anything that I am doing after I am gone. In 1993, I dedicated my life to art and entertainment. It is what I live for. Period. My only motive is to help professionals and the market.
I only ask that people respect that, and if they don’t, well, it is their loss. It certainly is not mine. I will not be punished or penalized because of what others may think of me. I know the truth, though, and I can look myself in the mirror and stand proud, because I know that I am doing the right thing. I also know that I am not the bad guy.
My greatest advantage is that I believe in what I am doing. Do you believe in what you are doing? Do you even know what you are doing?
I expend a great deal of time, money, and resources to fight modeling scams, too, with next to no possibility of making any of that money back or making such operations profitable. I believe that helping the market to have integrity and ethics, in the long run, will benefit all professionals, so, for me, it is a damn good investment.
I do, however, have to be selective about those whom I help; to ensure that they are true professionals. Also, supporting the market is only possible if you do some weeding; to support everything is to support nothing. There are some people out there who will take what they can from you and use it to compete with you and weaken the position of professionals; exploiting the market for their own gain.
The security measures and the resistance to being studied and copied built in to every facet of my businesses preserve the integrity and the potency of my ability to help real professionals whom deserve that help. To allow yourself to get ripped off and exploited makes you a fool, and diminishes the value and the effectiveness of what you have to offer to other professionals.
Someone called me “petty” because I am outspoken about people ripping me off, such as when people plagiarize what I write and publish (and you know what you have done, as do I. Don’t insult my intelligence, and yours, by playing innocent). I’m sorry, but I am not going to bend over and smile about it when people rip me off. I am going to fight for my rights and the rights of other professionals. Sticking up for yourself and for others is not being petty.
This said, my outspoken ways are turning into a P.R. issue, as certain people are using it to turn people against me. Well, it is time for a change of policy.
Effective two days ago, I decided to stop complaining about what was wrong and to deal with issues more positively. That “witchhunt” that someone accused me of has been put to rest; I am over fighting with individuals over their nonsense because what is wrong is seen as right, and vice versa. I am not a bully, nor am I bullying anyone, but I am being accused of being one.
I am going to stop paying attention to what others do in the market and I am going to stop complaining about what they are doing. I still refuse to help them or the people whom support them, though, and that is my right. Also, what these people are doing is hardly new or original, since they demonstrate that they do not know what they are doing by doing what everybody else is doing. They are all followers, and it is a case of the blind leading the blind, IMO. I don’t have to look at what people are doing anymore because their copycat ways make them predictable, and perhaps even boring.
What you do will catch up to you.
When people resort to spreading lies about me to “win” and to justify whatever it is that they do, they are merely taking enough rope to hang themselves, as it will catch up to them. They will destroy their own credibility with others. In the short term, however, it is actually helping me weed out the people whom don’t deserve my help. Most people who are mad at me are mad at me for something that they have done or what they have allowed themselves to believe, and it is their problem. It is certainly not mine.
Tampa Bay Modeling and the next-generation talent resource web sites, as well as the existing web sites, will be more positive from now on.
Not that we have to be negative. Our new tactics and tools are actually quite positive, and the measures and countermeasures don’t have to be explained, and we don’t have to saber rattle or show the flag, because our effectiveness will speak for itself. Why state the obvious when you don’t have to? We are going to help, and our actions will be seen as helping others.
Also, my security precautions are actually invisible in operation, so no attention needs to be brought to them for them to work.
I refuse to fight anyone or go after anyone (although I will fight back, legally, if anyone wishes to make anything a legal issue). I no longer have time for that, and it is counter productive. I will be looking at the big picture from now on, and it is up to each person, individually, if they want to shape up or stay at a disadvantage.
So, don’t worry about what I think, say, or do. Just do your thing. When you fail, I don’t want to put myself in the position of being blamed for your failure. Just keep in mind that I will be helping the professionals whom you are also trying to compete against, and that I will not help you if I do not see you as a professional and you have not earned my trust. With all of that “networking”, particularly using social media, I am not worried about people spreading B.S. about me, either. Why? Because it will backfire. I know what I am doing, I have the experience to back it up, I don’t mislead anyone, I bring more to the table than my opposition, and I actually get along well with people once they get to know me and I earn their trust. I will put more faith in me earning the trust of others over my opponents earning the trust of others any time, as you are what you do.
What is going to happen when people talk to me and get to know me and they realize that people have lied to them about me?
Regarding the plagiurism and the other issues, well, I have developed new tactics and tools to address those situations. Theses measures will be seen as positive ones, too. Regarding plagiarism and ideas, if you can prove first use, and I can, and the plagiarizer knows it, you can effectively deter them from plagiarizing to begin with (I will explain more in the near future). I like that, too, because I would rather be nice and prevent issues from happening in the first place than have to deal with those issues. In essence, you save them from themselves, and that is the nicest thing of all.
Everyone do their thing and be nice, and I will be nice, too. We can all be nice, and things will turn out the way that they were meant to, and we will only have ourselves to blame.

New Talent Resource Site Strategy. 06/08/16/0622 - New Talent Resource Site Strategy.
From photographer C. A. Passinault, Editor, Tampa Bay Modeling
Although I originally wanted to write a long article putting some people in their place, I decided, for PR reasons, as well as because I don’t want my opponents to know what I know about them and to be able to easily figure out their shortcomings so that they can fix it, that new content and tools on my current, as well as the future (next-generation) talent resource web sites should be more positive and more spread out with the criticism (if someone wants to know the full picture, they are going to have to read the entire web site, which will take up too much of their time).
That said, if only I could publish my observations and criticism. There is a lot. I will keep those notes to myself, though, and will use them to develop new tools and tactics to fix what is wrong (I will use some of that information in articles on my talent resource web sites and book projects, although it will never be conveniently accessible from one place, and will be spread out so that someone would have to expend a great deal of time finding it all and reading it, which will make it highly unlikely that any one person will know the full picture).
So, what AM I going to do?
Basically, I am not going to attack anyone, nor am I going to do anything to anyone. I simply will be too busy to waste my time with that, and this will come soon. Indeed, the worst enemy that some of these people have is themselves, and I don’t have to directly do anything.
They will be their own undoing.
Some of my opponents have taken to networking, and that is exactly what I am going to do, as one part of my overall strategy, as other professionals need to be saved from my opponents. Because of that, I have to minimize the negativity and work on my public relations, which I am actually quite good at. I can beat them at this, too, because I actually have things of value that I can bring to the table that my opponents cannot match in any way. Most frustrating for my opponents is that they know this, too, even if they won’t publically admit it.
All of this will work toward building a comprehensive, effective, and easily sustainable strategy.
In fact, the three worst things that I can do to scams and unethical people in my market are:

1. Deploy and work a vastly superior business model which is resistant to being copied.
Although I was very successful as a photographer starting in 2000 and have been consistently booking the past 16 years, in 2007 I began developing a next-generation business model from what I knew worked (Ironically, because I wanted to expand my business, and not because of the economy being in trouble). By 2010, this next-generation business model was ready to be implemented, although I decided to hold off on that because the economy had crashed in 2008, and the market was starting to become swamped with hordes of amateur photographers and models, who were enabled by social media and smart phones, which became more and more common after 2008.
One reason that I decided to hold off was because I did not want to show my hand before the market was ready to sustain and support what I had developed, especially since it would give my opponents time to counter what I was doing and the market itself would not make my efforts cost-effective.
My primary market has always been modeling portfolio photography and talent headshots. Most of the people in my market, however, became convinced that there were no markets in those areas. I knew better, however, especially since I had been doing, for years, what everyone else was trying to do; I succeeded where they failed.
Because I realized that people would try to figure out my new business model and copy it once they realized that it worked, and that they could not compete with it, I began to do more work. I knew that what I was going to do would start a business arms race in the market as everyone tried to adapt and counter what I was doing. I did not want to do development of a superior business model only to be taken advantage of by others and benefit my competitors against my will, to the detriment of my own business interests. So, I continued to develop new generations of my business model, with tools and tactics which would counter anything that was done in the earlier versions, anticipating measures and countermeasures, and with the idea of using older business models in operational use while withholding newer models so that I could instantly compete with anything that was compromised (I NEVER introduce anything without a counter to it in reserve, and counters to those counters, and so on; I always anticipate how others will react, and the cause and effect cycle in a sandbox environment where things can evolve faster than they can in real life; this helps me to extrapolate what the future will be in emergent results, and the probabilities of that future). I also engineered measures into every facet of my business operations, including marketing, services, workflow, and sales, so that my business would be extremely resistant to being studied, reverse engineered, and copied; that no one could figure out the details of what made it work, and could only observe the results, with the source of those results also difficult to see and track. Every facet of my business operations were segmented and insulated, with details only shared on a need-to-know basis, only.
These extreme security precautions made the effort to make an advanced, next-generation business model worthwhile, and ensured my market dominance once operations were completely up to speed.
The result was a very advanced integrated and segmented business model which was decades ahead of anything else out there, but which was cost-effective and sustainable with existing technology and resources; a modular, scalable business model. Hell, what I engineered was so brilliant, and operationally independent and flexible, that it could be supported and sustained with resources from decades ago; while the Internet enhanced everything, it was not dependent upon the Internet or anything else. Like a virus being introduced to an ecosystem which was not equipped to counter it, you could use these business models back in the 60's and completely dominate everything; the same was true for the present and the future (I wish that I had what I have developed back in 2003. This future would be a lot different than it is, now).
Of course, there is more.
I even came up with business tactics and models which I could sell to clients, so that they, too, could take market share away from their competition, without risking my own business models if those tools and tactics were compromised, reducing risks while largely eliminating any potential conflicts of interest.
My opponents are going to want to know what I know and be able to do what I can do. Their clients won’t be able to compete with my clients, especially when they themselves cannot compete with me (how can you help others when you cannot help yourself?). I have the answers to just about every question in the market, and a big part of this is because of my vast experience and education (there are other factors, too, which I will not go into because of security protocols). I have the details which make this all work, details which they cannot see, while being able to see everything that they do.
God help anyone trying to compete with me. It does not matter if they accept this or approve of this, because the reality of the situation which will result from this will force them into a position where they are reacting to everything that I am doing and will have to attempt to adapt to it, making them a follower and me the market leader by default. I will keep the opposition reacting, trying to adapt, and off balance, which will make competition with me extremely frustrating, if not outright impossible.
Follow the leader, if you can, which is kind of hard to do when you can’t see what I am doing, and can’t see what I see, which includes what everyone else is doing.
I will have complete dominance and leadership of the market, as well as situational awareness.

2. Cut my opponents off from help.
This means that I simply don’t help them, and helping anyone will be out of the question until I figure out their motives and cross reference whom they are associated with. I also avoid helping their friends and allies; I will let the blind lead the blind as they network with others who can’t help them, especially since those others can’t even help themselves.
When I “helped” the vermin photographer when she begged for my help and cried about the possibility of losing “her” house, I was careful, and only told her basic things that were no secrets. I avoided giving away any great tactics and information. When her true motives became known, and I refused to further help her, nothing of my business was compromised. She became angry, though, and started spreading lies about me to others, calling me “evil”. I guess refusing to help her and stopping her from taking advantage of me makes me “evil”, and the bad guy. Defending myself and standing up for my rights and the rights of others makes me evil, too, I suppose, in the eyes of her ignorant, foolish friends.
Anyway, because of what I am working with, what will prove to be a business model with marketing and sales infrastructure which is far beyond anything else out there, the most devastating thing that I can do is to NOT help my opponents, especially when I am helping worthy professionals whom they are also trying to compete with.
Which brings us to this.

3. Help other professionals.
It is no secret that I don’t trust many people. This comes from experience. They have to earn my trust, and that is how it should be. Fortunately, I have engineered something that will enable me to network with and collaborate with others, and I have spent years working on it and perfecting the details of what makes it work.
I have many layers of vetting for others, which minimizes risks, and risk is further minimized because they will only be able to know so much, with information dispensed on a need to know basis, only, and, like my clients, they will receive help which will enable them to dominate their competition, although that won’t be enough to compete with me.
That said, by the time a professional is actually collaborating with me and working with me, they will have earned my trust, and even then, it is provisional.
I also encourage others to allow me to earn their trust. I know that I am a professional with integrity and ethics, but I want them to know that, over time, through my actions; that I can be completely trusted.
I could go into the many layers of the process, but I won’t, as I don’t have to. Let’s just say that it will work. I CAN reveal that I am working on a professional photographer association for the Tampa Bay area, which will be known as the Tampa Photography Society, and similar sister organizations for models, actors, and talent will also be established, as well as connected to the relevant talent resource web sites.
This said, I DO keep track of who my opponents work with. While a model, for example, working with one of my opponents would not prevent them from working with me, a model whom actively promotes and supports one of them will cut themselves off from working with me, as I feel that they should know better (this is another reason for models and talent to educate themselves and to recognize and avoid working with scams and unethical parties. There are a lot of models whom I refuse to work with, and they have done it to themselves).
It is all about establishing checks and balances, and making everyone accountable.

I would like to see my opponents copy all of that. They can’t, though, because they are not me, and they do not have access to the details of what makes it all work.
They know that I am smarter and more experienced than they are too, and that they can’t even come close to competing with me.
Anyway, I am dedicated to supporting professionals in the market, even if they are my competition, and even if they are better than I am as a photographer or anything else. If you are professional and have ethics and integrity, you won’t have a problem from me.
Some people think that I am negative. I can assure everyone that this is far from reality. I am actually a positive person. I do not wake up every morning and decide to be a jerk to everyone; if I am annoyed about something and am “against “ something, there is a reason; it is not me, it is them.
Keep that in mind.

Overhauls for the Tampa Bay Talent sites are coming soon. 04/27/16/0538 - Overhauls for the Tampa Bay Talent sites are coming soon.
Overhauls in content and tools for our talent resource sites are coming, and they are long overdue.
One thing which will be a priority in overhauling the web sites will be to make them easy to use, and to intuitively organize the content and the tools. It won’t be like it has been.
Although the content of the sites will change, and will be expertly organized to make the sites easier to use, the designs will not, other than some adjustments to the buttons, and, in the case of Tampa Bay Acting and Tampa Bay Talent, the colors (We are not happy with the colors).
With the fast-tracked deployment of next-generation talent resource site content and tools on the Tampa Bay Talent sites this year (before those next-generation talent resource sites launch in 2017), the left side menus will change on the existing sites, starting with Tampa Bay Modeling.
Feel free to look at the current menu and compare.
NOTE: These menu changes are NOT final. We are still figuring out how to integrate social media accountability measures and tools into the overhauled sites; models and talent will be able to level the playing field when it comes to social media and address how people use those tools.

Tampa Bay Modeling


Tampa Bay Acting


Tampa Bay Talent


Once the menus change, that will be an indicator that the sites and their content have been overhauled, although we intend to announce the overhauls on our sites. Sensitive content which may be a conflict of interest or which could be used by our competition or the competition of Aurora PhotoArts to compete with us will be removed from the sites.
The new tools and content which are coming will be at least 10 times more effective, as well as easier to use, than anything which has been on our web sites before. Content such as the interactive tutorials, which will entertain while they educate, may be extremely controversial.
Modeling portfolio photography, career tools, headshot photography, and headshots will be directly marketed on the sites. These services will be provided to models and talent by Aurora PhotoArts, a Tampa Bay photography and design company which is directly affiliated with us, and Aurora PhotoArts will be the sole advertiser and services provider on not only our talent resource web sites, but on the modeling job board and audition sites, as well.
That said, no one is obligated to buy any services from Aurora PhotoArts in order to use the sites or to be considered for any jobs or auditions. Modeling jobs by the sister company of Aurora PhotoArts running the Tampa Bay Shoots (the successor to Tampa Shootouts) will also be considered with no obligation to buy anything from Aurora PhotoArts. There is nothing wrong with advertising on the sites or on sponsorship material, however, especially since we are not a talent agency. This will help to keep the sites and the resources free of charge.
We are even coming out with shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, cups, keychains, and other things to promote our brands.
Florida Models and Florida Actors, as they currently exist, are not compatible with the new content or tools, but once their new web sites launch, they will be.

Negotiating rates, working for free, charity, and the fate of idiot models whom support their abusers. 04/16/16/0438 - Negotiating rates, working for free, "charity", and the fate of idiot models whom support their abusers.
From C. A. Passinault, Editor, Tampa Bay Modeling
Modeling and talent expert C. A. Passinault, the leader of the independent modeling movement which is revolutionizing the modeling industry.I will keep this brief, as I don’t want to turn it into a big article, and I have other web sites to update with this information (copy has to be custom written for each site).
It is my opinion that there are unethical (and genuinely unprofessional) people out there who hide information such as modeling job pay rates when they post job notices and casting calls on social media so that they can use the prospect of a “modeling job” to bait models into contacting them so that they can sell models something, which would be a deceptive business practice (misleading your target marker through advertising, which would be a deceptive business or trade practice, is fraud, which would make such activity a scam).
That is not to say that I am claiming that the organizer who posted the modeling job offer which started all of this is unethical, unprofessional, are misleading anyone, or are running any kind of scam, but the fact is that they did not answer my question, still, and it is my opinion that their response was unprofessional. In fact, a model posted that she had contacted them and that it was for “charity” and that there was no pay.
Why would that be so hard to say unless there was something more to it?
“Models” who do not understand this and whom support the people whom do this are idiots who will not last long in this business, in my educated, experienced opinion, especially when they go up against, and alienate, real professionals who have the jobs that they supposedly have a career to book and to work.
If it is for charity (and there are issues with that, too, which go beyond the scope of this post, so I won’t get into it), they need to say that there is no pay and that it is for charity. Period.
What is wrong with being upfront and with helping to avoid any potential for a misunderstanding?
While it is preferable that the pay rate information is published along with the job post, it has been fairly pointed out that some rates may be negotiated between parties and would not be publically posted information, which is legitimate, as well. That said, in that situation, the poster should, at the very least, post that pay is negotiable, and reveal that there is pay.
Then there is the argument that anyone who is not a model, and who is not the target of the job post, has no right to ask about rate information, and that it is the responsibility of the model to ask about rates. While it is true that it is the responsibility of the model to ask about modeling job rates, it is not limited to them, nor should it be, especially when many “models” don’t do that and allow themselves to be taken advantage of!
If ANYONE sees missing details, missing information, information which is purposely withheld (pay/ no pay, company/ identity, contact information, etc), or anything that does not look right or looks suspicious, they are professionally obligated to ASK QUESTIONS.
Asking questions is, in no way, an allegation or accusation of wrongdoing, of misleading people, or of being a “scam”, and models should make that clear; at the very least to keep the job poster from being offended and defensive. Just make sure that they know it is because you want them to be as concise and as accurate as possible in their job post to make sure that they attract professionals whom are the right fit for the job, and to help reduce the risk of confusion and potential misunderstandings. Everyone in business should want to communicate effectively, right?
It is not “negative”, nor is it an “attack” for anyone to ask questions! It is also not “bashing”.
If anyone on social media does anything that is not right, or could be misleading, such as padding reviews on their pages with five star “reviews” by themselves or their friends and family, they also need to be called out on it. As for myself, I would give them a one star rating just for that while calling them out on it.
It is NOT “unprofessional”, nor is it “rude”, to ask for pay rates. At the very least, you should get a reply indicating whether the “job” is paid or not. It is also not “unprofessional”, or “rude”, to ask questions, even if you are not the intended target audience!
You need to be educated with the facts and the details, and know what you are getting into, before getting involved with anything or anyone!
Also, if a “job” is for “charity”, make them prove it. Ask for the name of the charity and information about their 501 (c) (3) filing with the IRS. If there is none, reevaluate if the event is really for “charity”, as many event organizers and other sources of modeling “jobs” will say that it is for charity just to get the models to work for them for free, and, in most cases, the models are exploited as free labor while the organizer makes money at their expense.
If the organizer makes money, so should the models! If the “job” is for commercial purposes, such as models walking a runway to show off clothing or fashion couture, the “charity” line (lie) is a conflict of interest.
NO models should EVER work a fashion show for “charity”, if that actually applies (and most don’t), for “experience”, or for their “portfolios” (the latter being ridiculous, because fashion shows are not portfolio photography sessions).
Which brings us to the models.
Pay attention, Alexandra. You too, Tinkerbell.
I have been fighting for the rights of models for the past 15 years, starting back when certain 22 year old know-it-all “models” were 7 years old, and way before at least one of the 22 year old “models”, had her first “shoot”, which was back in October of 2014! Both of you, in my opinion, don’t know what you are doing, and do not know what in the hell you are talking about. One of them, too, had the nerve to say that I was “unprofessional”, just because I asked for the job rates, which I was supposedly not allowed to do because I was not a model.
Yeah, you girls should talk. I don’t comprise, and I don’t network with and work with amateurs; none of you has any room to talk
Everyone thinks that they are an expert, even when they have no clue about what they are talking about.
It is my right, as well as my job, to ask these questions, especially when “models” don’t!
I don’t have any problems if a model makes a mistake and works for, or with, someone who is unethical or unprofessional. We are all human. What I DO have a problem with is when people claiming to be professional models defend those whom take advantage of them, or even help to enable them by supporting them and helping to promote them. In my opinion, it is the modeling equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome, and it is sad, as these misled, ignorant, arrogant “models” assist in other models falling into the same trap!
One of those models, and another model in Orlando, have been posting some pretty haughty things on their social media accounts, claiming to be “successes” and giving advice to other “models” about how they could be “successful professionals” like them.
I certainly hope that they never try to charge for that advice, because it is like the blind leading the blind.
Anyway, if “models” show themselves to be amateurs by what they do and say, especially the amateur who dared to call me unprofessional just because I was looking out for models, they are not qualified to work with me or for any of my modeling jobs, and I am not inspired to help them in any way. As far as I am concerned, they blacklisted themselves; they will not last in this business. I will also help real professional models make sure that they don’t last in this business by making sure that these faux “models” are not able to compete with them on any level.

Modeling Jobs which are not really Modeling Jobs. 04/05/16/0317 - Modeling Jobs which are not really Modeling Jobs.
Information about modeling jobs which are not really modeling jobs, modeling job scams, why they should be avoided, and our statement about why we will not post them on our modeling job boards.

To anyone out there offering modeling jobs which do not pay:
Please stop sending us modeling “job” notices which do not offer compensation to the models.
We will NOT post these so-called “job” offers on the job board of Tampa Bay Modeling, nor on the job boards of our affiliate web sites, which include, but are not limited to, Florida Models, Independent Modeling, Modeling Job Board, Tampa Bay Talent, or Tampa Bay Auditions.
If you make money, even if the alleged job is for “charity”, the model needs to make money, too.
Also, don’t state that “no experience is necessary”, as we know that this would not be a condition of a genuine job offer, as it makes sense that any legitimate modeling job would want to book an experienced, professional model to make the project a success. What professional or business in their right mind would seek out unqualified, unskilled people for their jobs? If you seriously lack such business sense, do you know what you are doing, and is the job going to be worth it for the model? Additionally, models with no experience and no investment into their career cannot be taken seriously, as modeling is both a talent and a skill, and most people will find that they can’t model, or, at least, model well. Just because you are attractive does not make you a model, and it takes experience, skill, and talent to be a model. Why else do you think that so many people claiming to be models can’t compete with real professional models?
There are some who will claim that they can train models who have no experience so that they can “work” the job, such as those whom are advertising that models are needed for major department store fashion shows in the Tampa Bay area. More often than not, these are bait and switch schemes where models are baited in with the promise of a “job”, only to be sold services such as modeling portfolios or model training. In our opinion, this is unethical, a deceptive (misleading) trade practice, and it is now modeling job scams work. Anyone claiming to offer a modeling job and that no experience is necessary, in our opinion, is either running a scam or does not know what they are doing. Additionally, regarding the advertisements, it is obvious that the party offering the modeling “job” is spending money advertising the modeling “jobs”, and we have to wonder how they are making their money back, especially as these ads keep running.
In a nutshell, consider this, and take heed:

1. If you are offering a modeling job, a real job is going to require experienced professionals to make it as easy to accomplish as possible. The models need to be considered for the job without any obligation to by anything, which includes services, “training”, or products. Additionally, if you are considering the model for a job, you have already done so on the merit of their modeling portfolio and composite card, and those tools have done their job; you have no business telling them that their portfolios or comp cards are no good and that the model needs to replace them when it is obvious that they have done their job and got the model a go-see (audition).

2. Modeling jobs which are a conflict of interest with the professional marketing image of a model, especially when it deals with photography and photographs, are not worth it. If the results of the modeling job will cripple the marketing of the models and their ability to book future jobs, no amount of money is worth it.

3. If a model is eligible for a modeling job, and this goes for real modeling jobs which you used to have to go through an agency to get, they are experienced and already have effective, relevant modeling portfolios, composite cards, and tools in which to market their careers; those tools having done their job if the model is sitting down at the job being considered for the job.
This means that they are not in the market for any services being sold, and that they do not need a modeling portfolio, composite cards, or “training”.

4. If a model has no experience, then they are not eligible for a job. They may be in the market for a modeling portfolio or composite cards, but they need to invest in those services from professionals who specialize in those services, and not from anyone offering the modeling job and requiring models to pay for something to be considered.

5. If you are offering a modeling job offered by another party, and are acting as a middleman for that job, and compensation is involved (which legitimate jobs DO pay), then you have to be a licensed talent agency in Florida to make any money referring models to those jobs. It is a felony to make money by referring models to jobs if you do not have a talent agency license.
If you are unable to legally make money doing what you are advertising, then what you are advertising is misleading, which is a scam.
- 04/05/16/0431

Rapid Prototyped and Deployed Web Sites? 03/15/16/0452 - Rapid Prototyped and Deployed Web Sites?
This has nothing to do with the current Raptor 3 variant of the Raptor Class web site that you are currently on, which Tampa Bay Modeling has successfully used for over 9 years (see the post about Raptor Class site development, below), but the fact is that we are sitting on over 60 brand new domain names, we have been since last year, and they need to be used, especially as we are renewing them on Thursday (we have the money, and it has been authorized). With the new mobile-friendly requirement imposed by a certain search engine, and other nonesense, we need to take special care with building and deploying web sites which will not have a high risk of having search performance degraded in the coming years, especially since we are now working on the next generation of talent resource sites.
Sites such as the Raptor Class (the current Raptor 3, specifically) use late 3rd Generation web site technology, meaning static web sites built with HTML and CSS; such sites are optimized for desktop viewing and use, which is their main weakness. The new Raptor 4's being introduced this year are still late 3rd Generation, static web sites built with HTML and CSS (they will look the same, too), but they will be mobile-friendly. The future Raptor 5's will probably still look the same as the current sites, but will be true 4th Generation web sites built using PHP databasing and multimedia technology; such sites will no longer be static, as they will be dynamic and interactive. Of course, we have three “flagship” 4th Generation web sites in development, the Destiny Class, the Aurora Class, and the Centurion Class, but the upcoming Raptor 5's will be able to hang with the Centurions, which are designed to replace the Raptor Class for sites such as Tampa Bay Modeling (although it is possible that this site will be phased out with cutting-edge Raptor 5's and maintained in reserve capacity, and that we will plant our flag on a brand new Centurion Class web on a new next-generation modeling resource site under a different branding name which currently does not exist. Tampa Bay Modeling is currently a front line talent resource site, and testing of new next-generation talent resource site technology and tactics have been approved for testing on Tampa Bay Modeling, so you will probably see most of that here, first).
That is just the background, though.
With ongoing issues using old WYSIWYG web site editors such as Dreamweaver generating mobile-friendly code for our aging late 3rd Generation web sites (which is the reason that there have been few updates on here and on other sites, and new site construction has stalled), and the need to get those 60+ domain names online as web sites, we need to quickly build and deploy lots of effective, mobile-friendly web sites using modular, standard design components and scalability developed for newer late 3rd Generation sites such as the Spirit Class (which is looking more and more like the successor to the very advanced, but desktop-friendly, Mosaic Class web site currently used by Aurora PhotoArts. The Mosaic Class was designed in 2011, and there is only one online at the moment because of the attention to detail and the years of testing needed to prepare them for mass production, something which we may have run out of time on. That, and the Mosaic Class sites were designed to be built as large web sites by default, which makes building and deploying four per month a challenge, although even without the mobile-friendliness the Mosaic Class’s advanced SES, or Search Engine Superiority technology and tactics, an enhanced form of SEO, would make the Mosaic Class a tremendous performer in search results, especially with the strategic application of stealth technology to shape and sculpt search results; such technology is still relevant and ahead of its time, even with the mobile handicap). One way to do that is to combine such techniques with web site development software such as Wordpress, something which we have thumbed our noses up at in the past, but which could help us rapidly built and deploy fleets of effective web sites. The cool thing about Wordpress is that it has mobile-friendliness and 4th Generation features such as PHP built into it by default.
The advantage, too, especially with modular and scalable design such as that used by the Spirit Class (The Spirit Class is a low/high observable site, built as a stealth web site with tailored high observable components for superb search engine performance, mobile-friendliness, and the ability to build and launch the sites as small sites, meaning that they could be quickly built and deployed), that the sites can be quickly built and deployed at rates as high as one per day (The Mosaic Class is designed to be quickly built and deployed, but they are not as scalable, meaning that they launch as big sites and require a stockpile of more parts; a Mosaic Class takes from 3 days to one week to be built and deployed, with the rules leaning more toward one week, and the plan was to have built and deployed a fleet of Mosaic Class sites for over a year; while the exact marketing web site fleet size for Aurora PhotoArts is classified, or a secret, with the sites not being identified or easy to locate, the production rates and the time allotted alone gives you a clue to how serious that the marketing for Aurora PhotoArts, our photography and design company, is being taken. Although the main fleet of marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts may consist of new Spirit Class web sites instead of the Mosaic Class, we do have plans to complete the Mosaic Class, bring it to full operational capability, make it mass producible, and to build and deploy up to five new, production coded Mosaic Class web sites for evaluation; the production coded Mosaic Class sites are much more advanced under the hood than the prototype site, although they all look the same, and all of the sites would receive mobile-friendly features so that they would not be handicapped. On the other hand, we now have plans to build and deploy a fleet of several dozen Spirit Class marketing and support sites for Aurora PhotoArts, and the main site would also be a Spirit Class, with the small number of Mosaic Class sites being used for comparison studies, as well as main operations; although the Mosaic Class is not as mobile-friendly as the Spirit Class, it is a large beast which should have incredible search engine performance, possibly even greater than the Spirit Class).
The problem is that the hosting needs that we have are excessive, and that the plans that we have been looking at only allow for up to 5 Wordpress web sites. That won’t do. At all. Although the exact number is a secret, we are looking at having over 120 web sites online by 2017. Those 60+ domain names? Not only are we renewing them on Thursday, and then have to immediately work on getting them online as web sites so that the search engines can see them, but we have a long list of domain names that we still have to get.
Such is the challenge. We need a hosting plan which allows for PHP and has no limit on the number of web sites besides the usual server space and bandwidth (There may be one for several times what we pay, now, but it would so be worth it). This hosting plan also has to have dynamic I.P.s, so that all of the sites have different online signatures.
If we can’t do it, then we may have to stick to our current web site editor and use a virtual Wordpress site builder to generate mobile-friendly code which we can then import and tack on to our existing sites, Frankensteining the work.
For more on this, please check out the March 2016 issue of Frontier Pop, which is now being updated and should be online this week.

Web site armada ready for action. 03/04/16/0428 - Web site armada ready for action.
We are about to deploy some information addressing some serious issues in the Tampa Bay market. This information will be published on Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models, Independent Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Film, Florida Independent Film, and Florida Actors. Tampa Bay Dancer and Tampa Bay Actor will also have this information when they launch with their new Raptor Class web sites. Some of our other sister sites will also have this information, soon.
These issues began back in 2007 and 2008, but became serious in 2011 and 2012. Now, these issues are not tolerable.
This information will cross fire figurative nukes across the bows of amateurs pretending to be professionals, and will address things such as fake professionals, social media, and an ecosystem of amateurs masquerading of as an industry. It will give them a chance to shape up before we do something about them, although this information alone will cause major problems for most of them, now.
Tools and tactics to address these issues will be deployed on our web sites this year.

New Raptor Class sites in the works. 03/04/16/0410 - New Raptor Class sites in the works.
With at least two brand new Raptor Class web sites on order for Tampa Bay Dancer and Tampa Bay Actor, and the requirement of the sites being mobile-friendly, the Raptor 4 variant of the Raptor Class web site design is in development, with 2016 late 3rd Generation web site technology.
Although they will have advanced code under the hood and will be mobile-friendly, the new Raptor 4's will look virtually the same as the current Raptor 3's; the design of the class will not change. New Raptor Class sites will be Raptor 4's, and the existing fleet of Raptor 3 web sites for Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, and Tampa Bay Talent will be upgraded to Raptor 4's.
The Raptor Class web site design was derived from one of the first 3rd Generation web sites, the Diana Class, and it is 10 years old. The first Raptor Class site was deployed on January 18, 2006, and it was for Tampa Bay Modeling, which launched in late 2004 using a web site design which predated the web site design classification system that we use now. The Raptor 2 variant was introduced on September 7, 2007. The Raptor 3 was introduced on December 16, 2007.
Tampa Bay Film originally used a Raptor Class web site, which was quickly upgraded to a dual menu variant known as the Super Raptor, which was optimized for a meta site strategy. A fleet of 8 Super Raptor web sites were built and deployed in 2008, and used successfully for several years (SES tactics and techniques used now, in fact, were developed from proven successes using the Super Raptor web sites, specifically the online film festival of Tampa Bay Film, which is how we know how our sites will perform). Tampa Bay Film eventually was rebuilt using a Revolution Class web site, and the fleet of Super Raptor sites were disbanded and taken offline, with only one online today at Tampa Film Review (and its second menu taken offline, but still visible).
A super secret Raptor 5 variant of the Raptor Class web site is rumored to be in development. This will be a mobile-friendly stealth web site with SES (Search Engine Superiority) enhanced SEO for high observability capabilities on a low observable design (such dualities are inherent with the newer late 3rd Generation web sites such as the Spirit Class photography and design marketing and support web site designed for Aurora PhotoArts, which may replace the Mosaic Class. The Spirit Class is designed to be a scalable, mass produced web site using common design elements, and it is a stealth web site with high observable operating profiles, or LO/HI; it is designed to outperform the Mosiac Class and to be easily mass producible in less time. The Spirit Class web site can be rapid-prototyped and brought online extremely quickly, unlike the Mosaic Class. The Spirit Class uses SES, much like the Mosiac Class, to shape and sculpt targeted search engine results for high search performance). The Raptor 5 may not look like the current Raptor Class web site, although both the Raptor 4 and the Raptor 5 wil be designed to be ungradable to true 4th Generation web sites (3rd Generation web sites are static HTML web sites using JPEG graphics, Javascript, and are built using CSS. 4th Generation web sites are dynamic web sites and are scalable, built with databasing code such as PHP, and using interactive graphics and audio; true interactive, multimedia web sites which are mobile-friendly by default. Currently, three 4th Generation web sites are in development, the Destiny Class, the Aurora Class, and the Centurion Class, with more on the way.)
Compatible with even the current Raptor 3's, new next-generation content and tools for Tampa Bay Modeling will be added to the site, soon. The tools, tactics, and content will be the same as will be used on the next-generation talent resource sites, and are at least 10 times more effective than what is on Tampa Bay Modeling, now (the content, tools, and tactics on Tampa Bay Modeling in use now, which still effective, are from 2002. The new technologies began development in 2007, from proven tactics and tools, and the mature next-generation talent resource site tools and technology, from at least 2014, will be added during the overhaul to Tampa Bay Modeling this year, before those new next-generation talent resource sites are built and launched.. The overhaul to Tampa Bay Modeling will also see some content removed). Raptor Class sites will be built and produced for years to come, although the current Raptor Class web sites will be replaced a few years from now by the Centurion Class. The Mosaic Class and the Spirit Class web sites used by Aurora PhotoArts will be replaced by the Aurora Class, eventually.

Modeling market in Tampa Bay is weak. Shady characters. Renewed agenda in 2016. 12/24/15/0510 - Modeling market in Tampa Bay is weak. Shady characters. Renewed agenda in 2016.
We have been doing a lot of preparations lately for what is to come. Our assessment of the modeling market and industry in Tampa Bay is that it is weak, with shady characters, scams, and agencies taking advantage of the weakness. We have accomplished a lot over the years, despite what people may say, but we have a lot more to do, and this will be done in 2016 with new tools, tactics, and technologies.
It won’t be weak for much longer, and it will be because of us. We have the ability to change things, and we are going to do just that.
Modeling and talent agencies are about to be swarmed with competition in the form of professional models and talent who will use our tactics and tools to directly compete with them for jobs, taking work away from them and the ignorant talent whom decides to be blindly dependent upon them. Agencies, too, are still seen as the main credible way to have a modeling career (This is WRONG, and it enables scams) because so many out there use tools such as social media to make fools of themselves and others in the name of being “freelance” models, not knowing what they are doing, working for free, and networking with other amateurs who also do not know what they are doing. Shady event organizers exploit models as free labor for their own gain, too, at the expense of the models, with tacky runway fashion shows and fashion weeks which are cheap knock-offs of what the real industry is doing in large markets such as New York (despite what people say, too, there is no fashion industry in Tampa Bay. Just ask the fashion designers who have been taken advantage of and are forced to leave the area. We are also going to work to establish a real fashion industry and a new modeling industry, here).
These are but a few examples. We are going to fix what is wrong and force everyone to change, and we have a plan... A very good plan which will work.
One of the main areas in which we will change things is with modeling jobs, and our modeling jobs program. We will also equip and support a new generation of aggressive professional independent models which will flood the Tampa Bay market, and which will take work away from other models, including “models” using social media such as Facebook, as well as the agencies themselves.
We also have four next-generation web sites coming in 2016 which will change everything. Wait until you see what we are going to do to this market.
This will be our Christmas gift to the real professional models and other professionals in the Tampa Bay area.

Resuming updates. Overhaul of the web site is in the works. 09/29/15/0355 - Resuming updates. Overhaul of the web site is in the works.
Tampa Bay Modeling, after a break, is resuming updates.
We’ve been busy, lately.
An overhaul of the web site is in the works, too. Although the design will stay the same (there is nothing wrong with it, so it won’t change; it may even be more compatible with the new mobile-friendly “requirement” that a certain search engine has than some newer site designs. Tampa Bay Modeling will look the same, using the same Raptor 3 variant of the Raptor Class design, and we even have additional Raptor Class sites being built, right now!), the content is going to be replaced, in time, after everything is backed up and archived.
In some respects, the slow updates and the lack of new additions may have worked to our advantage, as we have less to replace and more to benefit from.
Newer technologies will be used with the site in 2016, including the latest scam fighting tactics and tools, full compatibility with the modeling job board site (as well as the modeling jobs program), cross compatibility with sister sites Independent Modeling and Florida Models, and much more. The site will also begin to use more multimedia content, such as videos. A contextual, scenario-based front end will be installed on resources such as the scam analysis database to aid in educating while entertaining, and the conventional databases and tools will be enhanced, and made easy to navigate and use; content will be lighter and to the point at the front end, and get deeper and more comprehensive the further that you click down into content (Face it, modeling is not a simple career); the site structure will be more like an interconnected, integrated series of pyramids with the tops at the front.
Pay vouchers for models are on the way, too; we have four different ones in development at this time!
Due to the sheer number of web sites that we must now keep updated (well over 100), we have a very efficient content generation and updating system now in place, which involves strategic planning in both the web site and with affiliated web sites, working out the details, execution, deployment, follow up, and adjustments (PCE, or Planning, Compiling, and Execution). This will ensure that all of the web sites will be kept relevantly updated.
Passinault has decided that Tampa Bay Modeling will continue to be the front line modeling resource site for the Tampa Bay area, despite another, brand new, next-generation modeling resource site in the works for the area in 2016, and that the site will be aggressively marketed (a good reason to overhaul the content on the site and upgrade it to current standards. As a matter of fact, Tampa Bay Modeling will continue to serve as a test bed for new ideas, so this site will have more revolutionary concepts and tools than the new modeling resource site for the Tampa Bay area, which will be armed with standard, proven content and tools). Business cards and other marketing tools are in the works.
A replacement for the Raptor Class Tampa Bay Modeling site is in the works, but it is years away. It is the Centurion Class, a true 4th Generation web site which is scalable, is built using PHP databasing and multimedia technology, and is a dynamic web site in comparison to the current late 3rd Generation Raptor Class web site. 4th Generation sites will also include user defined content such as social media integration, message boards, and more.

Customer care, or disrespect? 07/16/15/0918 - Customer care, or disrespect?
When you are trying to sell something, such as a workshop, and a potential customer asks a perfectly valid question, and you censor that question because you obviously don’t have an answer, you lose a good customer.
Remember that.
It also becomes obvious that, although you have skills to teach, that you are only trying to cash in by teaching things that are, ultimately, professionally useless for most.

Something to consider 07/16/15/0918 - Something to consider.
Is it really a career if you don’t make any money doing it, and when you network with other amateurs?
Could it be like the blind leading the blind?
Getting likes on Facebook and claiming to be a model or photographer does not make you one. You have to learn the business, learn better ways of doing things, and pay your dues; there are no shortcuts. Professionals are going to put you in your place, and, when you give up and go away, no one will miss you.
Networking and associating with amateurs, while claiming to be a professional, will alienate you from real professionals, and they won’t want to work with you (your loss, not theirs, because they have leverage and you have more to gain by working with them. With all of the competition in the market, it is not difficult to find real professionals whom you can’t compete with). Pretending to be something that you are not, embellishing or lying about your experience and marketing on that, is fraud, which would make you a scam.
Also, how good can a model be if they willingly work for faux modeling fashion shows in the Tampa Bay area for free, supposedly for “charity”. How good can a model be when they do modeling which is completely inappropriate, and which undermines the marketability of any chance that they have for a career, ending it before it can get started? You think modeling HAS to be sexy? You do know that people see that you are insecure and that you are trying to get attention, right? What a joke, and it is at your expense.
Anyone whom thinks that doing all of this is a real modeling industry, and that “models” whom go along with this and support it are real, professional models, does not know what they are talking about. Could it be that they are buttering aspiring models up so that they can be taken advantage of?
We especially like the people whom have been pulling this in the local scene since 2008, 2010, 2011, etc, while ignoring the established, proven professionals, whom have already been here for years, and disrespecting them. You play like you are “experts” and know what you are doing, while blindly fumbling along with what the other amateurs are doing.
You’re an expert? Really? Do you know what you are doing when your opinions are born of ignorance, and are the same as what other amateurs are spouting?
We also like the no-talent, so-called artists, obviously business people trying to cash in on art, trying to spin themselves as “Artists”. Love the tar pit look! We also like seeing you put out one promotion, which is soon replaced by another, and so on, and so on. Can’t find something that works? Soon, you will give up and go away, and we look forward to that day.
Are we worried about what amateurs think of us? No. If they can’t make their career or business work, they are certainly not able to compete with us and other real professionals. They need to be concerned about what we think of them, though, because we know what we are doing.
We also have the experience and the resources to do something about it.
Also, anyone who spreads lies about us or shares a bad opinion about us will lose credibility when the find out that they were lied to and the discovers that we know more about this business than our critics; that we are right.
For those whom try to attack the credibility of others by slandering them (“Oh, he is some crazy person that owns a bunch of web sites”), not only is it pathetic, but we hope that you believe that, because underestimating someone gives them the advantage. Believing what you wish does not change reality, and makes you a delusional idiot.
Prepare to get schooled.
2016 is not going to be a good year for some of these people. The irony, however, is that we could sit back and do nothing, and these people still won’t make it, as they are their own worst enemy.

Being entertained at your expense. Massive domain name buildup. 04/14/15/1008 - Being entertained at your expense. Massive domain name buildup.
The following is our opinion.
We shall keep this short, because we are busy working on.... Things.
When we do work in the studio, we often watch and listen to videos which we download off of the Internet from so-called “models”, “photographers”, and modeling industry “professionals” in the Tampa Bay area.
We laugh and laugh and laugh. We laugh some more. In fact, we are so entertained by these videos that it is sometime difficult to get anything done.
It is obvious that most of these people do not know what they are doing. It is also obvious that they can’t compete with real professionals. It is no mystery why these people often compromise and cater to the lowest denominator in taste and class, too. It is no surprise why they are neurotic, insecure, petty, and why they can’t make it in this business, too.
The Tampa Bay modeling industry, in our opinion, is a joke, and it caters to poor tastes and unprofessional standards which make it a joke. All of these attention-craving, damaged people think that they are models and photographers, and they are not; hell, they know this, too, as they cannot compete with the established professionals who’s market share that they feel entitled to. Indeed, 99% of everyone on social media today thinks that they are a model or a photographer, and sometimes, both. They “network” with other amateurs, think that modeling has to do with night life and night clubs, and make fools of themselves. They make real models and photographers look bad. This is why many models are still dependent upon agencies, too, because the jobs don’t want to put up with the B.S. that is out there.
A rude awakening is coming.
Things are going to change. The professionals are going to benefit, and we will work together to flush the amateurs from this market, discouraging them and frustrating them when they can’t compete, until they give up and go away.
Over the past few weeks, we have also invested in over 30 new domain names. This is, by far, the largest build up of domain names that we have done since we started all of this 17 years ago. Whatever do we have planned for them? We are not saying, but the ramifications for the future of the modeling and photography industries in the Tampa Bay area will be dramatic; it will be a pleasant surprise for some, and a nightmare for others. Our work on the modeling jobs program, in fact, is something that we are particularly proud of. We have put together something which is extremely sophisticated and comprehensive, and it will prove to be effective to the point of being revolutionary. Professional models are going to work, are going to be paid fair rates, and are going to be able to do this without having to go through an agency or being dependent upon an agency. Professional photographers, and other professionals in the modeling industry, are also going to be able to have productive careers. They will all cut through the noise of the amateurs and their social media, and will be able to thrive in a new modeling industry which we will help establish, and which will offset and displace the dysfunctional mess which is out there now.
For now, we return to watching videos. We laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. We are entertained at your expense, especially when, in our opinion, you make a total fool of yourself. We also laugh at the garbage that you spawn and enable in the market.
Say, are you paying your models when you charge for these things? We did not think so!
What do you suppose will happen when models start getting paid for their work? Do you think that they will support you or work you “jobs” or “fashion runway events” anymore?
Also, what do you suppose will happen when the modeling jobs, the jobs which you usually have to go through the modeling and talent agencies to get, realize that you can cut out the agency middleman and get quality, professional models and talent directly? With our work on our modeling job boards on Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models, and on Independent Modeling, combined with our new resources for the modeling jobs program such as Tampa Bay Auditions and the Modeling Job Board, as well as the consistent and quality modeling jobs which will offered by the successor to Tampa Shootouts, we will aggressively educate the market and set new standards! Others will be forced to react to what we do and follow our lead, if they wish to stay relevant.
The resources and the support infrastructure which we have spent years investing in and building are about to pay off.
What do you suppose will happen to the local modeling and talent agencies when they get HUNDREDS OF COMPETITORS in the form of professional models and talent whom directly compete with them for jobs? What will happen to the careers of the models and the talent whom ignorantly and lazily allow themselves to be dependent upon the agencies for work when they can’t get work because the agencies can no longer compete with the models and talent whom go around them?
Hey, you fools did it to yourselves, and you deserve what is going to happen. You reap what you sow.

Fighting modeling job scams using new tactics. 02/24/15/0928 - Fighting modeling job scams using new tactics.
A problem in the Tampa Bay modeling and photography markets for many years have been modeling jobs scams, mainly in the areas of fake modeling jobs advertised in the newspaper and online, radio commercials claiming that models are needed for “major department store fashion shows” and that “no experienced is necessary/ needed” (a big red flag is when they claim that amateurs are needed for “professional” modeling jobs, and we have never seen a single “job” offer like that turn out be legitimate), and amateur photographers getting models to do jobs which ruin the careers of the models involved, among other types of job offers which are not worth it, or outright scams.
Another problem had to do with online job boards on modeling resource sites such as Florida Models, where unethical people would steal job offer information off of the site and then repost it on their sites, omitting the contact information so that the models responding would be forced to go through them to submit information to the job offer, and use the modeling jobs as bait so that they could sell the models things, effectively hijacking the modeling job offer and using it to scam models.
These modeling jobs scams continue to be a big problem, and they are the reason why we have put a lot of work into new modeling job boards on our web sites over the past few years. Regarding our modeling job boards, which are the most advanced (and will, ultimately, prove to be the most effective when they go online this Spring) modeling job resources in the world, we have even come up with checks and balances which are seamless and which are almost invisible to most users, making the job boards easy to use, and have even come up with solutions to people stealing job offer information from the sites which will make such tactics backfire.
This said, it must be noted that we do have mixed feelings about “saving models” from modeling job scams, especially when most of the ones whom fall for this stuff are irresponsible, reckless aspiring models and stage parents, anyway, which is not our target market. You also can’t save models from themselves when they are their own worst enemy, and when they ally themselves with less than professional and ethical people in the industry. This is why we will only go so far to “save the models”, and why we are not out to completely destroy these scams (We have had the ability to completely destroy scams since before 2010, using legal and ethical means, and can do so without breaking any laws, but choose not to because it is risky and would take too much work; it is not cost-effective and would not be worth it, and it would leave some serious power vacuums and balance issues in the market which would be very tough to address. We are sitting on that capability, though. In 2011, during a test of that capability, we put a shady modeling photography event business out of business in the Tampa Bay area, so we have done it before. We will put some serious leverage on the local scams in the near future, however, as we achieve a balance between capability, cost, results, and sustainability), as they do serve a purpose for weeding out the willful amateurs and unprofessionals in the market; checks and balances in the market. There are plenty of people out there calling themselves “models” whom we have no desire to help, mainly because they don’t deserve to be helped. When we started out helping models when we started Independent Modeling back in 2001, we were naive to think that all models were good, and that they would all appreciate what we were doing to help them. In short, this has been (mostly) a thankless job, and there are models out there who are very much against us because of their ignorance and stupidity. To summarize, if they are not for us, they are against us, and we are very much going to make it difficult for such models to stay in the game. If they want to hate us and assume the worst, then we will give them a reason to hate us.
We are going to help genuine professional models take work away from the models whom do not deserve to have a career, or whom are allied with the wrong people. Those whom are against us will find that our models and model friends will take work from them. We are only interested in helping professional models, and of those, would prefer to help the independent, or freelance, models whom find and book work on their own, without being dependent upon the modeling agencies.
There is a nasty side to this as well, because helping professional independent models will, by default, turn each and every one of those models into a direct competitor of the modeling and talent agencies. By taking work away from the modeling agencies, that, in turn, starves the models whom ignorantly (and lazily) CHOOSE to become blindly dependent upon the agencies to work of jobs, solving another problem by FORCING those models to become independent models. It is survival of the fittest, baby, and this will be a game changer. Right now, the agencies have it made, because they have convinced models that they need them to get work (which is only enhanced because most of the people whom call themselves models and go around the agencies do not know what they are doing and make fools of themselves, undermining the independent talent movement and strengthening the lie that the agency way is the only way to be a professional model, and to have a career), and the agencies, in Florida at least, are regulated, which cuts down on their competition.
This will change, of course.
The Tampa Bay area will be ground zero for change. The agencies here are going to be sorry, because of increased competition and new market realities which cannot be ignored or dismissed. Sure, there are many out there whom will point out that we have “tried and failed” over the past decade and a half, but the truth is that we have not even begun to try, yet. When we do try, too, it will be successful. It should be, with all of the research and development that we have put into what we are about to do; we have had well over a decade to prepare for what is going to come.
Let’s put it this way: Talent agencies are about to become a very bad investment, especially in the Tampa Bay area (in 2014, we even put a local agency in their place because of an arrogant booker of theirs; there is a cost for one of their bookers running their mouths on the Internet, and they found that out. They also found out that we are better at working on the Internet than they are, and those operations are ongoing. What we did to them is nothing compared to what is coming, however). We are going to cost local agencies a lot of money, and some will end up going out of business. They deserve it, too, especially with the lies that agencies have been spreading about professionals in the area.
The key, of course, is the models. We are going to make models think for themselves and go around the agencies, effectively cutting out the middleman, to find and book work. Models will no longer have a choice in the matter. We will force them to change by changing the conditions of the market in which they work. If they want to work, they will get serious about this, and they will have to react and adapt to new conditions which we introduce to the market and which we control.
What do you suppose will happen when Tampa Bay modeling and talent agencies have thousands of competitors, in the form of professional independent models, taking work away from them? Sure, some agency owners will scoff at this idea and claim that the businesses offering the modeling jobs will only deal with agency models because of credibility and liability reasons, but, seriously, don’t you think that we have already come up with solutions to this? We have. The solutions are cost-effective, and they work. You will find out.
There will come a day when they sources of modeling jobs routinely cut out the agency middleman, and the models will realize that, too. The agencies will lose their power and their leverage as a result.
Those are just modeling jobs in general, however. Really, we don’t entirely control them, and those jobs alone won’t do as much to fight modeling job scams as we would like. Those modeling jobs and how they booked will affect the agencies more than anything else, and although many agencies have their issues, most agencies are not modeling job scams.
The real key to fighting modeling job scams will be in modeling jobs that we offer, which is something completely different from helping professional independent models compete with the agencies, take work away from them, and starve the agency models.
We are certainly smart enough to tackle these issues on multiple fronts, and by integrating and overlapping those fronts, enhancing all aspects of the strategy by default. We are also smarter than the agencies, as well as the others. History will prove it, too. Most already know that, though.
The main effort in fighting modeling job scams and keeping them in check will come in the form of our first-party modeling jobs. We will practice what we preach. We have spent years working on a cost-effective, sustainable source of modeling jobs for professional independent models. This started with the Tampa Shootouts project of 2011, which has evolved into a full business with improvements made and new branding, today (See posts on the front page of the Tampa Shootouts site for more information). We are even developing professional, ethical, relevant alternatives to what is out there, now, for paying modeling jobs for models. Those runway shows? Well, in the future, the best runway shows in the Tampa Bay area will be ours, and ours will pay models. The runway shows which claim that they are for charity, and in which they exploit models as free labor while they make money? Soon, they will be forced to change. When there are better runway shows out there which pay the models, they are going to lose their models if they don’t change and at least start paying their models.
There is more, too, but we cannot go into specifics. Let’s just say that modeling job scams will soon by put in check consistently.

Beware of hidden things. 02/05/15/0908 - Beware of hidden things.
Some times, models will see some offer which is too good to be true. It often is. Take, for example, an offer for a photography session which has a low rate and where they offer a couple of “free” pictures, which are “included”.
How generous of them!
Is it really worth it?
Well, if that is all that you are getting, it is not worth it. Common sense will tell you, though, that there are hidden costs and that they will try to sell you back things which you already supposedly paid for! Do NOT be misled! Of course, if they ARE being straight-up with you with that kind of offer, then they obviously do not know what they are doing in business, and will be of no benefit to you at all.
Time is valuable, often more-so than money. You really don’t want to waste your time being nickle and dimed with some offer which actually is not worth it unless you pay hidden costs for extra things, and even then, it still is not worth it, as you pay far more than you would have agreed to had you actually known about everything up-front.
Make sure that the photographer is straight-up with what the offer is, and fills you in on all of the details, before you agree to it.
Often, less than professional photographers will bait models in with such offers because the photography and their other services aren’t worth it, and the photographer, despite their low price “bargain”, is all about making money at the expense of the models whom are tricked into responding.
Make sure that you know what you are getting before going in!
Ask yourself if it is worth it.
Some of these people have NO BUSINESS trying to work with models!
TIP: Many photographers and studios will lure you in with a low sitting fee and then hold your picture hostage by making you pay a lot of money for them afterwards. If they “offer” a picture or two, that is ALL that you are going to get unless you pay a lot more than you originally agreed to! To make these offers worth it, especially if you are going to be spending a few hours shooting with them. Insist on them giving you ALL of the picture image files, raw and unedited, on a CD or a flash drive (you would bring the USB flash drive, new, of course, in a sealed package from the store), and also insist that they sign a release for you to be able to use those files for your portfolio and web sites. Make them agree to it BEFORE you agree to do the shoot and before you pay them a dime. ALSO, get these terms in writing in the service agreement!

Why is this site online? Because we care about models and we sincerely want to help them. Also, speaking for ourselves (and this is no way advice or any claim; it is our opinion), what is on this site works. We would not have it on there if it did not, because we practice what we preach. Models CAN manage their own careers, get work without being dependent upon anyone or by having to go through a talent agency, and they can even put the agencies in their proper place and tell them what to do (after all, the agency is supposed to be working for you. If you don’t take charge over your agency servants, you are a fool, and have no business modeling).
Soon, agencies, their models, and photographers will be taught a lesson (on December 11, 2014, we uncovered a serious, major industry flaw which we will exploit, as it is our professional obligation to do so; 100% of all models and most “photographers” are vulnerable to this flaw by default, and our models friends will be educated about how to avoid it and use it to cripple their agency model competitors in a professional and ethical way, as our models will quickly acquire a reputation as being much smarter and more professional than their limited agency counterparts; don’t look for it on this site, as we will be telling people about it verbally and in encrypted, stealthy, and traceable - only by us, in the unlikely advent that they were ever leaked - communiques which are kept off of the Internet. We won’t point it out, and our most powerful tools will be kept off of our sites and dispensed only to trusted allies and clients on a need to know basis, only. A war is coming, and we will clean up the market. Models will not be happy with the agencies about it if they ever figure out what is going on, and what will be going on, especially since the agencies are supposed to know what they are doing and they put themselves in the inappropriate position to “guide” and “manage” the models. They will be forced to change their ways, but not before they fall flat on their faces and eat humble pie, shedding precious credibility along the way; credibility which they will not be getting back. In 2015, in our 11th year as the dominant resource for modeling in the Tampa Bay area and after over a decade of hard work and development, Tampa Bay Modeling will be supercharged with new content and tools, and this site will become the most powerful and useful tool for modeling in the Tampa Bay area; we will be the best friend of the professional model. Agencies, their stupid, willing, unconfident victims, and the fakes and pretenders will bow before us and know that we have them beat. We already have them beat, but they will finally realize it. Also, soon, all of the idiots with the faux modeling “jobs” which are jobs in name only and which exploit models, mainly because they do not pay them, will be forced to pay models. Seriously, models, we care and are here to help, and we are going to help regardless of if you want us to or not, and with or without your acceptance. We cannot, however, save you from yourselves and from your mistakes, and we will not do that if you are negligent and bring it upon yourselves, as we will help more deserving professional models take work away from you. We won’t care if you don’t care. You are welcome!
What are we talking about? It is unsettling when you realize that you don’t know as much as you thought that you did, isn’t it? We are not going to explain anything when we don’t have to, and if we do not know who you are. We will only educate those who deserve it.
In short, and this is also our opinion: Agencies suck. Photographers want your body in unprofessional ways. Agency-dependent models are stupid. Most agency owners don’t know what they are doing, and only succeed by default, in spite of themselves, because of the false perception that they are the only game in town and that they are the only “legitimate” way to do things (this will change, of course). Everyone today claims to be models and photographers, but most are liars and fakes. Models who try to get sexy make it more difficult to for them to compete. Most photographers who take sexy pictures of models touch themselves when they look at the pictures that they took, and in doing so they pretend that they had the models in ways that the models would not agree to, a form of professional rape (any glamour, boudoir, swimsuit, or lingerie photographer, or any photographer who insists that you need this in your portfolio, that you have to be “sexy”, or try to get you to do provocative poses or age-inappropriate modeling should be avoided unless they have earned your trust and they actually know what they are doing. Most do NOT know what they are doing and do not have your best interests in mind, and are out to exploit you in ways that will permanently hurt your reputation and career). Many talent agencies are run by con artists and crooks. Modeling management companies are flawed, and can’t work. Most advertised modeling jobs are deceptive and are bait and switch scams (We have never seen one which is legitimate, and we have been monitoring the market for years). Modeling schools are poor investments, if not outright scams, and most ARE scams. Scams are everywhere. Anyone telling you that you have to go through a talent agency to work either does not know what they are doing, and are useless for your career, or they don’t care. Modeling jobs for “charity” are just an excuse to exploit models as free labor; if they make money, models need to, as well, or the models are being ripped off. Religion and business have no business mixing, and some use religion as a way to boost their credibility and get you to lower your guard so that they can take advantage of you; some of the most religious people are con artists and criminals. Knowledge is power. Trust no one until they have earned your trust.
Models should obtain representation from several talent agencies in ADDITION to finding and booking work on their own, and only use the agencies as one of many sources of modeling jobs, as the agency works for the model. Models should also make the agencies work harder for them and let the agencies know that they may book the jobs without going through them and will cut them out of any commission if they do, and that the only hope that they have is to work harder and find the job offers for them before the model can; models need to also make the agencies compete against each other in the race to find and to refer them to jobs.
The best hacks are done legitimately. We are smarter than they are. An open market is superior to a closed, limited one.
- 12/12/14/1052 - 01/24/15/1119

Dealing with modeling and talent agencies in the Tampa Bay area. 01/24/15/1119 - Dealing with modeling and talent agencies in the Tampa Bay area.
We are starting to get reports of agents and agency owners giving models and talent flawed, and sometimes bad, advice.
Remember, models, you do not work for agencies. They work for you. If they try to tell you what to do, it is alike an employee trying to tell their employer what to do while working for the competition of their employer; it’s screwed up.
We are frankly getting sick of what the agencies are doing and what they are saying. They need to STFU, and quit while they are behind.
A certain photographer today did some pondering. “If I ever were to quit being a photographer, I would open up my own talent agency and become an agent. I am sure that they won’t want me competing with them.”
Something to consider.
In 2015, Tampa Bay Modeling will increase efforts to put the local modeling and talent agencies in their place, and to make them accountable for what they say and do. We will be building and launching additional web sites, in addition to TampaModelingAgency.Com, TampaTalentAgency.Com, TampaBayModelingAgency.Com, and TampaBayTalentAgency.Com.
We are also going to go out of our way to make sure that models and talent all have access to this information and to new tools.
You are so very welcome!
#NotTrustingOrLikingAgencies #TheyAreMakingItWorseForThemselves.

It’s 2015! Happy New Year from Tampa Bay Modeling! 01/01/15/0905 - It’s 2015! Happy New Year from Tampa Bay Modeling!
2015 is going to be a very interesting year, too, because it will be the year that our plans go into high gear.
Some of you may wish that is was still 2014 later this year, because what we will be doing will not be a nice thing for you.
Oh, and new talent resource sites for 2015 are about to launch. These sites will be much more advanced than this one, and their innovations and technology will be retro applied to existing sites such as ours after they launch so that we will be upgraded and will be in synch with our new sister sites.
In other exciting developments, our modeling jobs program will also launch and take off in 2015! That site will launch in the next two weeks. Rejoice!

Passinault a modeling and photography Superpower? These are his markets. 12/03/14/2107 - 02/02/15/0741 - Passinault a modeling and photography Superpower? These are his markets.
I am a superpower in the Tampa Bay photography and modeling markets. These are my markets, and I only wish to share these markets with other professionals. I command significant power and possess more resources, and more advanced resources at that, than any other player or association, to the point of having more leverage and influence than everyone else combined, including the agencies.
This will become more pronounced, and obvious, in 2015, as both the total power and the effectiveness of my resources are increased by a factor of ten. There will be more web sites, web sites which are much more advanced and effective than what I have been using (including four new ones just for the Tampa Bay market, due in early 2015). There will also be projects which will prove to be dominant elements introduced into the local market ecosystems, and they will change the conditions of those ecosystems and force change. Others will be forced to react and adapt. Those who fail to adapt to new conditions which I will introduce to these markets will become extinct in the markets.
By 2016, many modeling ”jobs” will also be forced to pay models instead of exploiting them as free labor, which includes, but is not limited to, all of these fashion modeling “runway shows”. If you make money, declaration (excuse) of charity or not, so should models! Also, models, if you are not making money, you need to avoid bragging about all of the modeling “jobs”, especially fashion runway shows, that you are doing, because those of us who matter know what the deal is, and you are making fools of yourselves. Get real, and stop fronting. You need to also stop supporting these faux fashion shows and jobs, because they undermine your credibility; you are whom you associate with. Sure, helping someone out or working a job is one thing, but openly supporting and helping to promote these things is another. Keep it up, and we won’t work with you.
I have been watching many so-called “professional” models out there, lately, spinning their wheels and filling their lives, or schedules, up with all sorts of frivolous nonsense; jobs which are not really jobs (as an additional example of how I feel about this, check out the statement that I published on Florida Models, Florida’s leading modeling job resource, about fake modeling jobs. I own the site now, and I refuse to post job offers for things which I know are fake, even if they try to pay me, and some have tried to pay me! You can guess that I do NOT respect models who work and support these fake jobs, especially if they are doing it over and over again; I do not take such “models” seriously. It matters what I think, too, and models will find that out). Wasting your time on fake jobs just makes you unavailable for real opportunities, as it displaces them, so that is a double disadvantage. Also, networking by working free jobs just to get other free jobs in which to network with in order to obtain even more free jobs to network with is pointless, and makes you look unprofessional, as well as look like idiots! When does the exploitation end? Break that chain, and just say NO! It is OK to turn down work if the profitability is low, or if it benefits the other party way more than you! Is it worth it? Are YOU worth it? Some of these models, which I refer to as “tarnished” models (and possibly ruined models, as far as I am concerned. I will not work with damaged goods! It is not my job to try to fix broken, used, and worn-out models, especially if they allow it to happen, as you cannot save someone from themselves! With the average shelf life of a modeling career only good for between 5 to 7 years, it’s very rarely worth it), ally themselves with other amateurs who do not know what they are doing, which is like the blind leading the blind. I also look at their weak portfolios, portfolios full of mistakes and poor to mediocre, as well as irrelevant, pictures, and wonder why I would ever want to work with them. Oh, and models without a web site (and which use a freebie social media account such as Facebook, MM, or Instagram as their “web site”), a portfolio consisting of a book with relevant pictures demonstrating your range of looks, and composite cards? AMATEUR, and hardly worth the consideration, especially if the model is brainwashed into thinking that they can get into this business without investing in it. You might think that you have leverage, but you don’t; if I decide that I do not want to work with you, it will be your loss, because I have plenty of professional models to work with. It may not seem like it now, but it will.
If models wish to make fools of themselves and demonstrate that they are expendable and that they are not worth anything as a model, I will be sure to let them know, through my actions, that they are expendable. I won’t work with them, and neither will anyone else who matters. I will not respect them, either (and you can get mad at me. It doesn’t matter. I’ll just wait a few years until your modeling “career”, or, to be more accurate, any potential that you have to establish a real modeling career, is over. I can wait. You can’t. I will easily replace you before then, too, as well as assist professional models in competing with you and taking work away from you. I can do that, too, because I know more about this business, and about business in general, than you do; I will allow models who deserve me to benefit from my experience and help.)
I will give the models who have potential, and who are working these free jobs, a chance to redeem themselves, but if they continue to make an ass of themselves by continuing to support a faux industry, I will write them off and will refuse to work with them. Those other guys can have them, and the “models” can go down with their ship!
I refer to social media as “technologically enabled mass-ignorance”. I also consider social media to be an enabler of fake photographers and models whom pretend to be something that they are not, and I do not like, nor respect, them.
Regarding people who models ally themselves with, tell me: How will they be able to help you when they can’t even begin to compete with me? Don’t settle for, or accept, anything less than the best! If you do, there will be consequences, as you will be unable to compete with real professional models who do not make your mistakes.
Someone recently told me that I needed to stay out of their way. I really have no idea what that means, because I am ahead of them and they continue to fall behind, which means that I could never be in their way, by default. I don’t follow like they do. I lead. I don’t react. I initiate things which others react to. I’m not the weak one here, and I do not negotiate from a position of weakness. Follow my lead, and if you wish to remain relevant in the markets, do as I say. Saying anything on my part is irrelevant, however, because they follow my lead and try to copy me, anyway; just don’t expect them to publically admit to it.
I have no parity, and I command an advantage which many will come to describe as unfair. It is as it should be, and it is what I have both earned and deserve. I have paid my dues and have a history of over 15 years doing great work, and I demand respect for what I have accomplished and the work that I will continue to do. I work for professional progress in the markets, and support other professionals in their careers. I genuinely care about the integrity of the markets, as well as other professionals, and they will come to know that I am not only honest and fair, but that I know what I am doing. I will show them the way.
Sadly, the markets desperately need leadership, experienced, competent leadership which has answers and good ideas, and I will become that leadership by default, judging from what else is out there (I was actually hoping to have something close to resembling competition, because it is going to look like I am bullying people and taking their candy from them. Yes, the difference between them and I is that great, and it is obvious).
The noise from the crowds of amateurs saturating the markets will become.... irrelevant. Some might say that it already is, especially those of us who continue to work while they do not.
At this point, it is professionally irresponsible to not be aware of who I am, and regardless of if they agree with me or not, most of the people who are serious about working these markets know who I am. Anyone who does not, in my opinion, either is ignorant to the point where they are negligent, and will cripple their ability to compete and to remain relevant, or are in denial. Some will say that they have no idea who I am simply as a feeble attempt to insult me. It doesn’t work, and they only make themselves look stupid. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. What I do, and my position in the markets, affects them. Ignorance or underestimating the conditions and the market factors which affect them will handicap them, and that is something which will only enhance my position, especially since I do not need their approval, I am not relying upon them to help or to buy what I am selling, and they are useless to me. Some may say that they may be able to dissuade people from working with me, but that it also something which history has proven does not work. After all, if you can’t sell to someone to begin with, what make you think that you will be able to convince them to do anything else? I would stick to trying to sell to them if they are talking to you, and avoid pointing out someone to them who you cannot compete with and that they will go to for what they need.
There are some in the markets who say that I am a “crazy guy with a lot of web sites”. This makes me laugh, and greatly amuses me. I hardly think that they actually believe what they are saying, because while these people will publically state that they are not concerned about who I am and what I do, their actions betray their words, and make them hypocrites, as these same people seem to spend a lot of time reading what I post on my web sites. Some of them are probably cursing me out right now as they read this, and this, too, makes me laugh, thinking about a bunch of professionally impotent primitives getting mad at me for something that I publish on just one of my web sites. It’s amusing that they get so worked up by someone who is “crazy”, and I can only hope that they refrain from getting emotional and violent and are gentle with their computers, tablets, and “smart” phone devices. I suppose that “crazy” is code speak for “smarter”, because there is nothing crazy about the information that I publish on my web sites. What I publish and create makes a lot of sense. What I publish works, and they know it, because they spend a lot of time paying attention to what I do and reacting to what I do. So, who is crazy? Not I. I will not apologize for being smarter and more experienced than they are, either. It really does not matter what they think, because they are not my target market, I have no desire to work with any of them, and they are irrelevant. I only work with professionals, and it seems that the professionals are not the ones trying to attack my credibility. I wonder why.
Any model, photographer, agency, or industry player who stands in the way of progress, which is my agenda, will find themselves on the outside looking in, and will be crippled in their ability to remain relevant in the market. I would suggest that they impress the hell out of me, starting now, because there is a growing list of people whom I will not work with, and will never work with, and it is their loss; it certainly is not mine. They answer to me. Yes, this includes the agencies, too, who need to be kept in their proper place, as they answer to the models and the talent whom they work for, too; it is not the other way around, and never was.
This position does not require anyone’s acceptance or permission, nor is it defined by their support; smart professionals will come to support this, and I could care less about the amateurs, especially the amateurs pretending to be professionals. I call the shots. I will also help professionals take market share away from the pretenders.
An open market is superior to a closed market, especially as a closed market is limited. Ignorance and denial of business reality will put anyone who does not have total situational awareness of the market, and who does not adapt to new conditions in the market, at a severe disadvantage.
I want people to reject what I have to say today, because it will help separate the professionals whom I want to work with and support, from the pretenders, as the pretenders will reject this. It will make it easier to run them out of the market and to take market share from them. I consider the pretenders to be people who wish to control and “manage” models and talent, as well, and they will quickly learn that they do not know what they are doing, and they will pay for it, as will the models and talent who support them.
I will make it my life’s work to work against anyone who does not support me or what I do, because if you are not for me, you are against me. I will help your competition put you out of “business”, if that is indeed what you are doing, or are trying to do. History has proven that I can do this, too, just like I have put many of my past competitors out of business. Hell, in 2011, I put a modeling photography event business out of business by writing an article about them on this site and by launching another web site which provided the threat of competition (I never had to actually compete with them, either). I have over 70 more web sites, too, as well as substantial business and resource investments, most of which I have spent over a decade developing and building.
I literally have no competition in what I am doing, and 15 years of experience, hard work, and preparations will give myself and my allies an unbeatable advantage in what is to come. Feel free to underestimate myself and what I am doing so that you will enhance my advantage. I am counting on it.
I do not just run a business or a group of businesses. I run entire markets.
Never forget that.
Some may think that this statement is arrogant, but in reality it is not, especially as arrogance is defined as unwarranted or undeserved pride. I am not arrogant; I know exactly what I am saying. I have earned the right to make this statement, and the history of what is coming will back up this statement. I know the future because I will be the one creating it.
So, go right ahead. Think what you wish. Underestimate me. You are not doing yourself any favors.
You can also guess that I am quite disgusted by what I am seeing going on in my markets, and I am about to assert myself. For those of you who give me a hard time, well, I will remember. So will you. The difference, however, is that what I think, and do, actually matters.
- C. A. Passinault
Editor, Tampa Bay Modeling

Replaced title bar on site. 11/10/14/0759 - Replaced title bar on site.
We replaced the “Tampa Bay Modeling” title bar this morning, removing the slogans and the description, updating the mouse over action, and enlarging the title. We backed up the old graphic, as well. We need to come up with a new slogan for 2015, too, so that this site can keep up with the new 3rd Generation talent resource sites which are on the way.
The current Tampa Bay Modeling site is a 1st Generation talent resource site with some 2nd Generation additions here and there.
Please note that this site, a Raptor 3 variant of the Raptor Class, is exactly what we want, and although the site organization, content, and tools will soon undergo an overhaul, and we may tweak some of the graphics and formats like we did today, Tampa Bay Modeling will continue to use the current Raptor Class site for several more years, at least until the Centurion Class sites are online and available. The design of this site is great, we are proud of it, and it has been extremely effective. It will continue to be extremely effective, and even more-so once the new technology is deployed.
Want to see what is coming before it deploys here? Keep an eye on Florida Models, which will be among the first of out talent resource sites to be overhauled to 3rd Generation standards.

Situational awareness required for professionals. 11/09/14/1632 - Situational awareness required for professionals.
Ignorance is your worst enemy. Accept it or not, but it is reality, and you are bound by that reality.
A troubling trend has come to our attention, a trend where people who claim to be industry professionals are ignorant of who the players and the pretenders are in their market, and are unaware of what is going on. This is dangerous, too, as the majority of the players are pretenders, and most of those are running scams or are doing unethical and unprofessional things which are dangerous for models and the integrity of the market.
We are going to state the obvious, now, but it is a law of nature that those who are ignorant of the dynamics which affect them do not make it.
Professionals have a responsibility to know what is going on. They also have a responsibility to help to maintain the standards in the market and to address issues which are discovered, at the very least, and they cannot do that if they do not know what is going on.
What happens to the deer drinking water from a stream when the deer fails to look up from time to time to ensure that they know what is going on around them? The deer does not last long. Predators prey upon deer which do not pay attention.
The more that you know, the more power that your career has, and the better you are at maneuvering through the minefield of the industry.
Starting in 2015, all of our talent resource sites, including Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models, and Independent Modeling, as well as our upcoming 3rd Generation talent and career resource sites, will have an emphasis on situational awareness. They will also have an emphasis on fighting ignorance and any dependence upon others.
As a professional, you need to invest the time to be aware of what is going on in your market, as well as who and what the players are and whom they associate with. You also need to use this information to be selective in your career, and this means turning down paid work if it is not in the best interest, or if it conflicts, with your career.
Simply put, if you remain ignorant, or just don’t care, you will not be able to compete with the more educated professionals who will take work away from you.
It also means that you have no choice but to read what is on our sites, as it is for your own good.
At this point, we will go on record to state that at least two thirds, or 66%, of the players or the people claiming to be players in the Tampa Bay market are not good for your career, and need to be avoided and/ or addressed. Do you know who they are?
Would you know a scam if you saw one? For the idiots out there looking at this site right now and nodding, you are wrong, and we prove it in what we do and how we do it. We are not a scam. We also know what we are doing, unlike you. You need to learn the difference between a scam and between someone or something which is legitimate. As a rule of thumb, anything legitimate in the Tampa Bay area in the modeling industry is going to be rarer.
Situational awareness is critical, and it is the key to making your career work or last. It is important to know who people are, what they do, and whom they are associated with so that you can see conflicts before you encounter them and before you make a mistake which will haunt you and harm your career.
Also, you have to be able to identify the players who are professional and who can benefit your career. A lot of the current models, and others, who claim to be professional seem to have this disposable mindset where they do not respect anything. Professionals will not tolerate such unprofessional conduct, and you will not end up working with them and will burn a bridge, bringing your career another step closer to ending, often before it has a chance to begin.
Some people sell themselves short, or out, by jumping to conclusions and being ignorant of potential and opportunities. Do your homework and know what is going on.
Professionals who may benefit you or who you could work with one day will be looking at you, what you do, and whom you are associated with. Don’t lose work because you look like an idiot who does not know what you are doing.
Oh, and models, working for free is not really work. It’s charity, and often misguided charity, at that; don’t enable a scam or allow yourselves to be exploited as free labor. It makes you look unprofessional, perhaps even desperate, and will keep you from being able to compete with real professionals and from booking real work. If you want to be taken seriously, know what is going on so that you look like you know what you are doing and are not misrepresenting what you know. If you lie or mislead people, your credibility will be gone WHEN they find out, and you probably will never get another chance.
Ignorance also makes you dependent upon others, too, which makes you weak and unable to compete. Models who are dependent upon the agencies to get work will not be able to compete with smarter, more educated professional models who go around the agencies and who take work from the agencies before the agencies can refer it to their models.
Only the strong, the educated, and the smart survive in the market which we are helping to create. Don’t get caught up into and get tricked into supporting a faux industry in the Tampa Bay market which will eventually be destroyed as it is displaced and replaced by better things. Don’t go down with a sinking ship because you chose to be ignorant and dependent. Learn and think for yourselves!

It’s what you can’t see which will hurt you. 09/27/14/1536 - It’s what you can’t see which will hurt you.
With the new generation of talent resource sites upon us, there is going to be a transition with our tactics.
First, we don’t want to look like we are bullying or beating up on anyone. That would make us look like we have an axe to grind, and that we are “haters” with no legitimate issues to address or cause. Far be it for us to sabotage our credibility, especially since the people and the scams which we are coming up against are hardly a match for us.... It’s been a market massacre, and does make us look like we are beating up the opposition.
Tactics in the future will be far more tactful and subdued. We will be walking softly and carrying a very big stick behind our backs, figuratively speaking. Most of our aggressive actions will be very low key, indeed, and will not be able to be tracked.
In the future, our talent resource site will focus on the behavior patterns of scams and unethical conduct in the industry, as well as how to fight back, but that will be kept in the relevant sections, and will not spill over to the rest of the sites. We will also avoid publishing any kind of solution on how to fix a scam, unethical practice, or business mistake, because we do not want these people to fix what is wrong and become “legit”; the worst thing that could happen is if one of these scammers were to figure out how to run a legitimate business and hide behind a cloak of legitimacy while running more tactful shady schemes, because it would turn them into a super scam, with an enhanced ability to lure people in and to take advantage of them, which would be very hard to detect and to deal with (and that is all that we will say about this, because we don’t want to give these people any ideas). Enhanced stealth scams, or super scams, are a real possibility of a future threat to models and others in the industry, and while we do know how to create such an operation, because we study scams and have to engineer future iterations of them in order to come up with counters (kind of like virus research. We are always thinking about what people can do and the counters to those actions, as well as counters to the counters, and so on, in a virtual, encrypted, “black”, sand-boxed catalytic think tank where any idea which we work on can evolve much faster than they can in the real world without any actual consequences, and we can cycle them quickly while nailing the details and making them reactive to conceptual and extrapolated stimuli, some of which are a direct cause of the scam algorithm itself in the hypothetical environment; a closed loop of interacting variables interacting with other variables in the environment for emergent behaviors and accurate extrapolated evolution. We have some scams from the year 2036, at this point, in a virtual sense, and they can be done now, with what is out there now, cost-effectively, which is kind of scary if you think about it, because there are NO counters to them out there, and we are the only ones with the tools to counter them. Most out there would not be able to adapt to these scheme or figure out a way to counter them, and would be defeated by them. Some of these scams are so nasty that you literally can’t see them coming, and can’t figure out what makes them work, as they are invisible and work in the background in layers. We can see the future because we are creating it, but we can also change what is to come if we choose to. Also, we NEVER introduce any idea or concept to a market without a counter to it, as well as counters to those counters, and so on. This keeps things from getting out of control, and keeps what we do from backfiring), we would never run one, because we are legitimate, and are going to great lengths to keep the information and the details secret, and to keep a lid on that Pandora’s box.
If what we knew got out, it would destroy the market and the industry. Yes, we are that far ahead of the game here. We are simply smarter, and everyone knows it. So do we.
That is why we are both humble and responsible. That first part was obviously a joke.
We have engineered scams in the lab which are years beyond what anyone has even thought of, and which can be done with current technology and resources. We have to figure out these things in order to be prepared to counter them if they ever emerge. They will stay in the lab under lock and key, because it would be very bad if they were to get out (aren’t you glad that we are the good guys, and are professional and ethical?). Some of these engineered evolved scams have very good ideas and tactics which emerge from the brew, too, things which could be used to enhance a legitimate business (another reason why our research pays off) without being an actual scam. We are going to keep those things under wraps, too, because it could make a business unstoppable and impossible to compete with.
With Aurora PhotoArts recently creating a second photography company to go after markets which it cannot touch, this new company is an enhanced business model, a predatory business model, which is the future. By “predatory”, we do not mean a business which will take advantage of its target market, but rather one which will prey upon the competition. It’s something new in business dynamics and tactics, and it works. It’s also professional and ethical, although it is a bit aggressive and dominant, a position which it will earn while avoiding conflicts with antimonopolistic laws (not that something could be considered to be a monopoly when the competition simply is not there because they went out of business or were assimilated). This new company is revolutionary, using the latest technologies and tactics developed by Aurora PhotoArts and our collective of talent resource sites, and it will benefit from the full resources of Aurora PhotoArts, as both companies are designed to cross benefit and to work together.
At any rate, the new talent resource sites are going to be more positive, although we will continue covert operations to address issues in the market. Our recent social media operations have been extremely effective and successful, as well as cost-effective to plan, execute, and sustain, and that can’t be ignored. Some of these operations use technology and tactics developed from a war on a local classifieds site which was revolutionary back in 2008, and it was extremely effective (The best hacks are legitimate, and which do not give the opposition can leverage against you). Just a hint: Those who use freebie resources such as social media for a web site are at an extreme disadvantage, and are weak. They will not be able to compete and will not last. The only hope that many of you have is to operate legitimately, invest in your business, invest in a real web site, learn your business, and to work hard. If you are making mistakes, you cannot compete with professionals who do not make your mistakes. Being cheap and cutting corners, as well as rushing things, are a fatal mistake to any business in a competitive market. Also, a big mistake that many are making is that they allow their egos and their emotions to dictate what they do, and they do what they want to do regardless of what the consequences or if it good for their business or clients. They, too, will not be able to compete with professionals who know what they are doing and take the bad with the good to run a balanced and appropriate business.
Oh, and agencies, you will soon be competing with professional models themselves for those jobs. If the stupid models who allow themselves to be dependent upon you are not longer able to work because the jobs are snaked from you before you can get them to refer them to the models, it is their fault. This alone will change the market forever, and will force the players to change and try to adapt to new conditions and standards which we introduce to the market; it is survival of the fittest, baby, and the back of the agencies will be broken. Any models who do not work hard and follow the new rules will find their careers over, and they deserve it. We will help professional independent models take work away from them, because, simply, those who are not for us are against us, and we would rather see those who are against us out of business altogether.
One more thing. Anyone, such as schools and photographers, who push that the agencies are the main or the only way to have a modeling career are going to look like fools, because it is our opinion that they are, and that most of them do this because they don’t know what they are doing and attempt to pass the buck to the agencies.
An open market is superior to a closed market, providing that there are appropriate and cost-effective checks and balances in place. Remember that.

New sites in the works. 09/07/14/1539 - New sites in the works.
Next month, in October, Tampa Bay Modeling turns 10. We are working hard to overhaul the site and to make it useful, as well as effective, by then (We want results, and no more smoke. This site needs to be effective). It will, however, be essentially new, loaded with new 3rd Generation tactics, technology, and tools (Tampa Bay Modeling is built with late 1st Generation talent resource site technology, much like Florida Models currently uses, with 2nd Generation technology added over the years. Independent Modeling currently uses late 2nd Generation technology, which was ironically put through a long and trying test in real world conflicts by Tampa Bay Film from 2008 to 2012. 2nd Generation technology was developed in 2005, and was basically a refinement of 1st Generation technology used by Florida Models in the late 1990's. The difference between 2nd and 3rd Generation talent resource site technology is a quantum leap, however, with 3rd Generation technology optimized to be intuitive, easy to use, and extremely effective; 3rd Generation technology is built around front-ends to hand-hold the user and give them deeper and more useful information when they are ready. It also uses multimedia technology. 3rd Generation technology began development in 2007, was developed over a lot of experience and hard lessons from 2007 to 2012, and began deploying in 2013 with the new Revolution Class Tampa Bay Film site. All of our current talent resource sites will be brought up to initial 3rd Generation standards by the end of 2014, in preparation for the construction and deployment of four powerful, brand new 3rd Generation talent resource sites for the Tampa Bay market).
First, however, we have been working on Tampa Bay Film and are trying to finish that work. Work on bringing Tampa Bay Film up to speed, and fully operational, should be done by next week. After than, we have to build and deploy a new Athena Class site for Florida Models (bringing it up to 3rd Generation standards from its current 1st Generation content and tools in days), as well as a Spectacle Class stealth web site for Aurora PhotoArts and begin the construction and the deployment of the fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support sites for Aurora PhotoArts (there will be over 16 of them online by 2015, and they will be impossible to ignore), and THEN we will be able to work on the new Tampa Bay Modeling. Well, after we create a new support site for our modeling jobs program, too, which has to be redone now because the site that we had developed for almost a year, and was days from being completed, was crippled when someone took a domain name that we had planned on using to market and brand the site with; we launched what we had of the site under a backup domain name with the same keywords just to burn them. That new modeling jobs site won’t take long, however, and it should be done in less than a week after work on it is started.
Work on the new Tampa Bay Modeling site is expected, therefor, to begin in late September, and be finished in time for our 10th anniversary in October.
The design of Tampa Bay Modeling will NOT change, however. We are happy with it. The Raptor 3 variant of the Raptor Class site which we are currently using is a cutting-edge, front line late 3rd Generation web site, will not be replaced anytime soon, and at first glance, no one will notice that the overhauled site is “new” because it will look the same. As a matter of fact, we are developing new Raptor Class sites using a refined version of the Raptor 3, which will use some minor refinements in the code and file organization, which will be invisible to the eye, for upcoming sites such as Tampa Bay Dancer. A new Raptor Class site will be built and deployed for Tampa Bay Dancer, so we are still making them (The replacement for the Raptor Class site will be the Centurion Class, and it is a long way off, because it is a 4th Generation web site which uses newer web site technology such as PHP databasing and multimedia such as flash. We are considering replacing the Diana Class sites, currently used by Passinault.Com, with a new class of web site, also using late 3rd Generation web site technology, developed from the Raptor Class as a stop-gap measure until the next-generation, 4th Generation Destiny Class web site is ready. Likewise, the Mosaic Class web sites used by Aurora PhotoArts will eventually be supplemented, and then replaced, by the upcoming next-generation 4th Generation Aurora Class, which is interesting because the Mosaic Class is designed to be used in front-line service until at least 2024, a necessity because the development period, needed to perfect the design, took 3 years, and because so many will be built and deployed. Aurora, Centurion, and Destiny Class sites will begin deployment after 2017, as they use 4th Generation web site technology, which, for those who may be confused by the generations, is completely different from 3rd Generation talent resource site technology, which pertains more to content rather than web site design. The current Raptor Class site used by Tampa Bay Modeling is a late 3rd Generation web site using 2nd and 1st Generation talent resource site technology, if that makes things more clear; there are two different Generation lines. Late 3rd Generation web sites, which include the Athena, Mosaic, and the Revolution Class, are also designed for easy future upgrade to 4th Generation web sites. On the other hand, 4th Generation talent resource site technology, which pertains to content and tools, do not even exist, yet, and probably won’t until the end of this decade, which is over 5 years away; development of 4th Generation talent resource site technology will begin in 2015, once we begin analyzing the data coming back from the new 3rd Generation talent resource sites and by experience in the market, all of the sites which, ironically, use new late 3rd Generation web sites).
Looks can be deceiving, however, because the new Tampa Bay Modeling site will have new files, organization, content, and tools. It will be brought up to full 3rd Generation talent resource site standards instead of being stuck with 2nd Generation technology from a decade ago. It will be 100 times more effective, too. Likewise, sister sites Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Acting, and some others will also be overhauled to 3rd Generation talent resource site standards. Web sites will be built and deployed for support sites such as Tampa Talent Agency, Tampa Modeling Agency, and our other sites, too.
The new Tampa Bay Film site, which launched last year and should be fully operational next week, is the first of the true 3rd Generation talent resource sites. As a matter of fact, a massive conflict with a group of unethical and unprofessional people in the Tampa Bay independent film scene from 2008 to 2012 helped develop and refine new concepts, tools, technology, and tactics which are now being deployed on the new Revolution Class Tampa Bay Film site, which, because of some damage from that conflict, is operating from a new operating domain name. No longer using a Raptor Class or a Super Raptor Class web site, the new Tampa Bay Film web site uses a Revolution Class web site because the Revolution Class was designed to incorporate the online film festival, which has been extremely effective and successful over the years. Indeed, new SES (Search Engine Superiority) technology was developed, tested, and refined from the old Super Raptor Class stand-alone web site for the online film festival, and those tactics and technology were built into everything from the new front-line Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts (Photographers and others are going to be shocked by what those web sites will be doing by 2015, and by how effective that they will be) to the new 3rd Generation talent resource sites. That SES technology even uses stealth technology to enhance search performance and specifically tailor search results.
Work on the format and the technology behind the 3rd Generation talent resource sites is complete. Those sites will be completed and launched by the end of the year, and will dominate all by 2015. Although Tampa Bay Modeling will be overhauled with the new technology and tools, and will be refined as a support resource site for models, the new regional modeling resource web site for the Tampa Bay area, which will be one of several of those new sites, will take point away from Tampa Bay Modeling in the near future, while Tampa Bay Modeling gets to where it needs to be. Another of those sites will aggressively address the flawed and corrupt local fashion scene, our gift to those who have been bad mouthing both Passinault and this site for doing the right thing. Some people are going to discover that they DON’T know what they are doing, that they are duplicitous and unprofessional, as well as liars who behave unethically, and that you can’t do whatever you want and use others just because you want, or have to.
We are the authority on modeling, photography, fashion, and other markets in Tampa Bay, and don’t forget that. We were not only here, first, but we know what we are doing. We are going to assert that authority and make it very difficult for some very bad people to work.
These new sites are going to be very, very nasty affairs for some people, and they will be extremely effective and impossible to ignore or dismiss. They will make what Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, and our other sites have done over the past decade look friendly, innocuous, and entertaining in comparison.
The party is over. Everyone is going to be accountable for what they do and say. New standards will be introduced to the market, and change will be forced. Those who fail to adapt and clean up their act will find themselves unable to compete and will end up out of business. - 09/13/14/1545

After this week, nothing will be the same. 08/06/14/0828 - After this week, nothing will be the same.
We are working on a series of highly secret, interconnected projects right now.
They will change everything. Everything.
Everyone will understand in 2015.
For now, just sit there and wonder what is coming, and if you made a mistake or not. We haven’t.

This site needs an overhaul. This Fall. Maybe sooner. 07/27/14/1616 - This site needs an overhaul. This Fall. Maybe sooner.
We have been looking over this site today, and it is inexcusable. Tampa Bay Modeling, now celebrating its 10th year, needs to be the relevant modeling resource site for models in the Tampa Bay area. Sadly, it’s not. By default, though, we ARE it, because no one else out there is trying to help models, and we are the only ones; we literally have no competition in what we are doing, and need to get our act together before we do get competition (and we will, eventually. Bet on it. Everything described on this site works, and others will soon realize it. Many already do. While we will not guarantee anything, and we will not claim that anything on this site constitutes advice of any kind, for legal reasons, we do admit that we practice what is on this site because it does work).
We know what we are doing, and have to start showing it.
We are at the point that we no longer care about search engine rankings or placement. It’s irrelevant if the site is useless to begin with. We are going to fix this site. We are going to make it a resource for our clients, which will be our priority, and although we could care less about who finds the site and who uses it, although they are welcome to use it, this site really isn’t for them. It’s for serious professional models.
We will be adding some security features, of course, so that “competitors” cannot benefit from the site, and that models who are not our clients will only have access to basic features (although the site will continue to be useful for them). We will be doing a lock and key arrangement, where we give our clients a key to unlock the full power of this site.
At the moment, our search engine obsession as far as this site is concerned is over. We have new, more advanced sites coming in 2015 which will have that job, and they will have relevant content to support that job. We are more concerned about making Tampa Bay Modeling useful. Again, we are going to fix this site, as there is a lot wrong with it, and a lot needs to be fixed.
Entire sections will be redone, old directories will be deleted, and new ones will be created. Navigation will be redone, and it will be easy to find what you are looking for. This site will be receiving a massive overhaul, and we could care less what it does to our search engine rankings. We will be redoing this site to be a resource for the user, and will engineer it to be useful.
This week, we will be going over what we need to add to the site (for example, the pay vouchers, of which there will be at least four different types. The vouchers have been so overdue that it is a cruel joke by this point, as they should have been available years ago, as far back as 2006!). We will create that content and those tools, and we will make it so that they can be used.
For those of you who have been disappointed with this site as a career resource, we apologize. We will soon rectify that, and make this site the best modeling resource web site that it can be.
Our 10th anniversary is coming up in October, and we need to have this site in great shape by then, at the very least, and make it even better going into 2015, especially since it needs to be compatible with our new generation talent resource sites which will be supporting it.
Ironically, our projections indicate that by fixing this site and by making it useful, that it will show others the way, and will create the competition which we have been avoiding for years. We say bring it, because, regardless, models will benefit, especially our clients, and that is all that we care about.

Keep Trying. Please Do. 07/27/14/1546 - Keep Trying. Please Do.
It is amusing to see many newcomers trying so hard to do what we have been doing for the past 14+ years. We keep doing, and they keep trying. We know what we are doing, and they don’t. Some never will, because they sell themselves short.
This business is not easy, and some are finding this out the hard way. Just because you pick up a camera does not give you the right to work with models; how are you going to help models and show them what to do when you don’t know what you are doing, yourself? Just because you are a pretty girl does not make you a model, as well. For both, when you think that you have to be “sexy”, you already cripple your career before you have a chance to start it, because pictures are forever, and cannot be undone once mistakes have been made. You do want to be able to compete, don’t you? This industry is not for those who have self esteem issues, and who are trying to find themselves. You already have to know who you are before you can do this.
Many taint themselves by becoming involved with the wrong people, as you are whom you associate with and support. Some of you will never work with us because of those mistakes, as you are tainted, and are damaged goods as far as we are concerned. Not that this is means much, “models”, as most models don’t last more than a few years even if they do well.
Also, why is it that so many who claim to work in the local modeling industry can’t seem to do anything legitimately? We are talking about those who do this knowingly, and not the majority who do so out of ignorance. How do you sleep at night and live with yourselves knowing that you hurt people? We know how to work it, legitimately, and will prove it. We wouldn’t do it any other way.
We have been.... Biding our time while we are working on something great, waiting for the economy to improve, which it has since 2008, 2008 being the time that so many decided that this was the business that they wanted to get into. Preparations are now nearing completion. Soon, very soon, we will assert ourselves aggressively upon this market, and the market will be revolutionized.
Most will fail to adapt, and will fail to be able to compete against what is coming. We are the standard; we always have been, and we will continue to be. Many of you will find yourselves out of business soon, as if you were in business to begin with. The half-baked and unbalanced shall fall before us.
Resistance is futile. Give up while you are behind, and save yourselves some embarrassment.
What is coming in 2015 will be a university course in the new way of doing business in the modeling industry, and most will fail to learn and benefit, unless they are our clients, because we will simply not allow them to study what we have engineered. They will all simply know that it works, but won’t know what makes it work. The primitives, the unethical and the unprofessional, will be kept down in the dirt where they belong.
Most will not be able to compete because their mistakes will not allow them to, and that is fine by us.
Oh, and those who rely upon others, such as agencies, will learn that it is a false economy. Those who rely upon the middleman are idiots who select themselves for professional extinction because they allow themselves to be controlled, handicapped, and limited.
So, what is coming?
A new Florida Models. A new Tampa Bay Modeling. A new Independent Modeling. An aggressive jobs program. A new photography company and related companies which will set an entirely new professional standard in the Tampa Bay area. Four new talent resource sites. Modeling photography events where professional can network.
That’s only the beginning. Oh, and it’s also only for those who we invite to participate. Remember that. We have leverage, we always will, and we call the shots. - Edited 08/06/14/0841

Lots of work to be done on Tampa Bay Modeling in August 2014 07/26/14/1217 - Lots of work to be done on Tampa Bay Modeling in August!
Along with a new Athena Class web site for Florida Models and lots of updates for Independent Modeling, Tampa Bay Modeling will also see a lot of work in August, 2014.
This is needed to support the modeling jobs initiative, obviously, because the new modeling jobs site is hours away from launch, and the modeling job boards of all of the supporting sites are going to have to come online as quickly as possible to assist.
Professional independent models need to get paid for working modeling jobs, they need to find and book paying modeling jobs, and they need to do so without going through an agency or being dependent upon one. This will go much further, too, as Passinault intends to flood the Tampa Bay market with an army of fierce, smart independent models who will directly compete with the talent agencies for jobs, and, by default, will take work away from the limited agency models who choose to be dependent upon the agencies. Passinault has also indicated that he will assist professional independent models with competing with “models” who are giving the local industry a bad name; models who are hurting the industry by working for free, assisting charity scams, enabling modeling scams, working with unethical industry people, and making professional compromises. A lot of the “established” models are about to see an end to their careers, and they brought it upon themselves.
We are not going to have the time to overhaul the content on Tampa Bay Modeling, obviously, nor deploy the new cutting-edge tools, as that will come later this year and into 2015, but all of the updates will be a good thing for this site. We WILL have time to update some of the existing content, however.

Passinault to increase modeling industry work. 05/29/14/0948 - Passinault to increase modeling industry work.
As reported on Florida Models this morning, C. A. Passinault will be dramatically increasing work in the
Modeling and talent expert C. A. Passinault, the leader of the independent modeling movement which is revolutionizing the modeling industry, will expand and continue the good fight. modeling industry this Summer, and will dominate all aspects of the industry in Tampa Bay soon, indisputably and rightfully so. This is especially true in regards to modeling photography by his Aurora PhotoArts company, which will continue to specialize in that field and expand upon it, as well as helping provide the tools that professional models need to find and book work without going through or being dependent upon the agencies. Passinault will deploy more job resources, as well as help fight modeling scams. He will also assist his model clients in taking work away from other models, which include agency models.
The modeling scam fighting resources which will soon be deployed on Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models, and Independent Modeling have been in development since 2007, and are extremely advanced; they will prove to be very effective, as well. The new generation of modeling and talent resource sites now in development, which will be deployed and fully operational by 2015 (there are four in the works for just the Tampa Bay market, and some people are not going to be happy about those new site), are built around these new tools and resources. These new sites will augment, and will not replace, current talent resource sites such as Tampa Bay Modeling.
Passinault has indicated that he is bored with what others are doing in the local modeling industry, or trying to do, especially in regards to the “fashion” scene, which, in his opinion, remains to be established here. The fashion scene in Tampa Bay will be aggressively addressed by Passinault in 2015, when it will finally get the help that it has been lacking. Fashion shows will be forced to start paying models, too, instead of using them and making money at their expense (and don’t give us this “charity” excuse. It’s B.S.).
While it is true that Tampa Bay Modeling has not been updated a lot recently, there is a reason for that. We’ve been busy preparing for what is to come. Tampa Bay Modeling will soon be overhauled and regularly updated.
In related news, we are still working on that new modeling jobs web site, and it should launch at the end of this week. For security reasons, we will not name it or link to it when it launches, although we are sure that everyone will see it when it starts turning up at the top of search engine results, which will be especially quick since it will launch as a fully operational web site with tons of content.

New modeling job site to launch this week. 05/20/14/1314 - New modeling job site to launch this week.
A huge, new modeling job web site will launch this week. This will be a marketable third generation modeling resource site specifically for modeling jobs, and will tie into the modeling job boards of Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models, and Independent Modeling.
The new site will be an Independent Modeling web site. We have been working on this site since August of 2013.
The modeling job boards of our three sites, which will all be formatted like the master job board on Independent Modeling, will be the place to go, eventually, for the same paying modeling jobs that models used to have to go through an agency to book, minus the agency fees. Since we are not a talent agency, the information will be made available free of charge, and we will not make any money running these boards. Why? Because we care about models! Since the most common modeling scams are modeling job scams, this new site will be critical to helping models recognize and avoid modeling job scams, too.
Several thousand business cards will be printed to support the new site this weekend. These cards will be used to get the word out to professional models whom we encounter, for starters.
Once the modeling job boards of our three sites are operational and updated, the new site will link to them.
After all, in 2014, it is all about the modeling jobs, and independent models need to get paid for their work. -

Overhaul of modeling and talent resource web sites are underway. 04/07/14/1301 - Overhaul of modeling and talent resource web sites underway.
Well, since we can’t do some things at the moment, which we cannot elaborate on, we will do what we can. The good news is that this opens the door to a whole lot of time to do what needs to be done with Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Film, Tampa Bay Dancer, Florida Models, Florida Actors, Independent Modeling, Independent Acting, and several of our other sites.
The Tampa Bay Talent sites, which includes Tampa Bay Modeling, will be overhauled immediately, and the sites will be changed around with new content by the end of this month. Keep in mind, however, that the content which will be posted here will be specifically engineered to assist models (We won’t post all that we know and are using, however, regardless, and will be holding some things back. We can do that, too, without watering down the sites and reducing their effectiveness, because we are several generations ahead in development from what is being used on the sites now; we will publish content developed from technology a generation or two ago, which is at least ten years ahead of the 2002 technology on this site now). The best content and tools will be reserved for the model and talent clients of Aurora PhotoArts, although there will be plenty of great tools and information on this site, including the new interactive tutorials and the long-overdue pay vouchers for models, of which there will be at least four types (!). The content will also be organized better, and more intuitively, so that the site is easy to use, too, so models won’t get lost, but can also access deeper, more in-depth content if they need to (Frosting on the top, and a rich cake underneath).
Tampa Bay Dancer will launch this month. Florida Models and Florida Actors will relaunch in May, 2014.
Oh, and the design of Tampa Bay Modeling and the other Tampa Bay Talent sites which use the Raptor Class design (Raptor 3) will not change, although there may be some adjustments. The site designs are great (regardless of what the jealous aspiring competitors may be saying), as far as we and models are concerned. Tampa Bay Dancer, in fact, will use a brand new site using the Raptor 3 variant of the Raptor Class site which Tampa Bay Modeling is using right now.
Then there are the four huge, highly advanced, next generation talent resource sites for the Tampa Bay market in development for 2015, which will launch and deploy later in 2014, but those sites are classified. These sites will be more effective and revolutionary than anything that we have up now or in the near future, and they are going to rock the market.
That’s it for now. We need to get back to work, and have just let everyone know that the wait for new sites, and consistent updates, is almost over. - 04/08/14/2119 - 04/11/14/2108

Adjusting Content. 02/25/14/1200 - Adjusting Content.
We spent some time this morning looking over our existing site content to update it and to prepare for what is to come later in 2014.
Tampa Bay Modeling, with its first generation, 2002 vintage content, which is still useful, will be upgraded to a full third generation talent resource site in 2014, with the latest technology, content, and tools which can be publically revealed (We never show our best hand, and hold things back while providing content, tools, and resources which are still cutting-edge and highly effective, as well as available free of charge), which would be 2011 and 2012 content which is a decade ahead of anything currently on the site now. The current, older content will still be maintained on the site in archives, as it is still useful, but the most effective content will be the new content. The new content will be organized well so that relevant things are easy to find, will be easy to understand, and will be easy to use; benefits which do not currently apply to the present web site (we often have a hard time finding things on this site, and we created it and maintain it!). The Raptor 3 design of the current Raptor Class site, meaning the design of the web site now, will remain, as it is good.
Florida Models and Independent Modeling will also be upgraded to full third generation talent resource sites in 2014; Florida Models, one of the oldest talent resource sites in the world, if not the first, is a first generation web site with technology and content from the 90's (1996, to be exact, with some updates up to 1999 and new content added afterwards; the site is obsolete compared to the current Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling, but deserves to be brought up to speed with the others), and Independent Modeling, which launched in 2001 as a first generation talent resource site, is currently a second generation talent resource site with technology and content from 2010. Independent Modeling, like Tampa Bay Modeling, will keep its current site design, while Florida Models will get the complete overhaul, advancing 18 years into the future with cutting-edge third generation content and tools, and obtaining a web site design, a new Athena Class web site, just like Independent Modeling. All of the sites will be true third generation talent resource sites.
Passinault has indicated that he has even more advanced content and tools already completed, which can be considered to be fourth generation, but the latest content will be withheld for his clients, and the content and tools which can be revealed are one generation behind what he is working with, as he needs to maintain some lead time, although it is still extremely effective, as well as made available free of charge. The free content and tools, however, can be further enhanced by content “keys” only made available to his clients, as that is how the third generation talent resource sites are engineered.
Another catch, too, is that third generation technology is built with tried and proven concepts, and the latest fourth generation technology is more experimental.
Before Tampa Bay Modeling is upgraded, however, four third generation talent resource sites specifically built and optimized to address the Tampa Bay market need to be built and deployed.
In other news, as we have already stated, 2014 will be all about the jobs. The modeling job boards of Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models, and Independent Modeling, which have been in beta form for years, and have been delayed, will be up to full speed, and a stand-alone modeling jobs web site, which will also serve to tie in with the modeling job boards, will launch in mere days. We will be aggressively marketing paying modeling jobs in 2014, and won’t charge anyone anything for the service, because we care (and also intend to put agencies and their pawns in their proper place), and we are not a talent agency. 04/08/14/2119 - 04/11/14/2109

In 2014, it is all about the modeling jobs, and money talks. 01/31/14/1004 - In 2014, it is all about the modeling jobs, and money talks.
We support professional models, as well as the legitimate modeling jobs which they are looking to book, which would be paying jobs which do not undermine the ability of models to book more legitimate, paying modeling jobs. As far as the jobs themselves go, too, we are referring to those jobs that models used to have to go through an agency to book; the exact, same jobs.
We understand that some people out there are not happy with us supporting models, and are against us actually working to help the industry; as a result, we question their integrity, ethics, professionalism, and motives, and so should you. Why would they not want us to do the right thing and help people? If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Likewise, if you tolerate unethical and unprofessional people and conduct around you, or worse, support them, you are an enabler, and are just as guilty as those who do wrong. We see too many followers, and hardly any leaders, and it is pathetic (pretending to be a leader while you are fake with everyone and try to get along with everyone is pathetic, too! If you actually knew what you were doing, and did the right thing, you are going to get some people mad at you). It is said that evil triumphs when good people do nothing, and we absolutely agree. There are too many spineless cowards in the Tampa Bay area, and we want nothing to do with them. So, you think that most of the current players are ethical and professional? Stop deluding yourself, and quit being a fake person who goes along with the same crap that everyone else either tolerates or has bought into.
These people will not last in this market, and they will do it to themselves. We will also help legitimate professionals compete with them and put them in their place, which will expedite their departure from the market.
There are too many modeling scams out there, too, and the top modeling scams are modeling jobs scams.
We would have thought that the industry here in Tampa Bay would be further along by now, but it isn’t. This will change, and it will be because of us and our supporters. We know the future of the modeling industry here in Tampa Bay because we will be the ones creating it.
What does that future contain? Glad that you asked!
No agency required. No agency fees. Free job leads exactly like the ones that you used to have to go through an agency to find and book. Models who get paid to work. Models who no longer get used or exploited. Modeling “jobs” which used to get away with not paying models will be forced to pay them, or lose their model support, as models discover that better alternatives, which pay them, exist.
Independent Modeling and Florida Models have been working on a new modeling jobs program for about a year now, and are about to launch a web site which will tie into the modeling job boards of all three sites. Agencies, middlemen, managers, exploiters, photographers, and wannabes are about to be put in their place. This site will launch imminently, and will be fully operational by mid 2014, as all of the job boards come online.
In Tampa Bay Modeling news, work on our new site is going well. Keep in mind, however, that this means that we will be getting all new content (2012 standard, replacing the 2002 content on our site, now. Some of the old 2002 content will be archived on the site in the discontinued sections where they are published. Cutting-edge 2014 content will be restricted, however, and will immediately, and exclusively, be made available to the model clients of Aurora PhotoArts, and then will be made available online by 2017, tentatively, once the next generation of tools and content have been created and are operational) and content organization. We are also working on FOUR brand new, cutting-edge 3rd generation “Tampa Bay” branded talent resource sites for 2014 (the current Tampa Bay Modeling site is actually a late 1st generation talent resource site, and the current Independent Modeling site is 2nd generation talent resource site. Tampa Bay Film, online now, is the first of the 3rd generation talent resource sites, and it has not deployed all of its features and tools, yet). The scope of these four new talent resource sites are well beyond the scope of this site, and all of the sites will overlap in their markets and agendas, supporting each other; the new sites will be much more effective and advanced than the current Tampa Bay Modeling site, and will also be easier to use. Tampa Bay Modeling will receive the same 3rd generation upgrade in 2014.
In closing, although the content of this site will be replaced with current, more effective content and tools, the design of the site itself, which you are now looking at, will NOT change. Again, we are NOT going to change the design of this web site! We have had at least one person call our site a “badly designed” site, and while their opinion may have some merit if they were referring to the organization of the content and the usability of the site, we think that they were referring to the actual design, in which case we completely disagree (and, considering the source of that opinion, they do not have room to talk). The current Raptor Class web site, other than some adjustments to the menu options, stands, and it will stand for years to come. We love the way that this site looks, and so do a lot of models out there! The current Raptor Class site which this site uses is a Raptor 3, and was brought to Raptor 3 specifications on December 16, 2007 (The original Raptor Class site was brought online on January 18, 2006, and was upgraded to a Raptor 2 on September 7, 2007. Tampa Bay Modeling itself launched on October 18, 2004, and we are ten years old this year!). Thus, this 2007 web site design will continue, and it will possibly continue well past 2017, well past it’s 4th generation web site upgrade and after 3rd, and eventually, advanced 4th generation talent resource sites are online.
Another hint: The current Raptor Class web site used by Tampa Bay Modeling is the key to the successor of the Diana Class site which Passinault.Com uses, as well as the new Celebrity Class sites.

Project Cloak initiated. 12/10/13/1115 - Project Cloak initiated.
Today, Project Cloak has begun.
This project will be in effect throughout 2014, and it has to do with the modeling industry in Tampa Bay. Project Cloak sets the groundwork for long-term Operation Clean Sweep. That’s all that we can say about it.

Warning about infringement on the marketing slogan “Invest in your career”. 09/24/13/0905 - Warning about infringement on the marketing slogan “Invest in your career”.
This notice has also been rewritten and posted on sister sites Florida Models and Independent Modeling, as of this morning, with the largest and most comprehensive post published here on Tampa Bay Modeling because it is most relevant to this market, and to our web site. There is also a blog post about it on the main Mosaic Class Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support web site (those operating domain names are classified), which should be fully operational later this week (and will humble any photographer who see's it, as they realize that they can't compete with Aurora PhotoArts or the Mosaic Class marketing or support web sites exclusively used by Aurora PhotoArts, which will begin mass production and deployment in October. Aurora PhotoArts will have a fully operational fleet of at least 16 Mosaic Class web sites within a year, and the fleet could be expanded to 24 by the end of 2014); this could be the start of a lot more published about this issue across more than 40 of our web sites.
Further infringement on our intellectual property may lead to legal action being taken against the offenders. Offenders, the market will know that you cannot compete with real, legitimate professionals, and that you have to learn from them and take their property in an attempt to compete. Why admit that we are better than you are when you have to learn from us and steal from us? It’s not true, is it? Well, a lot of people may very well learn the truth, if needed.
We are hereby serving notice that the slogan “Invest in your career”, especially when it pertains to modeling portfolio photography and talent headshots in the Tampa Bay market, is the trademarked intellectual property of Aurora PhotoArts, as a service mark, and has been for several years now. Both Aurora PhotoArts, Tampa Bay Modeling and our affiliates have been using this slogan for several years, now, and others are now using it, either through ignorance or willful infringement, in an attempt to turn what they are trying to do in photography into a business. It’s pathetic, and unethical.
We reserve the right to take legal action against offenders, and we will not tolerate anyone stealing our property and using it in an attempt to compete with us.
Additionally, the fleet of over 16 Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites for Aurora PhotoArts will use this slogan a lot more, and why shouldn’t they, as it was theirs to begin with? We will not be bullied into abandoning our slogan by those who are unethical and steal from us. We will continue to use our property, and much more aggressively, as both we, and they, know the true source, and so does everyone else.
You are not a professional if you have to steal from those whom you try to compete with. You cannot be trusted. Your target market will know that, if you do it to others, that you will do it to them, too. By stealing from us, you have proven that you are unethical and unprofessional.
With all of the Aurora PhotoArts web sites using the slogan, as well as our affiliate web sites, people are going to see it on our web sites, first, before they see you using it, and it will be obvious that you stole it and are trying to rip off professional photographers whom you cannot compete against (We checked this morning, and the slogan already returns our sites first because the slogan is all over all of our web sites, so anyone using it is literally promoting Aurora PhotoArts and us. It's obvious that we own it, already!). Your unethical activities WILL backfire!
Also, if anyone has any questions about our ownership of the intellectual property, including attorneys, we will furnish them proof, and it will raise questions about your integrity, undermine your credibility, and cost you business!
We are going to take it further, as well.
Since we have dominant leverage in the market, we officially declare that photographers and others who steal from professionals be blacklisted in the market. Models and talent who willingly and knowingly support such unprofessionals will also be blacklisted, and they will NEVER work with us. This notice will be added to all of our talent job boards on TEN of our top talent and professional job/ audition boards, and that information will also be shared with the companies who use our job boards.
You are, after all, whom you associate with. Help them, and we won’t help you, and since we are the best operation going on in the Tampa Bay market, and have been for years, it will be far more your loss than it will be ours; You need us more than we need you.
In 2011, a group of amateur photographers crossed us, and we addressed what they did on just one web site, Tampa Bay Modeling, and created one additional web site, Tampa Shootouts, to also put pressure on them.
In the span of a few short months, the photographers panicked and were forced to react and try to adapt to new conditions which we imposed upon the market (If you don’t believe us, just ask around). They failed, because, well, they did not know what they were doing (just like the current offenders don’t know what they are doing and have to resort to the unethical tactics of learning from us and stealing from us). We put at least one modeling photography event business out of business, and crippled the businesses of the other photographers to the point that they are pretty much back in the stone age, and are now insignificant, if even a part of, the industry.
It was a spectacular demonstration of the power that we command, and it was done using just two web sites. What would happen if we were to go all-out and unleash the might of twenty times that amount?
We thought that the results of our addressing this unprofessional mess and cleaning it up sent a message to the others in the market (and for the most part, it did, and they are not daring to step to us), but it is obvious that there are others who are ignorant of this, and don’t know the giant which they are taunting with their unethical conduct.
In late 2011, there was another incident with a so-called “photographer” backstabbing us (when we did nothing to him) and someone slandering us, but the attacks were so feeble and ineffective, that it failed to illicit a response from us (we do not dignify idiotic attempts to attack us with a response. Also, if they believe “karma” will get us, we have nothing to worry about, because we are not doing anything wrong). The current situation may or may not have stemmed from this earlier incident, and it if did, we would have to think that it was done out of ignorance and from an emotional crisis of overreacting because of insecurity, because no one in their right mind, in our opinion, would be stupid enough to brazenly slander us and steal from us.
This is your only warning. This is not a threat. We will not get emotional about it, like you obviously do, and make a mistake that you can leverage against us. We do, however, reserve the right to address your unethical and unprofessional activity, and we have the ability to do it very effectively and very efficiently.
We have all of the leverage in the market, and hold all of the cards. If you don’t realize this, or do not want to accept it, fine. You will be underestimating us and the full might of the repercussions which you may be provoking, and anyone underestimating us is at a disadvantage by default. Don’t be stupid. We’ve been in this industry longer than you have. We know what we are doing (obviously you know that, because you know who to steal from and attempt to copy). We are smarter than you are. We have spent over a decade investing in resources which no one else has; resources that can be used against you. We are also better than you are, in every way. We know that, and we think that you do, too.
You are hereby commanded to cease and desist from using the protected intellectual property “Invest in your career” immediately. If you fail to comply, we reserve the right to take legal action against you. We also reserve the right to address your infringement.
It’s not worth it. Stop, now, while you are behind.
We know that the offenders are trying to make photography a business, and are getting frustrated because that have, so far, failed to do so (they don’t even know the basics, such as what is appropriate to charge!). If you ever learn enough about what you are trying to do to make a business out of it, and turn it into a business, don’t you think that you would want to stay in business? Why destroy your career or any chance that you have to make photography a business when you are paying for unethical things that you have done to others? We are the last ones that you want to start anything with, because we have the resources, the experience, and the power to address it and force you to change. If you fail to change, your business will never make it, and you will be forced from the industry because you will fail to adapt to market conditions which we will change around you.
Be professional, and be ethical, and we won’t bother you. You need to learn the industry, though, before you try to work in it, and it is obvious that you don’t know what you are doing because you have to steal from real professionals whom you are unable to compete with.
In related news, it is now obvious that there are a lot of unethical and unprofessional players in the market, and that we need to take steps to prevent being ripped-off in the near future.
The next-generation talent resource web sites, and the 2014 overhaul to our existing talent resource sites, will be built with technology not only designed to combat scams and risks, but will also have effective built-in countermeasures which will discourage or prevent anyone from stealing from us. We will also be more careful about the information published on our web sites from now on.
There are obviously, and this is our opinion, a lot of photography, modeling, and talent scams in the Tampa Bay area, and the the main reason that these scams exist is not only because the people running the scams are unethical, but because they do not really know what they are doing, and feel that misleading people is alright because that is the only way that they feel that they can make what they want to do into a business.
We won’t go into the “photographers” who try to mislead people by implying, or stating, that they are busier, or booking more work (especially paid work) than they really are, in an attempt to boost their credibility and get people to book them. It’s unethical, and if people do book you because they get the wrong idea that you are busier than you actually are (i.e. They fall for your lies and their actions are a result of them believing you), then it is FRAUD because you marketed a service using deceptive practices. There are tools coming which will force photographers to qualify their statements and claims in writing before the clients book them, and if found to be deceptive, the photographer can be charged and convicted of a FELONY. If you make a claim, you are going to have to PROVE it. We are sick and tired of people lying, cheating, and stealing, and so are other professionals. Be ready to be held accountable, idiots.
At any rate, you people wonder why our security measures are as tight as they are. We’re obviously not in a situation where we have any real competition, or even peers in the market, and the “photographer” in this case is too new, and too inexperienced, to be any threat to the business of any real professional photographer, and what our talent resource sites do, well, has no competition at all. This photographer, in our opinion, is jealous of photographer C. A. Passinault and the modeling portfolio photography and talent headshots done through Aurora PhotoArts, and is proving it in their actions. They can’t compete, and it has to be very frustrating for them. Stick to shooting portraits, and learn about the business that you are pretending to be a contender in.
Give up. Find some other business, and some other industry, to soil with your lack of ethics and professionalism. Go do something that you are actually good at, if you can find it. People don’t respect you, because there is nothing to respect, and a lot of people don’t even like you.

Something to think about...... 09/18/13/2114 - Something to think about.......
This is for some “photographers” whom we are aware of who are fairly new to the game, and it is indicative of most photographers which started out in 2008 and 2010, around the time that the economy crashed and they cashed in their savings and 401 K’s because they lost their jobs, or something else happened where they decided to start a business. What business was that? Well, photography, of course, because they thought that it would be easy and fun! Oh, and they also thought that it would allow them to work with so-called “hot” women and models, so that they could hang out with them and maybe even hook up with them (which is an unprofessional motivation for working with models, and many models are sick and tired of this)!
So, they cashed in that money and bought cameras and photography equipment, thinking that the acquisition of such equipment would make them professional photographers, and that they were entitled to have market share in the photography business.
Oh, and wouldn’t you know it.... ALL of them think that they can shoot models by offering modeling portfolio “services”, and shoot talent headshots, because, of, course, it’s easy, and anyone can do it! They think this, too, despite their “portfolios” being full of consumer pictures, such as weddings and portraits (and, portraits are NOT headshots!)
Some of these “photographers” have no idea how to appropriately market themselves or run a business. They have no idea what to charge. They have no idea about legal requirements which need to be met to operate a business. They also hurt the people whom they take pictures of by not knowing what is appropriate to shoot, turning their “customers” into victims.
Photography is permanent. It is a powerful medium, and can directly affect the reputation and the credibility of the parties involved. It needs to be respected, and most of these idiots do not respect something as powerful as photography. Many of these “photographers” are like children with loaded guns, waving them around, and they are dangerous.
Models, don’t pay for the mistakes that these so-called “photographers” make. Don’t allow their mistakes to become yours.
Most photographers are not able to shoot modeling portfolios and talent headshots, because of their lack of experience and lack of knowledge. Professionals need the assistance of professionals who know what they are doing.... Not someone who services the consumer photography market or who thinks that every model needs to be “sexy”.
A lot of these “photographers” insist on doing high-risk work, such as glamour, pin-up, lingerie, boudoir, and nudes, and either not knowing, or not caring, that it cripples the mainstream marketability of models.
I suppose that this could apply to models, as well.
In other issues, one “photographer” recently raised his “rates” to a ridiculous amount, pricing himself out of the market. I suppose that he is either quitting while saving face, because no one will book him at those rates, especially when his work is worth less than $100.00 a day (and I’m thinking $20.00), or he is trying to raise his rates in order to convince people that his work is actually good.
Might I suggest that you learn the industry which you profess to work in, first? You need to learn what you are doing before trying to step up and compete with real professionals, and you are not learning this, either, especially when you figuratively keep getting knocked down on your ass. Perhaps you like being abused, and thrive on it? Only you know for sure, and I’m not even sure that you know.
I know, I know.... You went out and spent insurance money, or whatever, on expensive equipment, such as a new camera. We are all positive that you did not buy that camera with money from shoots. Isn’t it going to be frustrating when you wear out that camera long before you get anywhere near making your money back? Maybe that is why you raised your rates!
Good luck with that.
Being in business is about making a profit, isn’t it? If you lose money, how to you manage to spin that as a “business”? Pathetic. Are you wondering why no one respects you?
I’m not even going to go into his association with people who I consider to be unethical, such as modeling schools and faux fashion companies. I would not do that. You are whom you associate with, after all, as well as what you do. Compromise much? How about selling out?
In closing, consider this.
How can you hope to compete with professionals when you cannot compete with your own mistakes?
This is why I am not concerned about competing with other “photographers” when it comes to modeling photography and talent headshots.
I am C. A. Passinault. I know what I am doing, and have more experience in this than any of these new guys. You know it, too.
Of course, then there is the fact that I have invested in resources which no other photographer in the world has, but that is something for another post. If anyone thinks that they can step to me and compete, good luck with that. You are going to need it.

Tampa Bay Modeling site overhaul delayed to early 2014 09/13/13/1114 - Tampa Bay Modeling site overhaul delayed to early 2014.
As of today, September 13, 2013, Tampa Bay Modeling Director C. A. Passinault has ordered a delay to the overhaul on Tampa Bay Modeling until early 2014.
The delays also apply to Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Film (No overhaul, but needs more content), Tampa Bay Dancer (which has not launched, and has been in development hell), Florida Independent Film (Has not launched. Will use a Revolution Class site like Tampa Bay Film uses), Advanced Model (Has not launched, and will launch as a Pioneer Class site under a new operating domain name, retaining the existing AdvancedModel.Com domain name as a branding and marketing domain name which will lead to the new web site under the new operating domain name; If you are smart, don’t bookmark the current placeholder site), and Independent Modeling (No overhaul. Just needs content). Florida Models, Florida Actors, and Independent Acting will be brought to 2nd Generation Independent Modeling specs this Fall with new Athena Class sites to match the current Independent Modeling site, and then all will upgraded to full 3rd Generation talent resource sites in early 2014. Two additional talent resource sites are on hold until Spring 2014, and they will be built as Athena Class sites with 4th Generation technology.
Regular updates on Frontier Pop, as well as the construction and deployment of the fleet of Mosaic Class marketing and support sites for Aurora PhotoArts, will proceed as scheduled (and it is the reason why resources from the talent resource sites need to be diverted, because we will not divert them from there. Massive amounts of resources will be needed for the new sites). The modeling jobs program by Independent Modeling will also not be delayed, and will proceed as scheduled, since it is scheduled to be deployed and pushed in early 2014, already.
The entire fleet of talent resource sites, which exceed 24 web sites, will be fully operational and regularly updated by the end of 2014. Many of them will hammer and police the Tampa Bay markets. Act Model Now, Tampa Bay Modeling Agency, Tampa Modeling Agency, Tampa Bay Talent Agency, and Tampa Talent Agency are among them.
The reason, which will be announced on several of our sister sites this morning, but not in the detail that we will reveal here, is as follows:
Resources for talent resource site fleet diverted for Q4 2013.
Passinault has ordered four brand new talent resource sites for the Tampa Bay market. They will all launch at the same time. One of those sites will be for professional photographers, with technology to help them avoid being ripped off and scammed by unethical photographers, models, and others. These sites will be engineered with the latest technology and tactics, and built from the ground-up around new capabilities, and new missions. These sites will be new 3rd Generation talent resource sites built with 2014 specs, using a new web site design class derived from the proven and effective Pioneer Class site (Frontier Pop, Tampa Film Revolution) and the even newer Revolution Class site (Tampa Bay Film).
To put the generation and technical leap into perspective, the current Tampa Bay Modeling is a 1st Generation talent resource site built with 2002 era Independent Modeling technology. The current Athena Class Independent Modeling site is a 2nd Generation talent resource site with 2008/2010 era Independent Modeling technology. The latest Tampa Bay Film site, which uses a Revolution Class web site design and has been online for several months, could be considered to be the prototype for a 3rd Generation talent resource site (and has clues to where we are going with this), but, due to other projects, it has not been updated much since launch, and does not have all of the technology up and running- yet. Although the current Tampa Bay Film site is a prototype of what a 3rd Generation talent resource web site is, it utilizes 2013 spec technology, and the actual 3rd Generation talent resource sites will all use 2014 spec Independent Modeling technology.
These technologies have to be further developed and finalized, and after they are deployed on the new talent resource sites, they will then be retro applied to the older talent resource sites, which will all be overhauled and brought to full 3rd Generation, 2014 Specifications.
Yes, that includes Tampa Bay Modeling.
So, we wait. All talent resource site work will be diverted to the new sites, and God help anyone who attempts to go up against these monsters.
The four new talent resource sites for the Tampa Bay market will all share a common branding, and the brands are currently classified. They are tentatively scheduled to be brought online and deployed as complete, fully operational talent resource sites within minutes of acquiring their domain names in January 2014.
Don’t expect them to support modeling and talent agencies.
2014 - The year of reckoning.

Two related articles updated, with new content added. 07/30/13 - Two related articles updated, with new content added.
"Standards have dropped in the Tampa modeling industry", and "Statement about Tampa shootouts", have been updated with a lot of new information. If you have read these articles when they were first published in 2011, read them again.

Menu changes coming with site overhaul. 07/25/13 - Menu changes coming with site overhaul.
Thinking about removing the blog from the main menu when the site is overhauled, and, regardless, are not sure if the blog will be continued. May also be updating the graphic files on the main menu. Regarding the blog, there is a lot of content here on Tampa Bay Modeling from the past nine years that some of you may have not seen. Check out our opinion, news, and mail bag (the mail bag will NOT be continued on this site, and is going to continue on one of our sister sites) sections, as well as our blog. Oh, and don't forget out favorite collection of emails from our mail bag series, the French Fry Mail Bag, which is extremely entertaining! Go ahead and read them, unless you are a washed up, jaded, agency-loving, man-hating, snobby, crass old angry model. Also, we moved most of the content on this page to an archive (Tampa Bay Modeling Page One) in preparation for the overhaul this Fall.

Tampa Bay Modeling overhaul scheduled for Fall 2013. Site to be, essentially, new by 2014. 07/24/13 - Tampa Bay Modeling overhaul scheduled for Fall 2013. Site to be, essentially, new by 2014.
2014 specifications for Tampa Bay Modeling were announced today.
The current site, a Raptor 3 Raptor Class site, will stay the same, as the design is good, until it is replaced
by a cutting-edge 4th generation Centurion Class site by 2016 or later (all of the current Raptor Class sites will be replaced by Centurions. There probably will not be a Raptor 4, but if there is, it will be a completely new site sharing the current design layout but utilizing 4th generation technology). The Centurion Class, which is now in development, is a 4th generation web site built on PHP databasing, Flash, and multimedia technology. The current Raptor Class site is a late 3rd generation web site, several years old, and will continue to be the workhorse of the regional talent resource site fleet. The Raptor 3, being a 3rd generation web site, uses HTML, CSS, Java script, mouseovers, and JPEG image and graphic files; it is a static online document (The new 4th generation web sites are dynamic documents, with modular design, contextual interfaces, and full interactivity and multimedia). A new Raptor Class site, in fact, has been ordered for sister site Tampa Bay Dancer, and it will be a Raptor 3 like this one, so new Raptor Class sites will be built and deployed; Raptor Class web sites are proven, they work, and they have years of life left in them.
With the web site design remaining, what will the overhaul involve? Glad that you are wondering.
There is nothing wrong with the current web site for Tampa Bay Modeling. It’s just that the content is outdated, and what is there is not organized well, at all.
Development of new technology, content, and tools for Tampa Bay Modeling has been in the works since 2007, and we have simply not had the chance to build and deploy that content, yet. In the meantime, however, we have done some experiments, some additional development, and have refined the technology in those six years. The 2002 technology and content that we have been using is going to be retired or archived.
The overhaul will cover new navigation, organization of content, content, modeling career tools, interactive
Tampa Bay Modeling model, actor, and writer Somali Rose was a featured guest on the July 7 FOX 13 Lightning Round. Click image to watch. All links open new browser windows. tutorials, tutorials, articles, interviews, releases, vouchers, marketing material, a new scam analysis database, a risk analysis database, references to relevant tools, and exciting new technologies, such as technology specifically engineered to help models and industry professional keep modeling and talent agencies in check (independent modeling works, and we are going to prove it. We believe in it, and models will, too. Genuine smart models already do. Models no longer have to be dependent upon the agencies, and an open market is superior, in every way, to the closed, limited market that the agency system and the old modeling industry uses. They realize this, too, even if they do not want to admit it, and this independent talent movement terrifies them. They should be scared, as this can put most of them out of business, and, frankly, this may be exactly what they deserve, and what the industry needs. What do you suppose will happen in the Tampa Bay modeling market when the agencies have, literally, thousands of competitors competing with them for those modeling jobs, and the modeling jobs themselves start cutting out the middle man and deal directly with the models? These are not cheapo promotional modeling jobs that we are talking about, either, as we will be gunning for the modeling jobs that traditionally were booked by going through an agency. What will happen to the idiot models who choose to be dependent upon the agencies for work? Those models will be forced to go the independent route in order to compete, that’s what, or they won’t work. Anyone who tells you that the agency way is the only way is, in our educated, smart opinion, either an idiot, or is trying to scam you. It is also our opinion that the agency-centric modeling industry enables, and is the root of, all modeling scams. Don’t worry, we will explain this all in the coming months, and it will be easy to understand). There will also be new tools specifically engineered to help models address high-risk photographers such as glamour photographers, modeling agency placement scams, model management schemes, and modeling job scams. A lot of the site will also specialize in helping models deal with modeling “photographers”, which currently rank pretty high up there in the risk and scam categories. Some photographers are going to hate us, and we would not have it any other way (right Jonathan, Larry, Alex, Darryl, Dewayne, Jeff, and Rick? Right? Some of you will be going out of business, if you ever really were in “business”, and you deserve it).
Modeling and talent expert C. A. Passinault, the leader of the independent modeling movement which is revolutionizing the modeling industry.The existing content on Tampa Bay Modeling will remain on the site, but will either be moved to archive sections, or will be updated and used, accessible from the new navigation system. There is way too much clutter on the site, and it is not easy to use, at all. This will change. We are even overhauling the new image file format. For example, see that picture of Brandon model Megan that we added to the site today on the upper right? It is a placeholder. This image will be the last using the old templates currently in use, despite the new watermarking technology used. The new templates, using new techniques developed and perfected for the new Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites used by affiliate Aurora PhotoArts, will be a general format used for Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Dancer, Tampa Bay Film, and some other Raptor Class talent resource sites. It will be ready and deployed this Fall throughout our powerful fleet.
By 2014, Tampa Bay Modeling will, essentially, be a new web site, with new content and tools far outweighing what is on the site now. The site will be what it was always intended to be, and will finally reach its full potential. It will also be easy to navigate and use. It will be highly effective. The site will also be 100% free of charge to use, too!
Development of the new content and tools will be spread out cost-effectively by developing the new resources through Independent Modeling. The content and tools, developed for our mother site, will then be optimized for use on Tampa Bay Modeling. The same resources will also be used for Florida Models and our other sister sites. All of this work will especially be cost-effective with all of the talent resource sites being used for client support of the model and talent clients of Aurora PhotoArts and its projects, including Tampa Shootouts and its workshops, as well as a new ongoing modeling and talent jobs program rolling out in 2014.
The current fleet of modeling and talent resource sites will not only be improved and expanded, but there will be more of them. A lot more.
This overhaul, and a renewed Tampa Bay Modeling web site, is appropriate, especially with Tampa Bay Modeling celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2014.

Licensed Florida Modeling and Talent Agency in the Tampa Bay area removed from Florida Models for being part of a modeling scam. 06/26/13 - Licensed Florida Modeling and Talent Agency in the Tampa Bay area removed from Florida Models for being part of a modeling scam.
Add this page to our growing book of why modeling and talent agencies should not be trusted until they have earned your trust. Just because they are licensed does NOT make them legitimate. Stay away from modeling and talent agencies affiliated with, or which endorse or refer models to, modeling schools, workshops, classes, boot camps, modeling portfolio photographers, or any other services which models would have to buy. There is a reason that this is specifically addressed in the State Statutes, models; read and learn it!
Agencies are only allowed, and supposed to, make money by finding models work and referring them into modeling jobs!
Also, in our educated and experienced opinion, anyone who tells you that the agency way is the only way either does not know what they are doing, or is trying to scam you.
For more, please check out our sister site Florida Models, where the scam agency was addressed today.

The Torch Has Been Passed. New Independent Modeling Site. 01/12/13 - The Torch Has Been Passed. New Independent Modeling Site.
It took an additional two months of work, due to other projects, but the new Athena Class Independent Modeling site is now online, and as of this moment, the torch has been passed from Tampa Bay Modeling back to Independent Modeling, and Tampa Bay Modeling is now officially an Independent Modeling site. The information below is still accurate, but displaced two months, and the late 2012 schedule dates have now become early to mid 2013. Effective immediately, work on this web site is on hiatus as we await our overhaul in the next few months. The Independent Talent sites, which includes Independent Modeling, must be up and running, with their new tools and technology, before it can be applied to the Tampa Bay Talent sites, which includes Tampa Bay Modeling. Tampa Bay Modeling had a ton of updates the past few years, and it’s been a good ride, but now the site has been scheduled for an overhaul, with the addition of the latest tools and technology from Independent Modeling, so we are now idling. There will be few, if any, updates to this site until our overhaul. When the overhaul happens, which is currently scheduled for Spring 2013, Tampa Bay Modeling will have its content reorganized, and the site will be much easier to use. We have a lot of cool things coming to the site, too. It’s just that it won’t ever be like it was between 2005 and 2012 again, with Tampa Bay Modeling taking the lead, as Independent Modeling is now taking the lead, again. Oh, and what a beauty the new Athena Class Independent Modeling site is, too! It’s as beautiful as the models whom it supports. We could literally stare at it all day long, as it is finally the site that it should have been when it originally launched in September of 2001.
Obviously, before we get our overhaul, Independent Modeling has to get up to speed, as tools developed for it will be ported to Tampa Bay Modeling for our use, with those tools optimized for this web site. At the moment, Independent Modeling is online and operational, but only barely, and it will be months before it become fully operational, as a lot more needs to be done.
Now that Independent Modeling has re launched with its new Athena Class site, this opens the door to more Athena Class sites, and those sites will be built and deployed much faster than Independent Modeling was. Independent Modeling was a very old site with a lot of outdated content and directories, and it took a lot of work to get the site to where it is now. Now that the old files are sealed off, updates should be faster on that site, too. There are some of you out there who may not know that we took over Florida Models and Florida Actors back in September 2012, and that was a LOT of added work which had a direct impact on work on Independent Modeling and our other sites. Additionally, we were backed up with a lot of emergency work on over 50 web sites at the time from an issue going back to May 2012, which has finally been resolved (Let’s just say that we have a lot of brand new web sites launching this year, with none of the mistakes that were made before happening again, none of the baggage from old files, and all of our experience coming to bear to make sites which will be unstoppable. By 2014, issues going back to 2008 will be resolved in addition to the issues from May 2012. A lot of revolutionary breakthroughs in web site tactics were made in 2012, and we are now applying them to our work). At the moment, Florida Models and Florida Actors are using emulated versions of their old (classic) sites which were rushed online. There will be one more update to those classic sites before brand new sites are built on top of, and over, the original sites (the classic sites and directories will be left online and intact as an archive and an online museum). With the first Athena Class site now online for Independent Modeling, it opens the door for the others to be built and deployed. Because those other sites are much smaller and simpler (initially), we can pretty much start from scratch, and do this right. Each of the new Athena Class sites can be built and deployed in less than a week, and we have a total of six more on order for the first half of 2013, which makes seven, and we may add an additional one by the end of the year, which will make eight (that last one would be a regional professional photography and photographer resource site, the only Athena Class site used for the Tampa Bay region). Right now, we are working on the Aurora PhotoArts web sites for the rest of January, which means that Independent Modeling will not see many updates for a few weeks. Independent Acting will use the second Athena Class site, and should be online in February, followed by the third Athena Class site for Florida Models, and the fourth Athena Class site for Florida Actors. The remaining three Athena Class sites on order (all of those sites are currently classified, and we cannot name them at this time), will be built and launched in the Spring of 2013. With Aurora PhotoArts, we will have a total of 12 state-of-the-art Mosaic Class marketing and support web sites up and operational by the Summer of 2013, and the first three of those will be operational by February.
Which brings us to Tampa Bay Modeling and the other Tampa Bay Talent sites.
All of the Tampa Bay Talent sites, with the exception of Tampa Bay Film, which will use a new Revolution Class site because of its online film festival (a lot of resources are being invested in Tampa Bay Film, too), will use the current Raptor 3 variant of the Raptor Class site, so other than some minor aesthetic chances, such as colors on some of Tampa Bay Modeling’s sibling sites, the site designs will remain the same. The content and the organization of the content of all of the sites, however, will dramatically change. All of the sites will be loaded up with the latest tools and technology from the mother Independent Talent sites. The new content and tools will be organized well, making the sites easier to use. Oh, and we will be building and deploying a brand new Raptor Class site for Tampa Bay Dancer in 2013, when our newest sister site finally launches. This new Raptor Class site, too, will utilize a Raptor 3 variant.
2013 is going to be an exciting year.

Passing the torch. 10/23/12 - Passing the torch.
Since 2005, work on Independent Modeling was diverted to Tampa Bay Modeling as some of the latest, and most experimental, modeling resources and support technologies were tested through our site. Some of these technologies were proven, and became operational. During that 7 year span of time, Independent Modeling itself became largely dormant, with two site upgrades, but little content published.
This is about to change.
Just over 2 years ago, in October 2010, a new Athena Class site (not to be confused with the original) was developed for Independent Modeling, with plans on using the new class of site, which is a cutting-edge, late 3rd Generation site, on Independent Acting and other talent resource sites. This new site has been tested and adjusted since, and sometime this week, Independent Modeling will re launch with the new site. At that time, the work from Independent Modeling which had been published on Tampa Bay Modeling will be diverted back to the main mother site. At first, due to the fact that Independent Modeling is a huge, and old, modeling resource site, being 11 years old, the new Independent Modeling site will be barely operational, as old outdated files have been sealed off. In the coming months, however, certainly before the end of 2012, new resources, tools, and technologies will be added to the site. These new tools and technologies are completely developed, and will be deployed as operational, and some of them will revolutionize the modeling industry (if you could only see what we have seen. Independent Modeling has developed, tested, and has been sitting on mature technology for the past 2 years). By the end of 2012, Independent Modeling will eclipse Tampa Bay Modeling, and will become the most advanced modeling resource site in the world once again.
And, with that, Tampa Bay Modeling passes the torch back to Independent Modeling this week.
It’s not the end of Tampa Bay Modeling, however. It’s just the end of this site being used as a test bed for new concepts. It will also be the beginning of less frequent, and more strategic, updates. Tampa Bay Modeling will be overhauled with the latest Independent Modeling technology in the coming months, technology edited and optimized for the Tampa Bay Modeling market, and formatted and adapted for this Raptor Class web site, which is a different design than the much newer Athena Class site, but no less important, or effective (this is a Raptor 3 version of the Raptor Class, which, like the current Athena Class site for Independent Modeling due online this week, is a late 3rd Generation web site, and it is still a front line site. The Athena is more advanced that this one is, but, with an overhaul, the Raptor will have no problem keeping up, as well as being an appropriate and effective platform for the latest Independent Modeling tools and technologies. This Raptor 3 came online on December 16, 2007, and the original Raptor Class site was commissioned on January 18, 2006, with the Raptor 2 online on September 7, 2007. Although the new Athena Class site used by Independent Modeling was designed in October 2010, the Raptor 3 is still a front line site, able to handle whatever Independent Modeling gives it, and the Raptor 3 Raptor Class sites, used by Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Talent, and Tampa Bay Dancer will be used until replaced by a 4th Generation site sometime around, or after, 2014). After the content and directory organization of Tampa Bay Modeling in late 2012, site updates will be less frequent than before, as most of the work will be over at Independent Modeling. Tampa Bay Modeling, however, will continue to be important, and regularly updated, as it is the Tampa Bay regional modeling resource site of Independent Modeling, and with Independent Modeling also published and operated out of the Tampa Bay area, but optimized for the national and international modeling industry, the Tampa Bay market is very important, especially with the concepts of Independent Modeling being developed and proven here. Tampa Bay is ground zero of the independent talent revolution, and the main ones who will pay for this would be talent agencies in the area, as well as modeling and talent scams. All of the regional modeling and talent resource sites of Independent Modeling are ensured continued support.
On the subject of regional talent resource sites, we have become much more powerful, too. Remember the earlier report that we closed down Florida Modeling Career and obtained a much better site in return? Well, if we had retained Florida Modeling Career, we would have still had to close it down, as this newer site is more established, and we would not have had the time to run two Florida regional modeling resource sites. As of September 27, 2012, we are now the proud owners and publishers of Florida Models and Florida Actors, legendary modeling and talent resource sites that literally started it all years before Independent Modeling was ever thought of. The sites are currently online and operational as emulated versions of the classic web site design (notice that there is no design class specified on the sites, even though C. A. Passinault put together the emulated sites), and, in a few weeks, those original site files will become an online museum and an archive, as both Florida Models and Florida Actors will be re launched as new Athena Class talent resource sites, just like the one used by Independent Modeling.
With that, it is back to work for us! Tampa Bay Modeling will not see any major updates until the overhaul, which will happen after the Athena Class web sites for Independent Modeling, Independent Acting, and the Independent Talent sites are up and running, the new Revolution Class site for Tampa Bay Film is operational, and at least the first 3 Mosaic Class photography and design marketing and support sites for Aurora PhotoArts are online (which would bring us to sometime in December). Advanced Model, which uses a Pioneer Class site like the ones used for Frontier Pop and Tampa Film Revolution, is scheduled to be brought online as an online modeling resource magazine and site in early 2013. The Pioneer Class site, which was proven to be extremely effective since being initially deployed for Frontier Pop in 2010, directly led to the innovation and the technology used be the new Athena Class sites.

Big changes coming. New sites. 09/11/12 - Big changes coming. New sites.
This fall, Tampa Bay Modeling and its sister sites will undergo an overhaul, with the latest modeling career tools and new organization of all of the site content so that the site is easy to use. It will also be easy for our readers to find what they are looking for.
Currently, Tampa Bay Modeling is the most advanced modeling resource site in the world, with Independent Modeling work done on this web site over the past 7 years as we put our mother site on hold. This will change. Independent Modeling is about to be relaunched with the most current modeling resource tools and information, and we have another new sister site coming, a Florida regional modeling site, which is old, but will now be new.
In 2008, new modeling resource technologies and formats were developed for our then-Florida regional resource site, Florida Modeling Career. Florida Modeling Career had some very advanced tools developed for it, and they were to become the standard. The tools were never deployed, however, and over time, work on Independent Modeling developed tools even more advanced, building on the tools developed for Florida Modeling Career. Florida Modeling Career launched, but was in limbo as the years progressed. Recently, in a domain name shakeup from the spring, we decided to close Florida Modeling Career, which left a gap in our regional coverage, and let the domain name go. This was a small mistake, however, not because of the regional modeling resource gap for Florida, but because a cybersquatter took our domain name and attached it to a scraper site (a type of spam site). They then wrote up some phoney archive section going back to when we owned the site. This is more annoying than it is a threat to us, however, because the site is now full of gibberish. As a result of this, we will now be burning any domain names that we are planning on getting rid of before we do so, making them worthless to anyone trying to acquire them. Regarding the domain names for Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, and Advanced Model, however, these are strong brands, and they are not going anywhere.
As fate would have it, we now have a new Florida regional modeling resource site in the works which is even better that Florida Modeling Career was, and we are committed to this site because of its legacy, as it is already well-established. It will fill the gap. That is all that we can reveal right now, but everyone will be stunned when we reveal what the site is.
Now, for news about our overhaul.
This site design will not change. It currently uses a Raptor 3 Raptor Class site, and will continue to use one. Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Dancer, and Tampa Bay Talent will also use Raptor 3's. Although we had one person complain about the design of the site, and they said that it was bad, it isn’t, as we disagree (ironically, the detractor has no web sites). These sites have good designs.
Our content, however, will change, and it really needs to be organized. We will also be adding the latest, most advanced tools for models.
Independent Modeling, Independent Acting, our upcoming Independent Talent site, and our Florida regional modeling resource site will use Athena Class sites, and will have the most advanced modeling and talent career tools in the world. The new tools on Tampa Bay Modeling will be based upon the latest from Independent Modeling. Advanced Model, which officially has not launched yet, will use a Pioneer Class web site, much like the ones used by the successful Frontier Pop and Tampa Film Revolution sites, but more refined.
It will be a while longer before we will have time to overhaul Tampa Bay Modeling, however, as one of our sister Tampa Bay Talent sites will be the first to be equipped with the latest advancements, and it will work out all of the details before our site is worked on. Ironically, this sister site will be the only Tampa Bay Talent site which will not use a Raptor Class site. It will use a Revolution Class site, which was derived from the Athena Class, as it has an online film festival which is more compatible with the new design class. That site is Tampa Bay Film, and you only need to look at that site to preview what is coming to Tampa Bay Modeling.
Our Florida regional modeling site will retain its old site files in a legacy archive section (emulated, of course, because the original owner coded it weird. The new web site directories and files will use a new, state of the art Athena Class site like the one that Independent Modeling will use later this year, but the design aesthetics will pay respects to the original design, so it will look different from any of our other sites. We will be using our trademarked slogan “Where Florida models build their careers”, which was originally used for the now-closed Florida Modeling Career site, on the Florida regional modeling resource site. Also note that we still own the trademark for Florida Modeling Career, so we don’t know what the person who took that domain name is thinking, as they can’t really use it for anything). The Florida modeling resource site will also support its original founders, and pay the proper respect to them.
We have posted pictures of the upcoming, new Independent Modeling site, as well as the upcoming new Tampa Bay Film site. Again, keep in mind that Tampa Bay Modeling’s design will not change, but those new resources, content, and tools will be coming to this site later this year.

Overhaul On Site Content 05/02/12 - Overhaul On Site Content
Tampa Bay Modeling director C. A. Passinault ordered an overhaul on overall site content on not just this site, but over 60 others. Most links to other affiliated sites will be disconnected, and excessive content will be removed. This is an effort to stabilize overall SEO performance and position us for the long term. We are abandoning the meta site strategy, and are going to do more of a stand-alone site strategy with content overlap; we will no longer telegraph our web site resources to hostile parties, especially as old domains are dumped and new ones are invested in. This is also in preparation for the overhaul of the Tampa Bay Modeling site this summer, which will make this site easier to use and more relevant for the careers of independent models.

New Emphasis On Modeling Resources 04/24/12 - New Emphasis On Modeling Resources
Tampa Bay Modeling is planning an overhaul this spring and early summer, with a more ....

Tampa Bay Modeling Overhaul Scheduled For Spring 2012. Tampa Bay Modeling overhaul in Spring 2012, Tampa modeling jobs, Independent Modeling, new technologies and tools, web site project, talent resource sites, and the next Tampa Bay Modeling site. 02/18/12 - Tampa Bay Modeling Overhaul Scheduled For Spring 2012.
Tampa Bay Modeling overhaul in Spring 2012, Tampa modeling jobs, Independent Modeling, new technologies and tools, web site project, talent resource sites, and the next Tampa Bay Modeling site.

A thought: In our opinion, although models should use agencies as one of many sources of finding and booking work, they should never be dependent upon an agency, allow an agency to manage them, or allow an agency to tell them what to do, as the agency is supposed to work FOR models.
Do not accept the limitations of modeling agencies, and take charge of your modeling career! An open market is superior to a closed, limited market, especially when a closed market is corrupt. Do not sell yourself short!

WARNING! Tampa Bay models are getting exploited and ripped off by working for free at fashion shows, events, workshops, and charity events. If THEY make money, so should you!

Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops. Tampa Bay Modeling photography and modeling events, and the professional alternative to what others are doing in the Tampa Bay market. The standard in modeling photography shootout events and in modeling and photography industry workshops.Get involved, today! 12/10/11 - Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops. Tampa Bay Modeling photography and modeling events, and the professional alternative to what others are doing in the Tampa Bay market. The standard in modeling photography shootout events and in modeling and photography industry workshops.
Get involved, today!

Beware of unethical bait and switches in Tampa Bay modeling photography workshops and shootouts!
Get the full pay that they promised as well as pictures from the workshops! Don’t let them hold things from you to talk down your pay rate, and NEVER allow them to sell you anything at a modeling job!

06/09/11 Older updates which are moved from the front page to the archive section. Click here for some of the older newer content updates on Tampa Bay Modeling, the new look of modeling in Tampa Bay!

C. A. Passinault: Tampa Bay’s original, and best, model maker.
Writer. Photographer. Innovator. Pioneer. The leader of the modeling industry revolution known as the independent modeling movement. The one who has changed markets and industries, and continues to do so.
Modeling and talent expert C. A. Passinault, the leader of the independent modeling movement which is revolutionizing the modeling industry.Tampa Bay Modeling is directed by C. A. Passinault, owner and lead photographer of Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design. Since 2000, for over a decade, C. A. Passinault has been the original model maker in the Tampa Bay market, and he still is. He is also the best, a modeling and talent expert with no equal in Florida. C. A. Passinault has more leverage in the market than all of the modeling agencies and schools combined, as well as more credibility; you only have to ask the models who work with him to verify this. C. A. Passinault, unless otherwise indicated, is the author of all of the content published on Tampa Bay Modeling, as well as the photographer behind the photographs and the models.
C. A. Passinault is the man behind the best models in this market, as well as Florida. Those models will be the ones taking away work from less professional models who do not invest in their careers, or who choose to be dependent upon modeling agencies which are supposed to be working for the models whom they represent. Balance and true integrity will be maintained in the market.
Tampa Bay Modeling supports the Passinault agenda, and it is the first, middle, and final word on modeling in Tampa Bay. This our market, and we are the gatekeepers. Agencies, schools, scams, and amateurs fall before us. Follow the leader, and learn the lessons of what we do, or lose your way. - 06/09/11

The Latest, Newest Tampa Bay Modeling Content Updates

Amateurs VS Professionals 11/09/11 - Amateurs VS Professionals - Now online.


In May 2011, Tampa Bay Modeling director C. A. Passinault, who is also a top modeling and talent photographer in this market, was invited to attend a modeling photography shootout event in the Tampa Bay area. Organized by a man claiming to be a model coach, the organizer assumed that Passinault owned a modeling agency, which was not the case. Thinking that was the case, he invited Passinault to his event, although he was aware, too, that Passinault was a professional photographer who had over a decade of experience working with models. 11/09/11 - Statement about Tampa shootouts - In May 2011, Tampa Bay Modeling director C. A. Passinault, who is also a top modeling and talent photographer in this market, was invited to attend a modeling photography shootout event in the Tampa Bay area. Organized by a man claiming to be a model coach, the organizer assumed that Passinault owned a modeling agency, which was not the case. Thinking that was the case, he invited Passinault to his event, although he was aware, too, that Passinault was a professional photographer who had over a decade of experience working with models.
Hours before the event began, Passinault was talking to the organizer, who offered to refer his models to
Tampa Shootouts: The first shot is fired in the Tampa shootout war!Passinault’s modeling agency. Passinault stressed that he did not have a modeling and talent agency, and that anyone who read Tampa Bay Modeling would know that. The organizer asked Passinault what he did. Passinault told him that Tampa Bay Modeling was a modeling resource site, and not an agency, and that he was a modeling expert and a photographer who was in business to provide models with the career tools that they needed. The organizer then said “That’s what I do!”, even though he had only been doing TFP photography sessions with mostly amateur models for only two years, and had yet to turn it into any kind of business. Passinault had been in business as a professional modeling and talent photographer for over a decade, and the organizer already knew that; in a previous conversation, he told Passinault “You are where I want to be as a photographer”. Although Passinault knew that the organizer did not do what he did professionally, and was not capable of it, he was polite to him. The invitation to attend stood, though, and Passinault informed him that he would try to attend if he could.
Passinault was able to attend, and the organizer, according to witnesses, was very insecure about Passinault being around his shootout event. The organizer was rude to Passinault, keeping Passinault away from the main shootout area, and denying to the other attendees, behind Passinault’s back, that he had invited Passinault, insisting that Passinault had “invited himself”. He also told the photographers and the models to avoid talking to Passinault, and to not accept any cards or other material from him.
Passinault stayed around, hanging out outside of the main shootout area. Passinault realized that many of the models and photographers at the event were amateurs, but he was polite to them. He decided to observe the shoot as best as he could, as he was noticing mistakes. Passinault was also not impressed that the organizer had new models doing high-risk modeling, which crippled their marketability, raising serious credibility issues about the organizer knowing what he was doing. At least one of the models was rude to Passinault, and Passinault could not understand why she had such an attitude. Still, others did talk to him. Two others, who’s ability to model was questionable, gave him dirty glances. At the end of the day, as he left, not aware that the organizer had told the others to avoid him, he asked the organizer if it was ok to pass out business cards and Tampa Bay Modeling flyers. The organizer told him that Passinault could give the material to him, and that he would make sure that everyone received them. Of course, Passinault and already talked to a lot of them, and many of them already had exchanged cards with him or asked for cards and flyers.
Many of the attendees knew that Passinault had been invited, as it was obvious, and that the organizer was being rude to him for no reason. They also knew who he was. Afterwards, they read an article that he had written about the shootout, and confirmed his suspicions; they filled him in on things that he was not previously aware of.
Passinault was fed up with the unprofessional nature of not only this shootout event, but with others that he had studied over the past five years. Enough was enough. Passinault realized that the material that he had given to the organizer was probably destroyed, and that the organizer had lied to him and misled him, which made it a scam. This known, Passinault began organizing the professional standard for shootout events in the Tampa Bay area, and he would do it with the help of professional photographers and models who were also fed up with the unprofessional mayhem in the industry; mayhem caused by amateurs who pretended to be professionals.
The first shot in the Tampa shootout war began, and Passinault moved to finish it.

Standards have dropped in the Tampa modeling industry 11/09/11 - Standards have dropped in the Tampa modeling industry - What happens when Tampa Bay Modeling’s C. A. Passinault pays a visit to a Tampa modeling agency and travels to an amateur modeling photography shoot? He discovers that standards really have fallen in the Tampa modeling industry! The research was worth it, though, as it leads to a new generation of modeling career tools to be developed for Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling.

You can thrive in a modeling market full of free alternatives. 06/09/11 - You can thrive in a modeling market full of free alternatives! - The way for both professional models and photographers to make it in a saturated market full of hobbyists and amateurs who are enabled by cheap technology and free online profiles in today’s modeling industry. Free or low cost is a false economy, and professionals who position themselves in the market properly, and who market their services by demonstrating true value, have a career where they can make a living despite others trying to drop the bottom out of the market, as free is no alternative to professional and effective work. Professionals do not work for free when those who are in the market for what they provide need it.

Blast from the past! Tampa modeling jobs to avoid. Real models get paid, and the jobs are worthwhile! 06/09/11 - Blast from the past! Tampa modeling jobs to avoid. Real models get paid, and the jobs are worthwhile!

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