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Amateurs VS Professionals
Tampa Bay modeling and photography markets

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"PSA for models, avoid working with cocky photographers that think their work is better than everyone else and talks shit bout other photographers, everyone has to start somewhere, im sure when they 1st started their pics look like shit too, lol just sayin"

- Posted by an amateur photographer on a social media site

Well, I don’t know about anyone else out there, but the post above says it all. I wouldn’t work with this person, and the reason is that their “PSA” is highly unprofessional. Their attitude is poor, too, and they are awfully defensive because they are obviously insecure. This person is also obviously jealous of the work of professional photographers whom they cannot compete against, and they seem to be aware that they cannot compete against real professionals.
You know, if cocky is misread by an idiot, and translates into “confident” and “experienced, I don’t know why a model would NOT want to work with such a photographer, because that photographer will sure as hell be able to a lot more for them and their modeling career than the amateur would. An amateur warning “models” not to work with professionals? Sounds like bad advice to me! Are you letting ego get in the way? Do you know what you are doing? Can those “models” take you seriously? Stop crying, step up to the plate, invest in your career, learn how to do it, and get real! Otherwise, you’re going to offend real professionals, you are going to step up to them with work that cannot compete, with that whiney attitude, and you will rightfully be knocked down on your ass. Of course, I mean this in a figurative sense.
I will tell you what, though. If any model supports an amateur photographer and convinces themselves that they are what they need for their career, have at it. I know a lot of professionals who won’t be inspired to work with such models, unless the model wises up and invests in a professional portfolio by paying for it. In the amateur/ hobby modeling TFP/TFCD world, though, that won’t happen, because the people who claim to be models and photographers are sold on the false economy that they do not have to pay for anything. They obviously do not respect their careers, and are, mostly, not serious about it out of ignorance. They do not comprehend that you only get out of your career what you put into it.
And these people wonder why they cannot make money in their so-called “career”, and why they cannot compete against real professionals who actually did invest in their careers. Even as a professional photographer, I have to invest in my career, spend money on marketing, and spend a lot of time and hard work in marketing myself. Do you think that I would be booking work if I didn’t invest in my career? That is the reality of this business. Digital cameras, working for free, free online profiles; none of that can compete with professional marketing tools. If you delude yourself into thinking that you can work a successful career by taking shortcuts, knock yourself out! Don’t blame me when no one takes you seriously, though, and real professionals take work from you!
I am an experienced, professional photographer with the experience, and the skill, to give models effective portfolios that they can use to market themselves in their careers and book work. I do so while giving them quality, relevant photography work which maximizes their marketability. I’ve been consistently booking paid shoots over the past decade, even with all of this freebie stuff going on. The amateurs, and even other professional photographers, cannot do this, and they need to know this. What I do is not easy, and it is certainly not something that someone without a lot of experience, and proper training, can do. It takes literally years of hard work and study, as you not only have to know how to take good pictures, but appropriate ones which are relevant for the proper positioning and marketing of a professional modeling career. You also have to know how the modeling industry works to make it as a modeling portfolio photographer. I’m not just an expert on the modeling industry, but I am a pioneer who has introduced new ideas to it. My ideas are more effective than what was originally there, and it has changed the industry. That gives me a massive advantage over anyone else.
I’m a professional photographer, and I’m not cocky, although some, especially insecure amateurs who are frustrated because they cannot begin to compete with me, might incorrectly perceive me as such. I have over a decade of experience making a business out of the highly specialized, and elite, field of modeling portfolio and talent headshot photography. Unlike consumer photography fields, where it is easier to sell services of questionable quality, my clients are educated. You have to know what you are doing before they will invest in what you do because they know what they need. It’s perfect for me, too, because I would never sell photography services of questionable quality; I know that my work is good, and I believe in it. So do professional models and talent, as they also know good work when they see it, and they refer others to me after they experience the results of my work on their career first-hand.
Being in the game, and having experience, I am really annoyed by amateurs who don’t bother to pay their dues and who don’t bother to learn the business that they claim to be working in. I just love it when someone can sign up for a free online profile on a social media or a portfolio networking site, go around working for free with other amateurs, and then go around talking like they are players in the industry when everyone knows that they are not. It’s offensive to those of us who are real professionals; those of us who have spent years investing in our careers, and who have earned the right to be in the industry.
Just because you go out and buy a digital camera, and then go around building portfolios working with other amateurs, does not make you a professional, and it does not make you an industry player. You are going to find that out the hard way when professionals take work from you. As a matter of fact, people like that, not bothering to invest in their career, and not working to learn the proper way of doing quality work, is the reason that most of these people will never make it. Collaborating with amateurs is like the blind leading the blind. Sure, you can practice all that you want, but you only perfect mistakes, and without proper instruction, you might make it eventually through trial and error, but you’ll learn the wrong way of doing things.
All of us, amateurs and professionals alike, are on different levels in the industry. Some have more experience and skill than others. Some of us are more talented. Some of are less talented and have to work harder to acquire the skill that we need. A career is a journey. Did you invest in a map, and in the proper tools, to get to where you need to go, or did you take a shortcut and fall off of a cliff?

Are we cocky if we have paid our dues and have professional experience?
Well, you have to consider the experience of the person, and their skill. If they have had a long career and have a portfolio which is strong, then the confidence may be warranted, as they know what they are doing. The term “cocky” is often described as “overly” self-confident or self-assertive. Clue into the words “overly” and “self”. If someone praises themselves when praise is not deserved, or tries to sell what they do way beyond what the can actually do, the term cocky would fit, and it would also be closely related to “arrogant”, which means unwarranted pride. The insecure and inexperienced overcompensate for their feelings of inadequacy by being cocky about it, to the point of deluding themselves that they are players in the industry.
I would think that cocky would be a more accurate description for amateurs who play like they are professionals. It’s not what professionals are. Sure, confidence may be mistaken for cocky by the ignorant and the inexperienced, but that perception is not reality. There is a difference between cocky, or arrogant, and confident.
In reality, the cocky ones in the industry are the insecure amateurs who try too hard to convince people, and convince themselves, that they are professionals, and they bite off more than they can chew.
So, go ahead, talk a big game. Accuse others, like real professional photographers, of being cocky when you are the one who is actually that way. Most people will easily see right through your insecurity, overcompensation, and general B.S., and you will find that becoming a professional will be a lot more difficult in the long run. YOU are the ones that need to shut your mouth, as professionals have earned the right to have a voice in the industry, and to express their qualified opinions. You need to shut up, listen, learn, and earn your way into a career. You also need to respect the professionals who have invested in their careers, and who have spent years earning their way into the industry. If you don’t respect those who have actually made it to where you aspire to go, you might actually annoy them and find yourself, figuratively, knocked on your ass by true professionals whom you cannot compete against.

Amateur VS Professional Photographers
Do amateur photographers really think that they can go out, buy a camera, open a free online profile, and compete against professional photographers who have years of experience and have invested in professional career tools?
It’s a joke, really! The amateur who posted the poorly-written, neurotic “public service announcement” at the beginning of this article has been taking pictures for less than a year, and he thinks that he has a voice in the industry. He does poor quality work, and thinks that he can compete. He takes pictures which are totally inappropriate for modeling portfolio work, and he thinks that he can work with models and help their career. He claims that “models” tell him of “stupid things” that photographers tell them so that they will not work with other “photographers”, although anyone who would label what was said to the models as “stupid” reveals their ignorance about the modeling industry, which makes them useless. For the record, though, I don’t think that any models told him anything, as most of the so-called “models” that he works with are inexperienced amateurs like himself. I think that he read what I wrote on my web sites, and started to cry, and he is trying to play it off as something that “models” told him after they disregarded what I wrote and worked with people like him anyway. If that is the case, then why do these people react to everything that I do, by backtracking and changing the way that they do things in an attempt to adapt to information that I publish? You don’t think that I see the idiots staggering backwards as they try to redefine what they do to comply with the conditions that I impose upon the market? Who’s the follower, and who is the leader? Who really knows that they are doing? Your actions define you, as you are what you do. Primitive, whiney amateurs. You might talk a big game, but you know who is really calling the shots. It’s me, and you know it. No wonder you are so insecure around me. No wonder you whine about me, and about things which you simply do not comprehend.

A photographer asked him who it was that he was referring to, which was obviously me, and he stated, in some idiotic street-slang which was some pathetic attempt to make him look cool, that he “Wouldn’t put me on blast on there, because I would sink myself”. Really? I’ve been busting modeling scams, imposing order on the modeling industry, and making photographers, models, and even the agencies themselves accountable for what they do for OVER TEN YEARS now! I’m not sinking! I’m thriving and leading. Also, I’ve had people say that they would like to see me humiliated, or put me in my place. Who’s going to do it, them? In my experience, and I have proof of this, 90% of the so-called modeling experts in the Tampa Bay market refer to my sites for information and ideas, even though they won’t admit to it or give me credit. What morons. I’d like to see a public debate one day with these idiots, versus me, when it become obvious that I am the true source of all of their “expert advice”. What, are you going to have to put the debate on hold so that you can go study my sites and then try to come back at me with a retort? I’m for real, and they know it, and this goes way, way beyond me being a photographer and doing good work. I’m much, much more than a photographer, and this is why so many can’t compete with me. You are going to have to be a lot more than a good photographer in order to compete with me, and most of the idiots can’t even match me in that one area.
It doesn’t take a public debate, though, to figure out that I am the true source, especially when my sites dominate search engine results for anything modeling, and it is easily verified. A lot of these con artists have found out the hard way that plagiarizing my work backfires, as a lot of people realize that they have stolen the information from me, and this destroys their credibility.
The really funny thing is, and I laughed out loud at this, is when he posted “i guess some models just dont want help getting there name out there”. Oh my God. How are you going to get their name out there, on a social media site wall? What are you going to do it with, crappy photography work and inappropriate modeling photography which degrades the amateur models whom you are supposedly helping? Who is arrogant and cocky, little boy, when you have been shooting for less than a year, your work looks it, you’ve only been able to convince amateurs who think that they are models to work with you in a free shoot, and you post cocky, poorly-written statements like that? What an idiot! You go right ahead and think that you are in the position to help “models”, and that you are all that when you have yet to pay your dues. The statement shows, though, that most people look at his work and decide to pass on it, as the statement is whiney, desperate, pathetic, and insecure. Perhaps he should put his camera to good use and practice proctology on himself, as that is the best photography that he will ever do, in my opinion. He might even like it, with that nice wide lens. Regardless, he can continue to think that he is an industry player, and that he can compete. He’ll eventually get frustrated when he finds out otherwise, and hopefully he’ll give up, quit photography, and find some other way to find purpose in his life. Maybe he’ll find some other profession to drag through the mud, and stay the hell out of my industry!
My opinion? The guy is a sleazy, pathetic wannabe photographer who is having some sort of mid-life crisis. After seeing him kiss the butts of known dirtbags online, too, I have to wonder about his motivation. He either does not know what he is doing, or isn't the nice guy that he portrays himself to be; either way, he is useless in the industry, and will hurt the careers of models and aspiring models. I will have more to write about this so-called “photographer”, soon.
Most of these guys with cameras, in my experience, obtain cameras not to become professional photographers, but to pick up so-called “hot” girls, and it is pathetic. You know what, though? If you don’t have what it takes to talk to a girl on your own and respect them as as a person, no gimmick or scam is going to help you. The girls will still think that you are a creep, and you won’t get anywhere. Regarding the other guys with cameras, though, who get cameras in an attempt to become “professional” photographers and to try to compete, though, I will also have to add that there is no such thing as a short cut in this business. You also have to learn what is appropriate for modeling portfolio photography, and avoid inappropriate, high-risk work such as boudoir, glamour, so-called “artistic” nudes, and trying to get he models to look “sexy” (In other words, degrade them by making them look like sluts). You have to respect photography, and the models, and learn what you are doing. You have to pay your dues, and most of these guys learn it the hard way.
I suppose that the amateurs can try to compete. Experience will school them, though, when no one takes them seriously, and professionals take all of the work from them. They won’t be able to compete, and I could imagine that this would make anyone neurotic and insecure.
No wonder the amateurs whine so much about professional photographers, even trying to say that their work is not that good when they obviously have no room to talk. Consider the source when it comes to any opinion!
Come on now, if you were in the market for professional photography, especially if you were a model looking for an effective modeling portfolio to market your career, what would you choose?
Differences in obvious quality and relevance to your modeling career aside, would you book a photographer who had obviously invested in their career, with tools such as real web sites, or a photographer who operates from free profiles and who has limited accountability and credibility? Think about it. You know that I’m right.

PUBLISHED 10/01/11

UPDATED 12/02/11






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