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French Fry Bag

This is an archive of relevant mail and our replies organized by subject. The date of the mail bag will be noted for each letter, with a link to the related mail bag. This archive is updated on the first of the month when relevant mail is posted in the current mail bag, and the newest letters are added to the top. Other sections of the Tampa Bay Modeling site link to this section so the mail and our responses can be used as reference and support content. We really like this way of archiving so great letters and our replies are not lost in old mail bags and can be easily researched. Enjoy!
~ Model Monica Stevens, Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

The following is a series of E-Mails sent to us from a mysterious French photographer in Clearwater who I code named "French Fry". Back in July of 2003, well into my second year helming the Independent Modeling mail bag on that site, we identified him as a possible model job scam and he began to attack us in his letters. I debated with him over the months, and eventually it was determined that the entire issue was a misunderstanding and that he probably was operating a legitimate business.

When Independent Modeling adjusted their format in late 2004, their mail bag was discontinued. In April of 2006, I joined the staff of Tampa Bay Modeling and became Editor of the new Mail Bag on this site. The TBM Mail Bag was inspired by the Independent Modeling version before it, and it continues to evolve. The French Fry began regular E-Mails to the Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bags starting in May of 2006. This time, the exchanges are more civil, although we are still working on building a level of professional trust.

I will post his old Independent Modeling letters as I find them. Please note that those letters may contain links that may not work, and the information may be outdated.
~ Model Monica Stevens, Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


French Fry
French Fry gives his take on model job scams and points out some possible scams while Monica posts a response that will surely inspire him for all time.

from the Fry

Hey Monique,

I was disapointed that you think we charge $3000 for tuitions.
I wish, but nobody in this thirld world of Tampa Bay can afford it.

Should be some guy name (omitted) located in Clearwater: they use this site (omitted) to scam the poor girls to be "exposed".

Monica, if you are all so mad after the scams why you don't look around (well-known model schools listed - You know the ones -ED) about how they scams their clients.
they even have a life program for $6000! (I have some tips).
Are you scare of lawsuits?

About the casting:
don't worry I will don't tell you How you have to change your pictures;
we are only using our models who are trained and shooted by us.
only sometime like this ad we need older girls for swimsuit.

By the way if you are going to Alexa or Benz with your pics They will tell you:
you have to have this look for our clients can you do more pictures.
and its always with Zuzane J. and the same others anyway.
You going to Big agencies name in Miami they say the same old sheet:
you have to be shooted by our photographers (its $500-$600)

the model who gave you the tape its S like Shayna.
Like I told you she was nice ,she had a fun with us but I. M. spoiled her.
That true We don't follewed the Florida laws too much in this time because we are from overseas and I don't care too much about these third words rules.
Do you know that if you enregistered yourself in New Jersey you don't need TA?

We thank you for it but tell me how many fashion shows Shayna did from this time.

My wife would like to speak with you and Cooper one of this day.

question: are you like W. Bush with his preventive war!
You remind me the laws under comuniste with your attacks .

Where is your party about IM?

kiss baby
the Fry

(Second E-Mail)

from the fry

here is a nasty people
without TA giving job to "models" in maxim mag.

(Third E-Mail)

from french Fry again!

Hey moniqua second mail of the day about scam:
last week casting in Tampa about next top model tv B.S.

some of our models came back to us and told us that it was a Stange TV crew who organized this casting and ask $1000 after that with call back to be in this "casting"in Tampa Bay only BS ! its still Africa here!
or should I said its the way of business in USA only?

the Fry

Hi French Fry!
Wow. Where do I start? Here goes.........
1. Scam in Clearwater charging $3,000.00 for school.
Sorry, French Fry, I was not sure who was doing it. I was not aware of many modeling businesses in Clearwater other than your own, so I assumed it may be you. As far as that business, none of us knew it even existed, so I am sure that they are not doing much business and most models are safe from them.
2. Are we afraid of lawsuits?
Not really. That doesn't mean that we are not preparing for them, though, and we are expecting them in the future. We are not doing anything that leaves us open to lawsuits, although I would not rule out a frivolous lawsuit from a model scam who is afraid of us and will try anything to silence our voice.
3. Getting new pictures done by request of an agency or casting.
That’s to be expected, as anyone who is in the position to make money from model portfolio photography and composite cards will look for ANY reason to dismiss your modeling portfolio. This is why it is so important for models to get their portfolios done before going to an agency. If your portfolio is already working and it is booking you work, then how seriously can you take an agency who tells you that you need new pictures when not only are your existing pictures still current, but you know that they work. Now, I am not sure about what these Tampa agencies have been doing, as I am not a new model and have been represented by them for a long time, but I can say this much: Susan Jeffers is a great photographer and a legitimate professional. So is Michael Cairnes. Their work is awesome! As for the other photographers on agency lists? I think that models should look at their work first and decide for themselves, or better yet, skip the agency recommendations and find a professional photographer BEFORE you go to any agency. If you must choose an agency-recommended photographer, though, you cannot go wrong with Susan Jeffers or Michael Cairnes (at least the agencies got it right, there).
As for casting, models should know better than to have pictures sold to them when they are there in consideration of booking a job.
4. Shayna.....
I think that I know the model which you are referring to, but she didn’t give us a tape. I don’t even know her. We got the tape from someone who bought it somewhere a long time ago. As for Shayna, I don’t know much about her or her career.
5. Are we like W. Bush with his preventive war?
Hmmmmmm....... No. We have had meeting lately and have noticed that we are winning our war with model scams so far without taking any aggressive action. We simply post scam pattern information, the tools to fight them, and information on how to deal with them. We don’t have the time to single-out any scam anymore, and wish to keep our liability low.
Regarding your perception that we are attacking people in the industry, who do you see us attacking? As far as I know, neither myself or this site have attacked anyone lately.
With Bush, though, this war on terror is getting ridiculous, and I see your point. What do people in France think about it?
6. Independent Modeling (IM)
I have the impression that you have a strong dislike for my friends over at Independent Modeling. Why don’t you like them? They are a great modeling resource site which is helping the industry. While it is true that they did not see eye to eye with you back in 2003 (and neither did I, if you recall), everything is cool now. At least, I hope that you have gotten over it. You have to admit that we were right about your casting partner. We’ve been right about many things, but to be fair we have been wrong on a few occasions. Do you blame us for asking questions when we are not sure what is going on with a business or model job?
If you would like, I will see if I can get you listed on TALON along with the other professional photographers.
Ok, I have to conclude this letter now, and regarding the other letter, thank you so much for the tips.
In closing, I’d like to point out that I really like the song on your web site! You never answered my question last month and told me what it was, so I used by investigative skills (despite my ignorance of French) to find out for myself, as all models should learn to think for themselves and find their own answers as a rule.
The song is “Comment te dire adieu”, which translates to mean “How to say goodbye”. Madonna has a song with similar lyrics, but her song is different.
You are impressed, aren’t you? Not bad for an American model who only knows how to speak English. Many models are very good at finding things and work hard at booking work on their own in their careers. You already knew that, though.
Oh, by the way, Fry, in your honor we have added a "French Fry Bag" archive section which will contain all of your letters and my responses. This area, which is dedicated to you, is accessable from the menu of our Mail Bag Archives. Congratulations. You are now famous, and many models will be easily able to find all of your letters and benefit from what you have to say! I'm so happy for you! Hee hee!
Have a great day, my French Fry!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor



French Fry Guy And His Fort Desoto Shoot
Our favorite Clearwater French photographer talks about shoots, videos, and Independent Modeling.

to monique

Hey sweetty pie,

the next top model from Clearwater, how you doing after your photo shoot in the cristal water with some sticky photographer.

You thinging about me during the photo shoot, I am flattered.

By the way the tape that model S. gave you was not the final one ,the music was not good and the editing to.I agree with you for that we never sold it.

But anyway How she doing model S she was ok till she met IM. she did couple Fashion shows with us where she had a fun and learned to be on stage.

Question (This is? -ED):
many companies are "legitimate" and follow the "Florida"'s law like Casablancas, Barbison,JRP, Act Now and the others but they are the "better" scams for the modeling and acting fileds.
They are carreer schools and teach you how to eat, which is very important for photo shoot!
I don't speak about the modeling agencies with TA # who are legitimate too.
but selling workhops on the side throug their friends.

something else:
If my wife knows and like you?
yes she always like the people helping the others.Do you know that she was one of the first model from Alexa when Zusane opened her agencie.
Its mean she was model when you where still in your father's balls.

Can you imagine yesterday we where on the photo shoot for our commercial (who will be on MTV by the way) in the fort Desoto, where I think about you too and I say for myself its sad monica was not there with her nice bikini .

kiss of the Dragon

the fry

- French Fry, a photographer from Clearwater, Florida

Hi there, Fry Guy,
Sticky photographer? Ha ha... I will have to remember that one. That’s funny!
Anyway, yes, I saw your modeling go-see notice about your bikini modeling gig for MTV. Hypothetically, if I were to go there to be considered, would you find fault in my portfolio and then offer me some sort of deal for new pictures and whatnot? The reason that I ask is that I’ve heard rumors, like one that was told to me through a friend a few days ago about a model who went to a go-see somewhere in Clearwater and ended up paying $3,000.00 for runway classes. For what, Tampa? In my opinion, no one needs to pay for any model school, especially with free modeling sites like ours and our friends over at Independent Modeling and Florida Models. What can any modeling school teach a model that all of these sites cannot? A photographer once told a friend of mine that there is bad information on Independent Modeling, but I disagree. Just because everyone does not agree with information put on the Internet (especially when it threatens to make their business obsolete), does not make it bad, or incorrect. Ah, you really must consider the motivation of others when you weigh out the credibility of their opinions. Independent Modeling rocks, as does Florida Models, and so does Tampa Bay Modeling. Agencies are going to ream the sites because it undermines their leverage on models and teaches models how to compete with them.
Snapping back to the $3,000.00 runway rumor, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that this was not you. There must be someone else who does runway training in that area. I’m pretty sure that you’re not doing anything wrong over there.
Hypothetically, if I were to go over there for that MTV swimsuit modeling go-see, would you know if it was me? I wouldn’t exactly go up to you and say “Hi, I am Monica Stevens from Tampa Bay Modeling, it is so very nice to finally meet you.”. Besides, I may be using a different name as a model than the one that I use on here. So, what clues do you have? That I am a swimsuit model? That I am tall enough to do fashion modeling? That, while I do book work through agencies, that I am not dependent upon them and don’t put up with their crap? That I have never been to your studio and have not actually met you in person before?
There are not a whole lot of clues to work with, though. Would you think that is was me if were the model sitting there and smiling back? Would you know what I was thinking if you looked into my eyes? Probably not, as I am a damn good stage actress, too. I have a gift for playing roles under pressure (as Brain over at Independent Acting can attest to). I can tell you this much, though. I can tell you that you will not be able to find fault in my portfolio, that you will be impressed with my composite cards, and that I would be one of the models that you would want to book into that job. In this situation, it would be my decision, and I may or may not choose to take the time to check it out. Hypothetically, of course. If you are one of the ones finding fault in the portfolios that models already have and then try to turn it into a sale, then you would be wrong. What is your opinion about, let’s sat, if a model came into your studio for a go-see and her portfolio wasn’t that good in your eyes? Would you consider her on the merits of who she was and what she had and refrain from mentioning that you also did portfolio’s, too? I’m sure that you would be overwhelmed with your desire to help her out, but would you realize that the professional thing to do would be to avoid selling her anything and allowing her to go on her way? Your comments about agencies selling workshops through their friends further leads me to believe that you would let that model go on their way. Likewise, if an aspiring model were to call you up an inquire about paying you for a portfolio, I don’t think that you would promise to book her into any job after her portfolio shoot in order to seal the deal and would only let your work sell itself on its own merits.
If I do go to your studio, I don’t think that I will announce who I am. The way that this market is going, I am not sure that it will ever be safe to reveal who I am to anyone. Very few people here on this site even know who I am. The web people over at EOS (the people who maintain this web site) and some of our sponsors, like Aurora PhotoArts, recently asked who I was, and we decided not to tell them.
Alrighty. I now have some observations and some questions for ya, buddy. I recently got the chance to look at your new web site/s. Not bad. I didn’t know that your acting teacher was also a web designer. He must have the eye for design. Oh, and you MUST tell me the name of that cool French song that you have on your site. I like it. As a matter of fact, I am listening to it right now. Vogue.
Ok, on to other things. Who is Model S? Is she a good model? I don’t know about you selling that video, but it leaked out somehow. A friend of mine bought it from some web site a long, long time ago.
Oh yes, in closing, I would like to point out that I am not from Clearwater. I am a Tampa model who lives in Hyde Park. Our staff models live and work from all over the Tampa Bay area, and we recently signed on some models from Orlando and Miami for a special long-term project. Danielle Cooper, our site editor and the sole owner of Tampa Bay Modeling, lives in a big condo over in Clearwater Beach, which is where Tampa Bay Modeling is based from.
Something else- Did you get invited to Independent Modeling’s fifth anniversary party in Tampa on Monday, September 4? It’s going to rock! Your favorite modeling site has been making a difference for five years now! If you are there, I guess you will finally get to meet me after all. If not..... Well, in that case, I’ll have a drink for you! You might not be that interested in going, though, as there are mostly going to be a lot of models there.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor




The French Fry Talks About The Tampa Bay Modeling Market.

hi monica,

If you have some questions for me,please feel free to come to inteview us in the studio.
I can shoot you with your new bikini in the same time.
Anyway,I cannot speak too much because we are a kind of concurence somewhere, no?.

tip of the day:
"beleive in yourself"
its not enought in this business,

80% of the models in these agencies NYC ,Paris,Milan are from East Europe,why?
because they are nice looking,survivors,ready and open to do everythings.
this is to be a model.
the girl Annabelle from you mailbag she will see the reality show "live", we will have fun.

Photographers in this area:
they do what they have to do like everywhere else,
you have the serious one like your Greg and couple more and me of course, and those who want only see the crotches for free! and wishes to date some babe.

I agree with you about this TFP things, its an horror for us but what we can do?

If I am in the top ten (photographers in the Tampa Bay market)?
we are doing our job , we don't try to do art B.S ybor city style.
its not our purpose.

ex Casting director:
he was a nice guy but the style to see the camel toes if you know what I mean.
Anyway,we have a nice acting teacher now. He is gay, like that we are quite a bit!

Internet stuff:
I like you why not (I kiss ass) but the others like one model place etc...are just to collect the models who cannot be models and be contacted by sticky photographers and parties guys who are behind.

that's it for now
kiss of the dragon
(I hope you are not a boy like I tought you was in the begenning)
By the way , couple years ago one guy from I. modeling call me and ask me to sleep with my wife. you don't hear about it?
- French Fry, a photographer from Clearwater Beach, Florida

Hi French Fry! I am back! Aren’t you happy for me?
I found myself thinking of you during a bikini modeling shoot last week in some really blue water off of a Carribean island. I couldn’t help but think of you photographing those swimsuit models in that modeling training video of yours that I saw with the bad music (did your DJ son do the music? Sorry. I didn’t like it). The island that the designer flew me to blew Fort Desoto away, though. Maybe I will send you some of my pictures when I get them back. The irony is that I got booked into that job just days after that New York fashion model Annabelle wrote us and rubbed her modeling career in our faces. I know that my gig was the better deal.
Regarding interviewing you in you studio- Well, Don’t you think that our readers want to see what you have to say? I think so, too. With the suggested bikini shoot, though, I’d have to send you my rates, but knowing that it would not be fair to you paying me out of your pocket just to add to your portfolio, wouldn’t you rather just let me know about the next catalog print job that you book and consider me so that we both make money? There are demanding little amateur models in the Tampa Bay market that have been praising the work of photographers and then proceed to cram their modeling rates down their throats when the photographer responds, and I hardly think that this practice is professional or fair. I don’t think that a photographer should pay a model unless the photographer is making money, too, as there are no models in Florida worth paying just for the sake of building a portfolio, especially if the model is way shorter than 5'7'’. Anyway, let me know when you book your next print job or runway show, and if I am interested I will send you a composite card and my resume so you can consider me.
Hee hee. Why did you think that I was a boy? Because I am aggressive? Before I hit puberty, a lot of people thought that I was a boy, too. Actually, I was a bit of a tomboy who liked to kick ass. If you look at me now, though, I’ve shaped up very nicely. I support a bikini like they were made for me, and I grew bored of bikini jams after I kept winning them. Sometimes, though, I wish that I could go back to looking like a boy, like the time when that evil sex offender photographer Mario was pestering me in the Ybor nightclub and he kept staring at my cleavage while he told me that he could make me a model and I kept telling him that I already was a model and to leave me the hell alone. That guy gave me the creeps, and I am glad that the bouncers kicked his ass. I am also glad that I got to throw a drink in his face, too. He really deserved it.
God, I love that story. It makes me smile every time that I tell it. Women can be aggressive, you know, but then again you already knew that.
Ok, regarding the TFP issue, let’s just say that it is being taken care of. When we get through with the Tampa Bay market, let’s just say that most models will stay away from TFP simply because they will be terrified of the potential for unethical motives. This will happen within the next year, too, which brings us to certain model and talent agencies in this market. Some agencies are not doing their jobs and we now believe that they are putting models in jeopardy, with a special investigation beginning on that “agency with many models” that you were complaining about. Let’s just say that it is in the best interest of Tampa Bay model and talent agencies to be professional and ethical right now. Check who you are associated with. Agencies that are doing unethical or illegal things will have to answer to the models who they represent. Do I trust these agencies and bookers? After some of the evidence that we just obtained, let’s just say that my confidence in the integrity of some agencies has been shaken. I am tired of being misled and lied to, and so are many other models. Maybe the Tampa Bay modeling industry would be better-off if some of these agencies simply closed.
Hmmmm..... TFP photographers and model agencies in the same boat? This is going to get good sooner rather than later. Here’s to widespread distrust of unethical professionals and unprofessionals and blatant suspicion regarding their motives. Here is to agencies complaining about the fear-mongering Tampa Bay Modeling web site and the models who will make them accountable for compromising the professional integrity of the models who they represent. Those who are doing wrong and think that they are getting away with it are in for a big surprise.
Maybe it is time that models put these agencies in their place. Are agencies really that important to models anymore? Maybe if you’re stupid, clueless, and want everything handed to you. Let’s just say that more and more models are booking work on their own, and this last print job that I just returned from was one that I booked on my own. It’s already started. The modeling industry has already started to change, and it is finally growing up as the limitations that other try to impose on modeling careers fade away.
Oh, mighty model agency, guide my career and save me from the misfortunes that can befall me! Please. Why not just ask the wolf to guard your sheep? Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. The future of the modeling industry belongs to the models who wake up and realize that they can manage and promote their own career better than any agency can, especially when a lot of agencies are staffed with minimum wage, unqualified bookers with a few days of training at the most when they are telling the models who they represent how to conduct their careers and what photographers to shoot with. Do these bookers model? Have the ever done professional photography? Are they really qualified to do anymore than pick up a God-damn phone and cold-call businesses all day? Most bookers can barely do that, and the sooner that model realize that modeling agencies are only useful as a source of go-see leads and not much more, the sooner that agencies lose the ability to manipulate and mislead models for their own gain at the expense of those models. You really have to consider the source when it comes to opinions or advice, and some glorified secretary working as a Tampa Bay agency booker has no business telling me how to conduct my modeling career when it is obvious that they have no clue what they are talking about and I am far more qualified to manage my career and make professional decisions than they are. In my opinion, the only booker in Tampa Bay who knows what they are doing is Matt over at Alexa, and he is the only one who has my respect. Well, him and Susan. Susan knows her stuff, too.
Ok. I’m done with my anti-agency rant. So, French Fry, you’re in the top ten photographers in the Tampa Bay market? We’ll see. Oh, and who called you about wanting to sleep with your wife? Is I. Modeling supposed to be Independent Modeling? If that is the case, I am sure that no one from there called you, as I was on their staff from 2001 until 2006, and even today I am a contributing writer and know everyone there. There has never been a single person at Independent Modeling who would do something like that. Independent Modeling is completely professional and no one would do that; the only thing that Independent Modeling did do was send large teams of models to the streets of downtown Clearwater in 03 to counter activity that they were monitoring and they occupied Ybor City in 04 to address a threat. Anyway, what exactly happened? That’s a bit weird for someone to call you and say that they wanted to sleep with your wife. On second thought, don’t most guys want to sleep with models? Maybe you should be flattered. Guys always try to hook up with me, but I have too much respect for myself to fall for that B.S. and put them in their place (like the big-name professional photographer that I just worked with. He knew his stuff, but kept hitting on me. I think that he got with the other two models, but he didn’t get anywhere with me and I left with him respecting me as a professional). Just because you’re a model or are perceived as being attractive does not mean that you are easy to access. There is much more to any person than how they look......... Hmmmmmm, here’s a thought: Have any models called to ask you to sleep with them? I’m just wondering if photographers have to put up with the same crap as models do.
While you’re bring up your wife, another question comes to me. Does your wife ever check out our site? If so, what does she think, and does she like it? The woman knows her runway!
Until the September mail bag, my friend.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor



The Fry, Leo, And Victoria'a Secret

hi, Monique, answered to your questions:
why I don't have a pictures of these Victoria's Secret models. I was hired by two French agencies in the begening of the 90's to prospect new faces in the Czech republic, Hungaria,Slovakia,Ukraine...after the collapse of the soviet Union. It was a great period over there because it was a new market full of "creatures" with long leggs.not spoiled by the capitalism yet. We organized events and we found this Eva H. from a little village near Prague. in this time she was not Victoria's Secret model! She was first top in Paris, girl friend of the owner of the agency,and after couple years she met the drummer of Bonjovi and live in US a wild .The agency I work for was mad because she was stolen by one US agency. Anyway she is back in France now . letitia C. was short but well pushed by my Friend, she is now more in the actress field. Anyway the purpose was not to shoot them but discovering them.
About Leo di Caprio: Back in Prague 96, movie festival in Karlovy vary (a kind of cannes festival for East Europe) we had all the hostesses and FShows events for the guests. Leo was there to present his movie with J Dep about the fat mother I don't remimber the name of it. Nobody knew him in this time in The East Europe and we where the only person to speak English and with many Girls around! of course he stick with us and he even was on the Run way with our girls. they where all in love with him. like that we start to be friend. In this time he has to escape of his mother from the hotel to go night out!
to return to the business with you: question: if you fighting scams why you have this ads by google stuff, its only scams potential like this citie in Tampa 30 years in business and scouts modeling BS. I decided to avoid this from my web site.
the agency with teams; B
some Fun: the scams ways it a way of business in USA no? from health insurances,churches,stock exchanges, tel cie, credit cards, charity business,internet ... to the president! you just have to choose who is the less crook!
Agency in this area I am waiting for you to be the booker, a honest person with a clean view of this dirty business.
to be continued
Kiss of the Dragon

French Fry (should I start calling you Dragon?)!
I have missed you. You've giving me a really tripped letter this time, and I do look forward to reading each and every one of them.
Ok, I'll be honest. I have doubts about the Victoria's Secret models. You know the facts, though, and if it's the truth, nothing I say will matter. I just wish that I was able verify what you are saying. I keep thinking that a photographer would always have a camera on them and would try to photograph any model-worthy girl that they find. Don't you have a picture of any of these models anywhere? In my opinion, though, you really don't have anything to prove to me because your letters are enjoyable to read and I get a kick out of them. They do seem to be sincere to me.
Ah, Leonardo Di Caprio. Titanic Boy was always great, and that movie was the Gilbert Grape one where he played a mentally challenged boy. For some reason, I feel that this story is true, and it could be because I saw a picture of him once on your web site that I have not seen on Getty Images or anywhere else. You either really do know him, or you had a hell of a zoom on your camera! Any pictures of him on the runway with your girls?
I agree with you about model scouting in the Tampa Bay area. Most of them are scams of some sort or another (although there are some professional photographers who legitimately scout models that I know of). In regards to our ads, they are are a way that we earn revenue. We can't control what comes up on them, but know that most professional models are smart enough to discern what's good and what is not. There are two other reasons for the ads, too, but I don't know the specifics. I can say that a lot of thought was put into them and no real compromises were made. Since this is a model resource site, competition is encouraged even if it conflicts with our advertisers. Your web site is a business, and putting ads on there which lead to your competition would make little sense.
Regarding the agency with many teams..... I think that I know which one you are talking about. To my knowledge, they are legitimate (although many of us do not approve of some of the people who they represent and it is discouraging us from being too enthusiastic about working with them anymore), although I only spend enough time there for bookers to give me referrals to go-see's or to get paid for a job that I booked and don't really know everything that happens there (for the reasons already stated). If there are crazy parties, I have not heard of any (or maybe I did but was too busy to pay them much mind - models who get work on their own don't have to compromise to get work because agencies have no leverage on us). If you must know, Alexa is my favorite agency here and I spend more time there. Susan knows what she is doing, and in my humble opinion Matt is the best booker in the Tampa Bay market (and being nice to look at and talk to is a perky bonus, too).
Ok, on to your agency idea. I'd love to be a booker for your agency, but I'm not a booker. I know what a booker does and am able to get modeling jobs on my own, but becoming a booker full time is not my idea of a career that I would like to do. If I work the phones, I want to get jobs for me and not other models! In my opinion, model and talent agencies are not a good business to start anymore. Too many agencies are now struggling and a lot are closing, mainly because of models like me booking work on our own and teaching other models how to do it. Another reason for all of this is what is coming on Independent Modeling (I think you will be pleasantly surprised a year from now. You may even like the site!) and the upcoming Advanced Model site, book, and national magazine. I will be surprised if any of the current Tampa Bay modeling agencies are still open in ten years. I really do like some of them, though, and hope that they make it.
Oh, I have some questions for you, great Dragon. What do you think of photographers in the Tampa Bay market, such as those who go around claiming to be professionals when they are little more than guys with cameras doing free TFP work as a way of meeting women? As a professional photographer, how do you see yourself competing in the Tampa Bay market- do you consider yourself to be in the top ten? Also, since you have published your own magazine, how has your experience been? Ok, one more.... After that casting director and you parted ways, who did you get to do your acting workshops (I noticed that your wife now offers acting courses)? Do you think that web sites can teach models just as well (information-wise, not runway) as model schools? What do you think about the information on Tampa Bay Modeling and other model resource web sites? I'd like to hear your opinion; don't worry about offending anyone. You are free to express your opinion here even if it is something that we won't like, unless you wish to make false allegations, which wouldn't be allowed (although I think that we are both beyond that by now and have a reasonable understanding and perhaps a little respect toward each other).
I'm looking forward to your next E-Mail, fry guy! Ciao!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor



Well Done French Fry

hey Monique,
I saw your mail bag, thank you to publish my words in English !

couple things again:

#1 the agency with many "Teams":
I cannot say the name,,just that: "only Him knows everything about modeling in this area"!
He is collecting more than 300 models for what? for Tampa Bay market?

I will don't loose my time to do modeling agency here, I have a studio in Paris .
I'am working with my Friends in Europe directly.
If you have what it take to be in these markets,please contact me.
WE found Eva Herzigova, letitia Casta,and more.

Tyra banks is a supermodel because the market was in need to a US Black model (for the African Americans clients).
Naomi Campbell was better but no American ! and her she really walk like a queen .

For the modeling technique I don't know why you are pushing to go in the Dance studio for learn the "Turns". Do you own one?
Do you think it will be for free ?
Why some professional models teachers like we have should be worst than a infamous gay dance teacher .
Some models in Tampa bay are OK like I saw in academy of design Fashion Show.
but the others, please !
I can see they where teached by Friends and dancers! and clowns maybe

That true that the big "schools" are expensive and they hire teachers who don't know by themself the run way's.
I saw couple trying to spy on you.

Funny is n't it
like you maybe who knows all my ads trough the net.

Sorry I don't want fight with you but everyday I have some strange calls asking strange things.

anyway see you soon ,In my studio?
don't worry I am to old for you.

-The Fry

Hi Fry,
Once again, one of my favorite contributors. Let's tackle some of your points.
1 - The agency with many teams.
Who in the hell is this guy and which agency is this? I only know of one agency which is owned by a guy in Tampa Bay, and it is legitimate. Then again, don't tell me..... If someone is doing this, it would be obvious to the educated professional model. To state the obvious is overkill and invites liability because allegations must be proven. Neither you nor I want that. It's nice that you notice things like that, though.
Is this the same guy with the model hook-up parties? His name must be Damion, and he sounds like that he has the triple six on his forehead. There is more than one potential antichrist in the Tampa Bay modeling industry, this much I can assure you. Most of them are dumbasses, though, and are seldom more than annoying ripples in the river of the industry.

2 - You and an agency here.
Why did you advertise for bookers on a model resource site, then? Did ya change your mind?
If you notice some sleazeball running some unethical agency in Tampa Bay, you should set up a professional alternative by going ahead with an ethical agency. With your major market experience, you'd help models and would put a hurting on his agency. I know of genuine professional photographers who have set up ethical, professional alternatives to what many unethical pretentious "photographers" are trying to pull. It's working, and they are kicking their asses right now. The real professionals work with the best models, book the most jobs, and have the well-earned reputations of being ethical and professional.

One question about you discovering the Victoria's Secret models- I know your work and have seen your portfolio as a photographer. Why aren't they in there? Is it the same deal that Leonardo Decaprio was; are they friends instead of people that you worked with? I would think that you would feature popular models like them in your work.
3 - Tyra Banks
I agree. The more that I see of Tyra and her "modeling show", though, the more I get annoyed with her. She has the same problem that Independent Modeling used to have and Tampa Bay Modeling presently has. The problem? Too much drama, and not nearly enough modeling information. At least we are up to admitting our faults, though, and I promise that more positive information and tools are on the way. You can even use those tools, too, if you wish.
For the record, upcoming site Advanced Model will be covering Tyra Banks and future seasons of America's Next Top Model with recaps, contestant evaluations, opinions on both the models and the industry experts judging them, and professional alternatives to mistakes shown on the show. I'm also sure that Tyra and the old industry guard are going to bitch about and condemn the Advanced Model modeling book when it is published. Who cares if they hate it- they would be lying if they said that what is in the book (i.e. booking work without an agency, etc) did not work. Everyone knows that it works. The famous faces in the industry will have a bit to lose, though, and will openly criticize it, I'm sure. Hey, they are not always right, you know, and I think that you will agree. The modeling industry needs to shape up and improve.
So, Advanced Model will be both a modeling web site and a controversial book. Word has it, though, that it will also be a national magazine. Time will tell.
4 - Dance Studios and "Turns".
Hey, dance studios rule, and no, I don't own one or know anyone who does. Just because we comment about something or make a suggestion does not mean that we are in that profession or are connected to it. Honestly, we are here to help models and the industry with no ulterior motives. Once upon a time, about three years a go, this person that you know stated that modeling resource sites were a shady way of pitching services.
Although I can understand how someone can be suspicious about the motives of others in a high-scam business like the modeling industry, you have to have at least some faith that there are professionals who actually want to help others. Let me explain something- a model resource site is not a very cost effective way of marketing any service. These sites take a ton of time and work, and there are far more effective ways of marketing any business. Anyway, last month you thought that I was a photographer or had a boyfriend who was one because we were talking about photographers. I'm a model who is concerned about the industry. Nice to meet you. Case closed..... forget about trying to figure me out and let's debate the issues at hand.
Anyway, I don't think that instruction at any dance studio would be free. It would be as screwed up as a photographer who did nothing but free work. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper than going to a modeling school would be, though!
Walking runway is simply choreography, and any choreographer at a dance studio can teach it. Now, with this said, I will say that it would be ideal for someone experienced in professional runway to teach it, but to my knowledge there is no one in Tampa Bay with that experience. Know anyone here who can do more than what a choreographer at a dance studio can do?
Hmmmm..... Ok, a few questions for you.
1. Did you mean that you saw a couple spying on us? Does this have anything to do with those weird questions that you get on the phone? Welcome to the industry. We're used to people watching this site and trying to take what they can. We even have a few stalkers.
2. Second and last question. You mentioned that you get weird phone calls. Care to elaborate? And no, it's not us if that's what you are getting at.
Oh, in regards to seeing your ads on the Internet, we see everything. People watch us, and we watch even more. We monitor lots of sites and boards on the Internet, too.

So, will you see me in your studio? Well, since I already know how to walk and am not entirely sure about your motivation, I would have to say no. At least for now.
Can I really trust you?
Don't get me wrong. I actually enjoy getting your letters. You may not believe it, but the French Fry nickname that I refer to you by is one of affection. It may have started out as a derogatory name three years ago, but I actually use it with a bit of fondness now.
For the record, I am now fairly certain that you are not running any sort of model scam, although I do think that a model school is not needed in the Tampa Bay market when you can learn all about modeling and being a professional model on modeling resource sites like Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling. I may disagree with some of your opinions, but I honestly respect your right to express them and will continue to publish your letters here if you continue to send them. Your letters are the highlight of my day, and I look forward to reading them.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor



E-MAIL OF THE MONTH: A Large French Fry

Hey how you doing Monica or Ann or what ever .
The French Fry is back.
I can see that everybody in your website want me to write something to you.
OK if you are in Clearwater beach you are not far from us please stop by I am sure that you will teach well the "Turns" to our new models who are not spoiled yet by tampa bay modeling scene.

I agree with you about the TFP, maybe you are photographer or one of your boyfriends is?

couple things:
#1 the Rules about modeling in Florida are the most stupid laws have never seen in the world.
This TA # is just the official way to scam the people.

#2 the agencies in Tampa specially one (find which one) collect everybody: young, teens , mature ,actors.....
certaintly have couple "teams" of models for Fashion shows, Parties, dinners escort etc...
We saw couple models from them who told us that they are paid better if they where more "open" to the parties.

in the 90's Paris Elite model:
the boss, a kind of playboy and his staff was very well organised.
Night clubs, dinner with their clients and the new faces(from East Europe) and cocaine.

the Boss "M" when he wanted a new girl said to one of his bookers: please send me this one to my appartment.
when the poor girl was in front of him:
do you want to be famous sweetty? you can imagine the rest of the story.
finaly the police catch him and his team more because they have a trouble with the Elite Ukraine with escort girls from East Europe and John Casablancas was full of them.

All these stories to tell you that this business is one of the worsts business of the planet.

I came to florida to don't see all these BS.... but surprise its the same here.

# Tyra Banks and the "next top model"
you are top model when you work not when somedy said you will be the next top model.
This tyra (who don't know walk by the way) sell more herself that the girls who are not very nice by the way.I think they are there because they pay the Tyra modeling boots camp only.don't tell me that on 250 millions of americans you have these models look only.
Or if yes I understand why the Models from East Europe are "Top"!

#the agencies are what they are but if you want the real contracts with a big client you have to be with them. L Oreal and the others will don't speak with you.its between friends only!

OK that set for now Stevens.
I will be in Paris for couple weeks I am going to the civilisation a wild.

- French Fry (Kiss- of the Dragon)

Nice to hear from you again, fry guy! I missed you, and I have to say that your letter is truly entertaining. For those who are new to reading your letters, they should realize that you’re French (I couldn’t speak French if my life depended on it) and your English is broken at times (don’t fault him for the broken English). While the broken English does make the letter a little funny at first, and I am not going to fault you for that, you really do make some great points!
Ann or Monica? There is no Ann here, and although my real name may or may not be Monica, it’s not that. On here, though, the name Monica Stevens is correct.
First off, the Clearwater Beach thing. Yes, we are both in Clearwater. I’ll see about making time to drop in for a visit, but I cannot promise anything. Here’s the deal- I promise that I will call first if I decide to do so, especially since I’ve never been to your studio and I would need directions. Then again, I might just thank you for the offer right now and politely decline (it’s not that I don’t want to be nice to you, it’s just that there are stories of another photographer who tries to make nice with those who criticize him in order to learn more about them in an effort to neutralize them in the modeling industry. I’m not saying that you would do that, but I’d rather play it safe right now. We can converse here every month).
Ok, on to the TFP (Time For Prints- Also known as TFCD or Time For CD. This is supposedly a exchange of work between a model and a photographer at no charge with the intention of mutually building portfolios. In reality, it is mainly the realm of amateurs and those with unprofessional motives. Please do not confuse TFP with professional collaborations). While we are friends with several reputable photographers in the Tampa Bay area, none work here on the site currently. Our opinions about TFP are not from a photographers viewpoint, but rather a models. At first glance, getting free pictures may seem like a sweet deal for us models, but we all know that you truly get what you pay for. Most TFP offers are too good to be true, and are offered by perverts with cameras or aspiring photographers who can do no more for our careers than they can do for theirs. If you read between the lines, they are working for free and only for free. How professional can their work be? I can understand the argument that they are practicing and building a portfolio, BUT it is also a well-known fact that those who practice mistakes only perfect mistakes- It is far better to study books on photography, practice what is explained, collaborate with more experienced photographers (without stealing from them), and pay professional models to build a photography portfolio (While it may cost a model less than $1,000.00 to build a portfolio from a couple of photographers that can showcase the number of looks that they have, it is estimated that before a photographer is good enough to make a living as a professional photographer that they may invest between $6,000.00 and $15,000.00 to obtain beginning equipment and build their book- I’m glad that I’m a model, and it makes spending a few hundred on a professional modeling portfolio much easier to accept graciously with this in mind!). It makes more professional sense to seek out a professional photographer who is good enough, experienced enough, and professional enough to get paid fair rates for the work that they do! Pictures for a modeling portfolio are a career investment, and it’s better to save time, work with professionals who can give us professional pictures, and avoid unnecessary risks. This is why we do not like TFP.
Ok, the TA# (Talent Agency License issued through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation). We all know that model and talent agencies have a high potential for unethical conduct and conflicts of interests (i.e. we have the jobs so you play by our rules if you wish to book work through us). Because of the high scam potential, the state of Florida regulates them. TA# licenses are a good thing, and go a long way to keep this often sleazy industry in check. If you look at the requirements, they are very strict. For example, it is a felony to operate a model and talent agency without a TA# license. Now, I think that I understand why you think having a TA# is stupid. Are you still planning to start your own agency? I recently read a post on a modeling site where you were looking for bookers for a new Tampa Bay model and talent agency. If you get a TA#, that’s great, but did you know that you won’t be able to make money doing model portfolios as a photographer if you are running an agency? Read more about the terms of maintaining a TA# license HERE.
Alright. Now on to sleazy agency practices and escorts. Are you sure that this is going on in Tampa Bay with the agencies here? Wow. I am represented by several of the best model and talent agencies in Tampa Bay, and I not only book lots of work but have never been required to go to any parties. Love them or hate them, I have never had an unprofessional experience with any booker or owner of any of the agencies who represent me. Maybe I am just lucky, or maybe I was smart enough to do my homework and figure out which agencies were reputable before going to them and allowing them to represent me. Yes, the modeling industry can be very sleazy and very dangerous if you choose to take shortcuts and remain ignorant. So can any industry. Ultimately, you will get out of modeling what you put into it. Smart models who work hard at their careers will find scams and questionable situations rare at the most. This said, I remain baffled at what agencies you are referring to, but I can guess about a few of them that I know are scams.
America’s Next Top Model? I agree that the show has become somewhat of a running joke. The first season, however, was actually cool and it really did have useful information in each episode. The last few seasons, though, have become sensationalistic, with soap opera-like melodrama, and I don’t watch it anymore. I hear through the grape vine that upcoming online modeling magazine and resource site Advanced Model will cover the show starting with the 2007 season. In regards to the models on the show representing the best that America has to offer, I have to agree. Most of them are not the best, and I am guessing that they are cast for dramatic purposes to add to potential conflict between the participants. Ooooh, Lesbian skinhead model versus Bible thumping wife model? Who the F cares? Teach viewers useful information about the modeling industry or risk becoming a professional joke.
I know some American models who could give those Euro girls a run for their careers, too.
In my opinion, Tyra Banks walks very well, too. I saw a brief snippet of an episode of America’s Next Top Model while channel surfing a few weeks back, and she performed a turn in front of her charges that made me envious. I wish they I could turn as well as she could, and this is coming from a model who is very experienced with runway! That’s why she is a Supermodel, too, I suppose.
Now, on to your final point, which you made pretty well. You stated that models would need agencies to book the big contracts. Well, at this point in time, you’re absolutely right. We never stated nor implied that agencies are useless in the career of the professional model. In small markets like Tampa Bay with fewer jobs, a freelance model working independently will give any local agency a run for their money. In a major market such as New York, there are two reasons that a model would choose to work with agencies. First, there are far more jobs, and a model wouldn’t have the time to handle bookings on their own. It would make sense to delegate the workload through agency bookers. Secondly, for now at least, that’s how it’s done there. Businesses are used to obtaining models through agencies, and budget their projects for it. It will take years before they change to booking more models independently.
This said, if a model has the look that an art director is looking for, is professional, and works hard, there is no reason why the model cannot book without an agency involved regardless of the market. It just may be harder to do in larger markets. The “between friends only” is never absolute, and if you think that businesses are loyal to agencies then you have another thing coming. If they like the model they are going to book them, regardless of which agency is not involved.
I really liked your letter, French Fry. Please write back so we can post your latest letter in the next mail bag. By the way, I am going over you older E-Mails, and may post them into one of the subject-organized mail bag archives (although they do refer to Independent Modeling an awful lot).

~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor



POSTED JULY 22, 2003

More Mail From The Clearwater Runway Model Scam

NOTE: This E-mail is composed of three E-mails. We did not edit these E-mails in order to preserve their original quality and the joy Monica had trying to read them. The errors are those of the party responsible for the E-mails.


SUBJECT: Clearwater Runway Scam

Subject : Clarification

For your eyes:

I read everything , its your point of view:

couple things:

all the pictures of my website are from me , not leo di caprio but its
friend !
but all the comp cards yes.
You can see how we find nice girls !

the 7 frames I don't know what you talking about.
Our comp card are with 5 pictures like I learned in Elite.
The girls they came for the fashion show auditions from you: they don't
know to walk. sorry
If we want another pictures for them its our point of view and
to our clients,(like everybody else sweetty)

All the people like casablancas send us their models because we made
fashion shows.
(I know you will say they are scam, but monica everything is a scam in
your country from the president to you.)
the name of these scams are : BUSINESS.

You can have all the projects you want, I does'nt care,Do what you
You love Passinault I am happy for you.

Elvira : I already told you.

My wife does came in this market to make money (its no money to make
like you know very well) but she was model in Florida see her resume
Europe she did the fashion shows for the best.

I dont speak perfectly English who care, its not my cup of coca cola,
I don't say about you : "Stupid red neck american from Tampa bay like
you said about me :Fruit...fry

Stay in the limits! but if you like it do it .we are in the "FREEDOM
country" everybody can say the craps they want.

You treatning me to come to see me with two guys but please come (I
6'3"), we will have many comments and I have many friends in the
clearwater police.

I am not obset just teasing you and your smarties from passinault,
I does't speak about the other models, I remimber them when they
kiss my wife 's butt to be in the shows!.
I does n't send any emails no where about you I don't care (just to
florida models but its like you!)

see you
the fry!

Subject : Let's Be Friends

for your eyes only:

now I have to calm down my US partner, because he is legimate.

the benz, Arthur etc they send him their talents for auditions

About us, I understand that you don't undestand our way because nobody
did this way before here.

its look to you like a scam but when you go to elite,karin metropolitan
alexa benz.....
they do the same :
"we can represent you or you can work for us but you have to be tested
our photographer".
Its your choice to accept or not! if you don't go in their way you
composite card is on their wall only.
(Alexa she has a photographer in Miami for that)
We send couple girls in Elite and Karin miami its the same blabla from
We really doing the fashion shows for these stores. and we are photo
studio to.
WE don't want to be an agency for now.
we are working with some of the biggest in NYC or Paris if we can see
that some girls have potential , but its not many .

In our auditions:
We received many "models" from all these schools around and some
"pro".model to.
close to no one knew the catwalk (and you know how these schools are
expensive $1500 around)

You should meet us one day and you will see that we are not the virus
vicious, we have a new office in clearwater.

I know I don't speak well English but you understand me anyway.

Kiss (of the dragon)


Here we go again. Where do I start? Ok, I'll address your remarks.

This model is about to educate the "famous" fashion model photographer from Paris, France. Here is your free lesson, French fry guy! The pictures on your web site are not all done by you. When photographers publish their work, there is a certain style to the photographs that the trained eye can decipher. For example, there is a great photographer in your area by the name of Susan Jeffers (who works with both Alexa and Benz, so you don't know what you are talking about when you claim to know who Alexa works with). Susan is quite possible the best photographer in this market, and if I see a picture on a head shot or a composite that she has done, I know it is one of her photographs because it is done with her certain professional style. All photographers develop a unique style which marks their work as distinctively as a fingerprint. There are variations, such as composition, posing, style, and technical aspects which create so many combinations that it is simply impossible for every photographer to shoot alike (although good photographers can come close by emulating work that they are familiar with, but no one in this market can pull that off). Think of these variation patterns as the DNA of a photographers work. In the case of the pictures on your web site, the range of styles are so great that it is IMPOSSIBLE that you did all of the pictures. There's more. I used the photoshoot that you did with the models on your modeling video as a reference. I cross referenced those pictures with the poor shots on some composite cards that everyone knows that you did, and that gave me a reference to check the rest of the pictures on your site against. The difference in quality of certain pictures make it obvious that you are plagiurizing the work of other photographers and passing it off as your own. Want to make it right? Place DISCLAIMERS below the pictures that you did not do. I don't see any of those, and it makes me and other models go hmmmmmmmmm. If you are really that bad of a photographer, why don't you do some TFP's with aspiring models and work on improving your skill? It is pathetic when you bait unsuspecting aspiring models in my passing off the work of other photographers as your own. Truly pathetic. Misleading people and selling bad services on that premise makes you a model scam, "sweety"! The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) defines what people like you do as "Deceptive Trade Practices", which is fraud! Fraud, if you didn't already know, is a crime.

In regards to the OTHER aspect about the seven look composite cards..... Your composite cards may not make you a scam, but they do show a novice eye and a lack of professional training. I know that you said something about a five look card, and you are right, as I have seen five look layouts on cards from your company. Guess what? Even the five look cards show two to three looks at the most! What am I talking about? Allow me to explain. A modeling composite card is supposed to demonstrate the range of looks that a model has for prospective clients so that they can be considered in a go see to book a job. Got it? The key here is RANGE of LOOKS. A model needs five DIFFERENT looks for a five look card, and it takes a VERY gifted photographer to be able to supply all of those looks. Most of the time, it takes pictures from two or three different photographers to give the model a satisfactory range of looks for a card. You, my friend, are on the low end of the chain here. I'm looking at one of your cards now. It feels cheap and featherweight in my hand. The pictures are a bit blurred, and the fonts are hard to read. It's a four "look" composite card layout with a cover picture and three pictures side by side horizontally on the back. Hmmmmm again. Frames 2 and 3 on the back are the SAME LOOK as the cover picture. You wasted THREE of FOUR frames on ONE LOOK. That one look had the model in a white dress and a belt. The other look, left for the remaining frame, isn't much different than the others, and differs only in the clothing. The location in each frame is the EXACT SAME, too! Not much RANGE there, french fry guy. You get an "F" in your grade, and it shows that you don't have a clue to what you are doing. So, what would be an example of a card done right? What constitutes correctness here? Let's see. FIVE LOOKS. A FEMALE model (I realize that in France the following descriptions could apply to models of either gender. The way your hair looks, I can imagine you as the model. Wee wee). LOOK ONE: Model in jeans and a shirt. LOOK TWO: Model in a skirt. LOOK THREE: Model in a dress and wearing a summer hat. LOOK FOUR: Model in dress slacks and a silk shirt. LOOK FIVE: Model in a nice coat for the head shot. Each look has a DIFFERENT LOCATION, a DIFFERENT POSE, uses DIFFERENT MAKE UP, and DIFFERENT COMPOSITION in order to maximize the RANGE OF LOOKS. Recap? Of course. DIFFERENT attire, DIFFERENT pose, DIFFERENT location, DIFFERENT composition, DIFFERENT clothing accessories (like hats), and DIFFERENT applications of makeup. That difference constitutes the range of looks that the models need. I hope that this helps to train you in the right way of shooting models and doing a proper layout of a composite card, because from what I have seen YOU NEED TRAINING for the modeling industry. I certainly hope that you don't teach runway like you do your photography and composite cards. By the way, what market is there for runway modeling in Clearwater, let alone Tampa Bay or the rest of Florida? Wee wee. If that so called casting company that has partnered with you realized that you don't know what you are doing and that you are indeed a scam, then they cement the fact that they are running a scam, too, because they are still with you. Jeez. We kick the crap out of you, and the other scam joins forces with you to defend you and run your scam together in order to fake credibility. Whatever. We'll kick the crap out of both of you, now, and we'll enjoy doing it as the models you have scammed cheer us on.

Let's see. Let's go over your other comments. Elvira is but an example. She was a model that you scammed, and there are at least fifteen more that we are aware of. Need more examples? Your attitude about all American business being a scam of sorts is a feeble way of defending what you are doing. There are those of us that use ethics in our career. Get a book on business ethics, and study it. With the "threat" that you claimed of two guys going to your office and doing whatever to you- I never said that, and neither did anyone at this site. Could it be that you have pissed off other people, too? I also doubt that the Clearwater police have a clue about who you are, and wouldn't care to know, either, as they arrested you. Additionally, we did not send any girls to be in your fashion shows. Our models DO know how to walk runway.

Ok, enough of that. You claim that your "U.S. partner is legitimate". Does that imply that you are not? Why do you have to calm them down? Did we upset them? So sorry. So very sorry. You claim that Benz and Arthur Arthur send people to your casting partner for auditions? Now I know you don't have a clue. That isn't the case. The truth is that all of the reputable agencies, such as Benz, Alexa, and Arthur Arthur, don't have anything to do with both of you! The facts are, my little 6' 3'' French fry guy, that if you were legitimate, we wouldn't bother you. You say that models don't know how to do runway and you want to teach them. By all means, do it! The problem that we have with you is that you want to do more than that, and want to create ethical conflicts of interest. So, you advertise for runway castings and sell models shoots and composites. That's wrong. Your partner holds auditions and sells acting classes. That's another scam. See what's wrong? Both of you are scams, and you can read more HERE. I rest my case. Wee, wee. Two more things. Clean up your operation or we will dismantle it. If your casting director partner tries anything, our attorney will launch a slander lawsuit against you in regards to those defamatory E-mails about us that you DID send out to our friends. After what we have done to your business this year, I don't suppose that you can afford a lawsuit. I didn't think so. Additionally, I think that Florida-Models is a great site, and they are pioneers for the independent talent movement. I deeply respect them, and they are our friends. In closing, I do love Passinault, too. At least you got something right. Sleep tight over there in Clearwater. I believe that I have stated, and won, my argument! Seek out a qualified professional and get training, French Fry!


Actor Casting Workshop Scam Whines About Independent Modeling

FROM: A Casting Director

SUBJECT: Should we take you seriously?

NOTE: The following is a composite of what was on this person's pathetic web site. They did not have the guts to E-mail us directly, and we could not copy content off of their web site, as that would be copyright infringement. So, one of our models wrote this for them so we could respond. Enjoy!

I have never been attacked like this in my life. I simply asked you people to call me in regards to some questions about Studio Laxative, and you, who I have reason to believe is not even a girl, attack me! You then tell me to disassociate myself from Laxative simply because you told me to, with no facts! You must think that I am a coward. I think that you are a nut case pretending to be a girl. I have been squeaky clean all of my life, a police detective of unblemished character, and you think you have the right to investigate me? Well, I must say that if you start asking questions about me to the wrong people, then I will have the remaining pieces of the puzzle to take legal action against you! I will not be investigated. I will investigate you! You people sound off about scams, and all the while you are set up to scam people yourself. You sprinkle a few competitors on your web site to make you seem legitimate, all the while your site is set up to advertise the services of your sponsor. You have no idea what you are talking about, and set yourself up for legal action to be taken against you!!!!!! Should we take sites like you seriously? I think not, as I cannot even consider the credibility of people who hide on the Internet and who I cannot identify. I am being stalked, too, and you have made a robot that will hunt me down and assimilate me! I will not be harmed by you emotionally damaged criminal cowards! As a famous person in the industry, I need to be careful about nuts like you stalking me. I have reported you stalkers to the authorities, and even had your E-mail shut down. I will report on the progress of the case to my disciples as justice is served, as I am a perfect famous casting director person who will be GOD of the entertainment industry here in Florida! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeeas!

(Name of company omitted)

You had our E-mail shut down? Gee, that's news to me. You are such a liar, and have no clue what you are talking about. After all, you don't even know how to put links on your cheesy web pages, moron. If you did report it to the authorities, did they laugh at you and tell you to go seek professional help for fabricating things based on circumstantial, pathetically weak and construed evidence? Boy, you need to be put on medication. You are very high strung, and you ARE a scam, as verified by evidence that we have collected over the Summer. Of course, you already knew that. You DARE threaten to sue us? Good luck, baby. You try anything, and your business partner gets a lawsuit based upon facts, unlike anything that you could try to dish out. We have the right to investigate you, and if you have nothing to hide, then this should not concern you. We call things as it is, and you're upset because we called you the scam that you truly are. I'll say this again: Independent Modeling is a NO OBLIGATION, FREE web based modeling resource, and unlike you, we are not scamming anyone. We have also been around a lot longer than you, too, and have earned both credibility and the respect of the legitimate industry. You have nerve. You set up shop in Clearwater- you, a washed up cop and actor with a meager resume of insignificant roles and have the nerve to try to attack our credibility. Why, you could call yourself a casting director, and lure unsuspecting actors in with promises of roles in movies (ahem- roles as extras and un paying jobs) and then try to sell them ACTING WORKSHOPS! Yeah, that's the ticket! We had a model and actress call you up one day to be cast in some project, and true to form, you tried to sell her acting classes AFTER she told you that she had a full portfolio, comps, a head shot, and experience as an actress. BUSTED! I'm sure that your "extensive" experience and training as an actor qualifies you to teach those classes, too. You're pathetic.

What's up with the claims that I am not a girl? Are you one of those types that go online very night looking for pictures of people to, um, well, never mind? Is that wishful thinking on your part? I would send you proof that I am indeed a girl, but I have seen your head shot and read between the lines of the flamboyant style of the crap the you write. I don't think that you are into girls. I am also glad that I do not have any pictures of me on this web site, because I think you are off your rocker, and you'd probably try to stalk me or kill me. You speak of wanting to know the identity of the author writing the truth, all the while discounting what is written is the truth and makes what you know about the industry and teach worthless. I wouldn't be surprised if you sit behind your computer in December in the buff and with all the lights out studying our site to see what you can steal and try to use against us (ugh, the thought about you in the buff just made me nauseous- wow, a new diet for models! I think I'm on to something here! Is it true that you wear a dress and do ballet, too? Ewey.. another thought that makes me want to throw up). Oh, and by the way, about the subject of stalking... you are a real idiot, you know that? You start whining weeks ago that you have a stalker and how famous people get stalked and hurt in the industry. Boy, what an ego! You flatter yourself- to make you out as famous is solid proof that you are a delusional asshole with no grasp on reality. Want reality? You are an unimportant insect with no credibility and no professional purpose. Additionally, no one is stalking your worthless self! No one has threatened you or implied physical harm, and you enjoy grasping at straws and make up stuff that people are stalking you. The only person stalking you is you, and you are your own worst enemy as you can't keep your mouth shut. I am a believer that we are all entitled to our opinions no matter who ridiculous they may be, and recognize the value and freedom of free speech? There's a catch, though. Free speech isn't really free! When you get on a business soapbox like you do on your business web site and speak your mind, there is a cost. What is that cost? Simply. Lost business. Free speech tends to undermine marketing efforts. Since you believe yourself to be a genius super intellectual, mensa boy, I'll leave you to figure that out for yourself. When people get defensive and try to explain their actions while denouncing the true actions of others, they show their guilt. You are a coward, and you are obviously paranoid. Our lawyer is ready for you if you are stupid enough to drum up false criminal charges against this site. I'm sorry. By the way, even your previous business partner, a real casting director who's experience and qualifications you hijacked and twisted as bait to scam actors, has called you a thief and a con artist on public forums- what more proof do we need that we are right about you? I hope he breaks your ass in court. We laughed our butts off when we read about the trouble that your were having with your previous business partner when you WROTE about it and whined about it on your web site! Too funny! You know, maybe if you and your silly French fry friend stopped scamming people and ran legitimate, ethical businesses, real professionals like us would leave you alone to operate in peace. That's not reality, though, as neither one of you is smart or talented enough to run an honest business. You have to cheat people to make the slightest bit of money, and ultimately you cheat yourself as you become a lie. Now, if you excuse me, tinker bell, I have more important E-mails to answer. Don't let the door hit that little behind of yours on the way out, too. May karma return the scams that you dish out. You are as much of a professional joke as the person that you appear to be in your head shot. Go away, coward. You're busted.

One more thing. If we catch you stealing things and getting "inspired" by ideas on our site, your former business partner won't be the only one hauling your casting director butt into court. Comprenday? Say "hi" to your friend Dorothy for us!





Clearwater Runway Model Scam Slanders Independent Modeling

NOTE: This E-mail is composed of several sent over a few day period. We did not edit these E-mails in order to preserve their original quality and the joy Monica had trying to read them. The errors are those of the party responsible for the E-mails.


SUBJECT: Independent Modeling is a scam!

Subject :
clearwater run way

you are funny guys in your "close to be in the fashion business cie".

When you write your mails and articles are you far from the toilet because you stink.

I know one good scam in Tampa bay:

some independent model site : catch the girls with this purpose and give them the services of some photographer studio (he even don't know to use the shadows and lihgts) and many projects without end!

sweety this in not a bait and swicth scam?


Subject: scams

how you doing in the kindergarden?

in your listing of scams ou forgot one:

independentmodels and all the "close to be models" writing in your scam

You should take care of your careers and not to be paranoid like that.

Maybe you should buy the victoria secret catalogue , its the closest of
the modeling worl you can be!


Subject: run way scam

to monica

yes you can poste my email but the real one that I sent to you !
with all the worlds about your scam.

be honest for your public (3 people?)


Subject: scam

I have a good scam for you:

independent model site.

because they are catching the "models" with this site and offer them
photo shooting, calendars, film, projects without end and services.

Its a group of teenagers playing to be models and paranoids.

they are not really serious in their critics but pain in the ass only
like in the kindergarden style.

I know that you are listened them, maybe you are even with "them" (?) but
nobody is perfect!


Subject: rune way" scam"

to monic and the others "close to be model"

I can see how ignorant you are about this business Why?
because the agencies that you present like legitimate, behind the scene
are the same bulshitor than the agency in palm Harbor !

You know little girls (don't forget to change your Pampers) I was
in Paris Prague NYC and I worked and still working for couple BIG
agencies. I even find real top models (you will be surprise to know

You should ask me advizes not fight against.

its not little kids like you who tell me who are scams or who are not.

Your problem is :
you cannot brake trough this business for that you are sour and mad .

its my last words because I'm loosing my time to educate the little
people like you.
go to school and stop to watch internet, its not good for your
and your mind.

N>B when you post me don't forget to say all my worls !


Listen here, Fruit Loop, we've had it with your lunatic rants, and so have the people at the other web sites that you have sent your crazy E-mails to. What's up with the almost unreadable E-mails every day? One day, we got TWO from you! You need to learn to write English, or con someone into helping you write. We've obviously done what we've set out to do, and have crippled your little operation over there in Clearwater. Do you feel victimized, helpless, and outraged? Well, now you know how the models that you have scammed feel.
Now, on to address the outrageous lies and conclusions that you are slinging around the Internet as you grasp for straws.
For those of you who choose not to read the disclaimers on this web site, well, you are idiots. There is no reason for ignorance here, as the information is easily accessible and in plain sight. Jesus. I cannot believe that a confirmed scam has the nerve to call us a scam! How dare you E-mail us with this garbage!
Allow me to spell out the facts for you.
First, let's address the matter of our sponsor. For those idiots who didn't bother to read the disclaimers ont his site, well, they are here. There is no obligation to anyone using this site that thay have to contract a service, and this site is FREE! We have sponsors, and they happen to do excellent work. We do not make or obligate anyone to use those services, however.As you might guess, they are not a scam, and I'll touch on that the reasons why in a bit. Are you blind, French Fry? Don't you know good work when you see it? YOU are the moron who does bad work, and that destroys your credibility and ability to properly evaluate the work of others. As a model, I have worked with them, and I was impressed with the way that they treated me and the way the pictures came out. Most of their endorsements come from their clients who have paid for their services. After seeing your work, I would never work with you. After interviewing models who have worked with you, and have been scammed, I REALLY would never work with you. I also know that some of the pictures on your web site, such as the comp card scans in your models section of composite cards that you did not do, well, you DID NOT DO. You need to put a credit disclaimer on the bottom of those pictures and let the World know that those are comp cards and pictures that the models had before they met you, instead of passing them off as your own. We have proof of your plagiarism, and the same comp cards and images that you tell the models are bad in order to sell them your photography services are used to bait unsuspecting models as you pass it off as your own. With that said, let's go on to the next point: Business Ethics.
I think that our sponsor got something like four jobs from this site since we launched. They get most of their work by direct referral from satisfied clients. Want to know something? We all play by a strict rule book here. When a prospective model calls them and tells them that they called because they saw a recommendation for their services on Independent Modeling, they tell them EACH and EVERY time that they sponsor this site so as to not create an ethical conflict of interest! EVERY TIME! There is no photo mill, no bait and switch, and nothing misleading going on. Every model who calls them because of this site is made fully aware of our partnership, even though they arrived because of traditional advertising, which is not wrong. If you don't believe us, just ask any of their clients. Better yet, have someone call them and test them on this by pretending to be an aspiring model who found this site and saw their banner ad. No one was ever misled into buying or pressured into obtaining photography services. What we say does not reflect upon their opinion, and vice versa, as we are separate organizations. We set up these rules because we want to run honest operations, and more importantly, so scamming assholes like you don't get real ammunition to accuse us of wrongdoing like you've been doing! No shortcuts here, and we keep our noses clean. Do you? If you cheat and scam, it ALWAYS catches up to you. That's why we go out of our way to make sure that nothing that is done here can be pegged as a scam. Plus, when you are genuine and real, you don't have to cut corners. You can play it straight. Let's explore a bit more, ok? Are you learning anything, yet, Fruit Loop?
We all know that our sponsor has a lot going on with projects. You might point your finger at their calendar project. Ok, let's look at that one "project without end".
The clanedar is way behind schedule. A lot of things are. That's no secret, and a slower pace than projected does not make something a scam. If it were drawn out in order to bait models into buying something, such as portfolios, then it would be a bait and switch scam. This is definitely NOT the case. For you, it is, and I'm about to go into that.
The calendar project was started by a model back in early 2001, and after the shoots started coming slower than planned, and she left it a year later, the project staff had to pick up the pieces and keep going. Although it is very delayed, progress is being made, and EVERY SINGLE MODEL who has worked the project has obtained portfolio quality pictures and tears that they could use professionally FREE of charge, much like a professional TFP. Not one of those models was pitched portfolio photography services. Additionally, each and every model will get paid as specified in their contract when the calendar is eventually published. Our sponsor could not give me a wrap date, but you'd have to be a moron to call a delayed project a scam. Oh, wait, I forgot who I was talking to, Fruity French scam guy! You see, if you want to make it as a model photographer, you have to pay attention to details, Fruit Loop. You get a final grade of "F" in the detail department, and the "F" does not stand for French!
Here's a good example. A model called our sponsor a few days ago. Normally, if a prospective client calls them and asks for portfolio pictures, they will set up a consultation and the client will end up buying the services because of the quality. This model didn't have any professional pictures at all, though, but wanted to know about getting into the Calendar. What would you have done in that situation? I already know what you would have done, and I'll tell you in a few sentences. Guess what happened? Well, a portfolio consultation pitch was taboo even though the need was there, as it would have been unethical in the context of the call. A consultation was not pitched, and the model was told to scan whatever she had and send it in to be considered. She was not told that she had to have a professional portfolio in order to be considered. Is that a scam? NO! That is an example of ethical professionalism, and that's what they do.
Now to you.
There is a Russian model in Brandon, Florida, by the name of "Elvira". You posted a job posting for an "upcoming runway show for major department stores", which proved to be embellished and overblown, as you had few real sponsors. Elvira had composite cards, and sent you one as well as other companies in the Tampa Bay area. She went to your runway go see in Clearwater. The next time she sent composite cards around, the cards were worse, and they were done by you! She had YOUR composite cards when she did not need new ones, especially when it was a leap backwards in quality. Don't you think that people saw that and got suspicious? Because of the way Elvira mass mailed her stuff out, everyone knew all the other companies that she sent the information to, which left a trail of evidence to be traced back to YOU.
That's when we began our investigation of your little scam over in Clearwater.
After interviewing at least ten models who have attended your go sees, we found several things in common with their accounts. They went to see about landing a part in a "real fashion runway show with professional runway producers from Paris", and your "model" wife went over their comp cards and portfolios. She told them all, individually, of course, that their comps were bad, and that they needed new ones. In almost all of the cases, there was nothing wrong with what they had. Some models bought it, and you sold them a portfolio shoot. Ultimately, of course, the photographs were bad quality, and the composites had two or three looks with up to SEVEN frames, which made them useless. That's not what made it a scam, though. The poor quality made it a rip off. What made it a SCAM was the fact that YOU BAITED models into buying your crappy pictures and comps by advertising for a job! That is wrong!!!! It is unethical!!!!! Who is the bad guy here? It's not us, because you are the one who is in the wrong here, and you ripped off models doing what it is that you do! EVERY SINGLE model who has come to you looking for a runway booking has been pitched phototography and composite cards services.
If you were an ethical model portfolio photography company, regardless of the quality of your work, we would not bother you. Photographers deserve to make money as they improve their skill, and need to be encouraged. That's not you, though. You ARE a SCAM, and you and your wife came to this market to make money at the expense of naive aspiring models! You do not deserve to make a living at the expense of others, and need to quit trying.
Our sponsor has NEVER pitched ANY model services at their go sees, even if the model had bad composite cards like the ones that you make. It would be unethical. Have you learned anything, yet, runway model teacher from Paris, France?
I'm not even going to go into when you claimed to be an agency and you were not licensed, which is against the law, or your shady alliances, which will be addressed in the next E-mail below. The only thing that I could say for your defense is that you are an incompetent aspiring professional and don't have a clue how the modeling business works. It's either that, or you are an evil con artist. Regardless, I've made my case, and we have proof of your scams.
As for your remarks in the last E-mail about the agencies in the Tampa Bay area, and comparing them to the photo mill agency in Safety Harbor (you said Palm Harbor, which was incorrect, but we knew what you meant), well, that's not the case. We will never interview the photo mill agency in Safety Harbor, because we know that it is a scam, and it would be a waste of time. YOU indicated that Benz Models and Alexa Model and Talent Management were like that because those were the ones that we were talking about in our feature preview. You are incorrect again! While I am not a fan of model agencies in general, I can say that both Benz and Alexa are ethical, highly respected agencies. We have investigated both agencies completely, and found that they are not doing anything wrong. Susan over at Alexa is an industry veteran who knows her stuff, and Steve over at Benz really knows what he is doing. I get lots of work from Benz, too! Both agencies are licensed by the State of Florida. Step off the agencies, because you are not qualified to evaluate them.
As you can see, you are the only scam in this situation, and we are coming after you. You might laugh at that, and wonder how we can come after you. Well, it's simple. In your little temper tantrum across the Internet last week, you didn't use any common sense and got emotional. SURPRISE! You sent E-mails to many of our friends in the industry, and all of those E-mails had slanderous accusations directly leveled at us and leave you WIDE OPEN for a LAWSUIT!!!!!!

I strongly suggest that you back off and drop this.


Last Minute Response From Clearwater Runway Scam



Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 12:37:11 -0400

clearwater run way...

You are disapointed me monica , i tough it will be better.

Because I trusted in your bad side. I teasing you with thes mails and
your are a good follower.

by the way this elvira (the russian model) is a stripper not a model,
ask her the green cards (that she does have!) for that we don't followed
her work.


That's all well and good, but it still does not excuse what you have been doing. What we all want is for you to clean up your act. I merely addressed your accusations while letting you know a little bit more on what we know about you. I do not know this Elvira model. I just know about the matter of the composite cards changing after she started looking for work, and it triggered the investigation. The bottom line is that we busted you, as well as that so called casting director business partner of yours. You know people, in closing, this guy may be a scam, but I'm thinking that he does have a legitimate purpose after all. He's amusing. Anyone who signs their E-mail "The Fry" or "Fry" can't be all that bad (for more on this, check out the next mail bag for more responses from this scam), and if they make me smile, that's not a bad thing. What I get a kick out of is all of these scams going crazy and over reacting to every word that we post. You have the Clearwater runway scam sending out Independent Modeling bashing E-mails to everyone, and then you have the Clearwater casting acting workshop scam crying (I'd say that they have been weeping like cowardly babies) about us on their web site and trying to use our "pattern" analysis patterns against us. At one point after this mail bag was posted, the casting director scammer, in an act of desperation, had the nerve to claim that this site was stalking him, and that he was going to call the authorities on us. Please, whatever. We asked around and investigated him, and that's it. We never threatened him or stalked him in any way. What an idiot, as he now has to resort to being a coward who has to make stuff up to defend against anyone trying to reveal his fraud. What does this tell us? That they are afraid of us, and don't want people to know about what they are really doing. If you have been scammed by these people or other con artists, REPORT IT. Well, I'm taking the Summer off and am going to help put the new site together. I'll be back with the brand new Independent Modeling site later this year, and I'm sure that these scams will try to stoop down to new levels of stupidity as the industry grows up through experience and education and puts them out of business when people quit falling for their lies.,Go ahead scams, make up allegations about us. Our attorney is standing by. Until later this year, have a great Summer everyone!

Related E-Mail posted July 2003 on IM

Actor Casting Workshop Scam Plays Victim

FROM: A Casting Director

SUBJECT: Casting Company

I had been called to the attention of your site, which prior to this did not even know existed. There are some pretty serious allegations you have made here on this site about a certain photography studio and model instructor which I sense to be "Studio Laxative." If this is correct, I need for you to give me your phone# so I can call you to speak with you about this matter and what information you have about these people.

Thank You,
(Name of company omitted due to ongoing investigation)

Right. You didn't know about this site. Is this your first time on the Internet, guys? In case you've never been to a search engine, we dominate the Internet, and most people in this industry regularly read this site. A lot of people find us when they put key words in a search engine because we come up in the first hits for some odd reason. Of course, we know and verify this because we track all of the web traffic that we get and adjust our site content for control over the search engines.
Your transparent attempt to discount the importance of this site is well understood by this intelligent, informed, professional model. In case that line was not obvious, let me clue you in on something.
I've been to your site, and I've read the advice essay about us. I know, as you "actors" like to say, your motivation quite well. I won't beat around the bush. I'll be honest with you.
I do not trust you.
You are in bed with a known model runway scam which I trashed quite well above, and if you READ IT, that's all the proof that you need to leave them. We're not calling you and confirming who they are to you so that you can tell them and leave us legally liable to a frivolous lawsuit. In case you failed to see the E-mail above about you partner, we have documented proof of their fraudulent scams as well as proof that they do not know what the hell they are doing. I am beginning to believe that you don't really know what you are doing, either.
By the way, why ARE you working with them, famous casting director who is an informed professional? Could you have made a mistake? Or, ahem, could you be the next scam in their little equation? Food for thought, you know? What we're seeing is making us wonder. We're wondering an awful lot now, especially after doing a background check on your people and calling around to some people who know about you. What's up with you guys? Why is it that award for casting that you brag about on your web site isn't mentioned on the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association web site? Aren't they the ones that issue that award? Better yet, why aren't you guys mentioned on the site AT ALL? What year did you "win" it, and, if you did, was it a one hit wonder of a fluke? Could it be that you are using their good name to promote acting classes? Guess what- we are calling them to find out more about you. What's with the no call/ no show cancellations of appointments, and the cattle call auditions? What's this that we hear about you casting all of these projects, and what we really see happening are your acting classes and workshops and no CONFIRMED CASTINGS WHATSOEVER?
Once again, food for thought. You're wide open for speculation here until we get some answers with some solid proof. Hey, you did it to yourself when you chose to be partners with a confirmed modeling scam. You are now under our microscope, and we will uncover the truth of what you are up to!
Let's go back to that essay. It's well written, but flawed because it is not based upon FACT. You put the spin on it that you want to believe. Can't you accept that there are good people in this world who may have been hurt by scams who want to help the industry? Well, you can take this site seriously, because we are serious about what we are doing. Unlike what we are finding out about you, we are qualified to speak as experts, too, in the "great" entertainment industry of ours. What we know of you as of this moment, our thoughts are that you are a scam.
We know what you are going to do now. You are going to write a long E-mail defending yourself like we have watched you do on the web forums. Don't waste your time. We smell something funny, and our investigation into your affairs will not stop until we find out the full story and tell it how it is. Then again, if we find nothing wrong, we will lay off providing you disassociate yourself from the Clearwater runway scam. We can understand why you don't like us. After all, our site and Independent Acting, IndependentActing.Com teach models and actors what you charge for for free, and there are no strings attached. Unlike you and your partner, there are NO OBLIGATIONS. Anyone can use this site to benefit their career, and they are not obligated to purchase services from our sponsors. In the end, you cannot compete with that, and it's understandable why you tell people not to take us seriously. Well, the way it works is this: A person talks bad about this site to their client, and the client gets curious as to why. When they come to this site and start reading, it only makes the person look bad in the client's eyes, as the motivation is understandable. Worse yet, we teach people how to check out companies to see if they are ethical or not, and if they use that knowledge against you, it backfires! They can check us out all they want to. We are immune to our own tools because we are careful professionals who have done nothing wrong. Legitimate companies like this site a lot, as it levels the market by promoting fair competition. If you are ethical, we can be a great friend to you.

Don't fight us. You can not, and will not, win. Your best, and only, defense is to keep your mouth shut and hope to God that we really are insignificant in this industry. Hey, if your clients don't know about us, they'll never find out about you, right? Why hurt yourself and help us out by sending people to our site? Go ahead, call us a scam, and send the people over! We'll let you believe what you want to, and count on the fact that you will underestimate us and what we are capable of. The smart professional takes us very seriously. So far, you have proved that you are a living oxymoron who likes to run their mouth on their web site. It's too bad that no one is reading it (as proven by the web counter on your site). You are a wanna be professional casting director who is, basically, a pseudo intellectual moron. The industry cannot take you seriously because you are not qualified to have a voice. Idiotic aspiring actors might listen to you until they figure you out, but it's not really their fault because they do not know what they are doing. Take lessons and clean up your act.






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