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First modeling portfolio picture of a Tampa model on Tampa Bay Modeling. All portfolio photographs, unless otherwise noted, by C. A. Passinault, lead photographer for Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, as well as Director of Tampa Bay Modeling. C. A. Passinault is a top photographer, as well as a modeling expert.Second model photograph on Tampa Bay Modeling. Click on the image for an anecdote of the modeling shoot which produced this picture.In this third picture, you can see why the Tampa Bay area is one of the best in the world for modeling portfolio development work. Photograph by Tampa photographer C. A. Passinault.Image four of our online portfolio of another Tampa model. This photograph, if we are not mistaken, was taken on location in the Tampa Bay area. The best modeling portfolio photographs are location shots.This is another great picture. This is the fifth model photograph on Tampa Bay Modeling. Pictures featured in our thumbnail array may not be the same as those of models which are in our featured model section, but often, they are one and the same.Unmatched in any Florida modeling market. The quality of this image is excellent! Photograph by C. A. Passinault, our resident photographer and modeling expert.Another top Tampa model gets their look on. The best models can obtain a wide range of looks, as you can see when you look at other pictures of this model!Is it any wonder why more and more companies and art directors are booking independent models without going through an agency? Proof that you can be a professional model, with a lucrative career, without being dependent upon an agency to find and book modeling jobs!Another awesome photograph of a Tampa model by modeling photographer C. A. Passinault, lead photographer Aurora PhotoArts, and director of Tampa Bay Modeling.For modeling portfolio work in the Tampa Bay area, nothing beats location work. Studio photography is not nearly as cost effective, or appropriate, for modeling portfolio work.Keep in mind that this picture, for a modeling portfolio, was taken by a qualified modeling portfolio photographer, C. A. Passinault, for a specialized, professional market, which is modeling. A wedding photographer or a portrait studio will not be able to give models what they need for an effective modeling portfolio, as you have to know what you are doing!This is the 12th picture in our Tampa Bay Modeling online portfolio. Yet another Tampa model shows a marketable look in their portfolio. The best models are capable of the most looks, and are not locked into a single look!Agency model or independent model? It doesnt matter, anymore, especially in Tampa Bay. Professional models like this one can be booked without going through an agency, saving both the model and the job agency fees.Modeling portfolios need at least six looks, and by looks, we mean different looks. A composite cards needs at least five, on average, with a headshot on the front, and four different looks on the back of the comp card. This Tampa model is demonstrating a marketable look right now, in this photography. Picture by C. A. Passinault.


Born Beautiful

A short story series about the adventures of a model By C. A. Passinault

Episode 1: Independence

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A New Day

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The sunlight lit up the white curtain like a sheet of flowing mist. A broad beam of diffused, golden light warmed her face. She blinked awake, and brought a pillow over her face. She groaned. The song of a loud bird serenaded her through the window. The melody of the bird song seemed to coax her up. She got up and walked to the window. It was her unofficial pet, a bright red Cardinal that she had named Petie. She didn't have time for pets, and had to take what she could get in her crowded life. He really was an attractive addition to her morning life, too. Petie lived in her back yard, and since he seemed to sing around her window the same time every morning, she didn't need to use her alarm clock much, anymore.
"Good morning, Petie!" she sang back, "How are you, buddy?!?!?"
The bird saw her and flew away. So much for unofficial pets. He landed in a tree next to a neighbors window and started singing again. Two-timing slut bird. He'd be back in the morning, of course, just like a clock. Her little red alarm clock.
Cameron yawned and stretched, the silk nightgown flowing over her curves. She was in great shape, with a toned body that made a swimsuit look good. She walked by her desk and pressed her computer power button in with her big toe. She then proceeded to her bathroom for a long shower. She really felt so much better this morning. Yesterday seemed like such a long time ago, and she had to admit that it seemed to be a much better day after she had got some rest. She started singing "take me away" as the shower steamed the bathroom mirrors. It seemed to wake her up the rest of the way.
Her bedroom door opened. She was dressed and sitting in front of the computer, reading something on the Internet.
"Hi, sweetheart. I thought that I heard you up!"
"Good morning, mom!" She sighed, her eyes staying locked on the screen.
"Did you call the agency and see if you booked that catalog yet?"
"No. The art director will call me if they are going to book me. I'll send a 'thank you' letter to them tomorrow, though."
"What?" Her mother came in the rest of the way and sat down on her bed,
"That's nonsense. I'll call the booker right now and find out for you.
Which agency did you get the go see through?"
"I didn't. I got it on my own."
"How?!" Her mother demanded.
"Through the Internet. I also got a tip from a friend that they were looking for catalog models."
"Cameron, you know that this Internet modeling is not real. It's dangerous. You have to book the work through a modeling agency. That's what they are there for."
"When I was a model, we had to call our bookers every day. Our careers depended on regular communication with the agencies."
Cameron turned toward her mother. Her eyes flashed with fire.
"You know, you could still be a model, mom. You look every bit as good as you did when you modeled. You don't need an agency, either!"
"Don't be silly. You have to have an agency to get work."
"I disagree. Haven't you ever tried to be your own self-contained modeling agency?"
"Of course not. I wouldn't have any idea what to do. Models shouldn't have to worry about agency jobs, anyway. They should focus on being good models. Being an agency is the agency's job. They work for you!"
"It was that way years ago, but things have changed." Cameron sighed, returning to her computer and scrolling down on a lengthy screen of text.
"Baby, hasn't Barnes been good to you? They've been booking you into work constantly for the last year!"
"Boy, mom, you sure pay a lot of attention. I haven't talked to Dawn and the bookers for six months. When I do get called for go-see's, I've already scheduled it in myself. They finally stopped calling."
Her mother paused. She seemed surprised.

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PUBLISHED 05/13/11

UPDATED 05/13/11

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