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JULY 2006

Looking At Us



00. July Introduction By Monica Stevens.
01. Dating Models.
02. Independent Modeling.
03. What Is The Point?
04. Cover Girl.
05. Finding Time.
06. Play Nice.
07. Awesome Job!
08. Delusional.
09. Liars.
10. The Fry, Leo, And Victoria's Secret.
11. Sign Of The Times.
12. Site Credits.
13. Ten.
14. A Mother's Thanks.
15. Agency Angle.
16. Blazed And Confused.
17. Teen Trouble.
18. The Meaning Of Stubbornness.
19. Modeling In Miami.
20. Photographers.

Hello everyone! My summer is finally getting hot, and while I haven't been booking as many modeling jobs lately, I've taken the time to treat it like a working vacation. I've been spending time at the beach and sailing my new boat in the beautiful waters of Tampa Bay. This sail boat I just bought might be small, but she is a real gem. Some of my friends and I have already sailed to some of the islands dotting the coast in the area, and we even got in some camping! Some of you might be thinking that I am not doing any parts modeling, and you would be right. I'm an active outdoor girl, and my hands were not made for modeling. I do kick ass in print and on runways, and that's good enough for me.
Don't get the wrong idea, though. It hasn't been all play the past few weeks. I've been working just as hard with my staff position here at Tampa Bay Modeling and freelancing over at Independent Modeling. Independent Modeling is getting their act together. Their new web site and their sister sites have proven themselves and are now fully operational. Heavy updates have begun, but over the past two weeks much of the work has been in cleaning up old files and working on support features. That work is almost done, and content updates will begin in just a few more days. I am writing some articles and tutorials for them, too. Independent Modeling updates will settle down to a pace once the content updates begin, with a lot of work being done on Independent Acting, Independent Performer, and TALON, the TALent ONline database! My friends tell me that after all of the sites are where they should be, updates should be fairly regular, and roughly half of the work done for the next six months will be on updates for the assorted job/ audition boards and adding information to TALON. I can't wait!
Back to Tampa Bay Modeling, we're working on a lot here, too. Danielle and I had lunch at her place on Clearwater Beach the other day, and she asked me to be nice to some of the wonderful people who feel the need to send us hate mail. Ok. I'll be nice. I will still get my point across, though, and don't ever expect me to back off from a debate when the other person doesn't have a clue about what they are talking about. I love a good debate. I like to fight. We all like to fight. That's why we are good at it. We're well practiced.
The name-calling and excessive ripping will end, though. I suppose that I haven't been as professional as I could be on here (although French Fry will still be called that, as it is not meant to be an insult and has become a rather cute nick-name).
I have a bash that I'm looking forward to on the fourth of July. It's with my friends at Independent Modeling. It seems that, starting this year, models are going to make independence day their own. While we respect this country and the meaning behind the fourth of July, it is time that we make it mean more. From now on, every independence day, celebrate the smart models who are no longer dependent upon agencies. I know that I will. We live and work in some great times. I am also looking forward to the Frontier Society launch party this month, where I will be sweating on the dance floor to the hot jams of underground legend DJ Frontier!
For the rest of the summer, I am going to tinker with the mail bag and refine the format. I'm looking forward to improving something which is already awesome. Can anyone tell me what changes have been done with this mail bag? That is, other than my answers being shorter when necessary. We've been getting more and more letters lately.
By the way, readers, please realize something: If you want to add something to one of my answers or outright disagree with what my responses are, feel free to E-Mail your own answer referencing the letter in question. The E-mail will be published in the relevant mail bag archives instead of the current mail bag, where everyone can weigh in your opinion. Please note that I may elect to respond, too. Also note that we reserve the right to publish E-Mail as we see fit, and if we feel that the E-Mail is more appropriate to publish in the current mail bag (with a reference link going to the mail bag archive that contains the letter being referenced), we will do that. Starting in August, I will add archive update links in every mail bag; if an E-Mail or additional content is added to any mail bag archive, it will be noted in the most current mail bag as well as our NEWS section. This will keep people reading all of our mail bags, as well as the subject-organized mail bag archives which have articles, tutorials, opinions, and other relevant content linked to them. As you can see, our mail bag and archive formats continue to evolve, becoming more complex as well as both easier to use and more useful. Relevant cross-linking will be a major factor of this site, and it looks like our allies may be inspired to learn from us. I only wish that my original mail bag was this cool back in 2002. What we are working with now is awesome, and it will continue to improve. Look for the next level of the Tampa Bay Modeling mail bag in August. Until then, our archives need to be updated and optimized for what is coming.
Alrighty then. Time for me to sip on some ice tea and answer some letters. Let's get to it!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

E-Mail of the month: Dating Models

Do you girls date regular guys? I'd like to date a model. What is your advice in hooking up with beautiful women? Send me a picture and I'll send you mine. Are any of you pictured on here?
- Andrew from Clearwater Beach, Florida

Sorry. None of us are pictured on this site and we can't send you anything for security reasons. This site is not put together to promote us, but rather to help the industry and models in general. Hmmmmmm..... What is a regular guy? Is it a guy with a camera who claims to be a professional with years of experience who who scams girls into sleeping with them on the promise of making them a model or tries to scam models into getting naked for them (I love run-on sentences!)? Actually, there is no difference between models and regular people; we are all people, with the difference being that we have different gifts, skills, and occupations. No one is better than any one else. Want to alienate a girl that you consider to be attractive? Call them hot, or refer to them as a babe. By giving them titles that stereotype them, you show that you are a shallow, superficial person with no imagination or consideration (Some radio DJ's do this all of the time, and it annoys the hell out of me. They are always referring to "hot girls", etc, and I'm beginning to think about their market is strictly the blue collar "working man". They show little tact or taste). She will not find you at all attractive, even if she liked the way that you looked initially. If she does like that sort of treatment, she's just as shallow and quite possibly not worth getting to know unless you're into dating bimbo's.
Are models supposed to be beautiful by society's standards? Beautiful models are a cliche and a layman's fantasy. As a matter of fact, women who are considered to be overly-attractive are LIMITED as a model because it is more difficult to pull off a look that an art director may need for a project (overly-attractive girls with cosmetic enhancements and who are under 5' 8'' may find working as a model in legitimate modeling jobs to be even more difficult- although height is not an issue for me, this is why I refuse to get breast implants or other alterations; besides, I like my breasts and think that they look great). The best models, who are truly the top models in any market (sorry Tyra!), are models who can pull off a variety of looks and who will appeal to a wide variety of different model jobs.
What is beauty? What I find to be beautiful, you may not. It is all about individual taste. What society teaches us about beauty standards does tend to tend to make certain looks more popular than other, but I find this more of an extension of peer pressure and proof that most would rather be led than be leaders. Most people do not bother thinking for themselves. Regardless of what others think, and even if you yourself don't find a girl attractive when you first see her, you owe it to yourself to give that person a chance. If you don't, you sell yourself short and only cheat yourself out of potential happiness, and you will deserve it.
I am the kind of look that most people find to be "hot". It gets old when people only like you for what you look like and not for who you are. I have guys hit on me and ask me out, and it is obvious that they only like me for what I look like and have little interest in the person that I am. Do you think that I am inclined to give them much of a chance? I may if they seem to be interesting, but their attitude only serves to handicap their chances. My boyfriend is what most consider to be an average-looking guy. Some might even think that he is a geek. I don't care, though, because what makes him attractive is the interest that he has in me as a person and the consideration that he shows me privately and in front of others. He could care less that his friends think that I am hot, and doesn't use my perceived attractiveness to compensate for insecurity. He is very secure about himself, level-headed, confident, and he makes laugh. We get along very well, and he's is deep enough to keep me interested.
There are some that say that attractive women, or "models", intimidate guys and they never ask them out. While I have experienced this a lot, too, these guys are insecure, and I shouldn't have to tell you that insecurity is not an attractive attribute. Being an arrogant, loud-mouthed person is also a symptom of insecurity, and people who try too hard have issues. Their fears become reality because they show that they do not know yet who they are or what they have to offer others.
As a model, I have a wide variety of looks that I can pull off. I can pull off high fashion, casual, department store catalog, and even geeky if I need to. That's what makes me a good model, but it is not what makes me a person.
I do not let the way that I look or what other think define who I am or what I think about myself. It's all about maintaining a healthy balance. While being considered attractive does open doors because of the way most of society is, it is not the person that I am. I realize that one day I will die. Long before then my outer beauty will fade, but my inner beauty will shine even brighter because I know who I am and I took the time and the effort to allow myself to grow as a person (hopefully, as a senior citizen, I will still have a marketable look, but it is not the end of the world if I do not, as I will have other things to fall back on). Those who define their lives by how they look and do not invest the time to live life, make friends, and learn new things will lose everything when their appearance is consumed in the process of aging. Investing in cosmetics is ultimately a false economy because time eventually wins out, but don't get me wrong; I am not against make up and I wear it well. Dressing well and using make up is fine as long as it doesn't go overboard. By dressing to the nines and practicing good hygiene, I show respect for myself and others, and that's really healthy (plus the alternative, ew, is gross).
Live life. Meet lots of people. Dating is really about getting to know people in a romantic context, and it often is a numbers game. It may take a while before you find the "model" girl for you, but you owe it to both yourself and that future girl to make an effort. Be yourself, meet people, and have fun seeing what happens. Also realize that everyone will not like you, and if you think that everyone does you're either not being honest with yourself or others are not being honest with you. If someone does not like you, realize that it may not be you and it could be that you are not what they are looking for. Don't take rejection personally; treat it like a learning experience, move on, and realize that the experience alone will make interacting with others easier in due-time. Have fun and don't take things too seriously until you actually start spending a lot of time with that girl and you enter into a relationship. Treating your quest for love as an adventure will make it a fun one, and that's what living life and finding true love is really all about. TLF, guy. My best wishes to you.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Independent Modeling

Hello. I am writing in regards to a recent letter that you got pertaining to Independent Modeling being dead in the water. Nothing has been going on with that site for months, and I've been wondering the same thing. Will the site ever become what it was meant to be?
Jennifer from Miami, Florida

As I write this, Independent Modeling is fully operational and they are receiving massive updates. It is no longer dormant.
You can use the site now, and it is now projected that the site will reach, and exceed, it's full potential by early 2007. Just wait until you see what it will do to the model job market in Florida!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

What Is The Point?

I've been reading your site lately, and it has a few interesting things and some whacked out stuff. If you models are any good, I'm sure that those agencies would book you to the point where you would not have the time to run a site like this.
Could you be the cause of your problems? Maybe agencies are not inclined to book you because you constantly put them down with your site. If I were a booker, I would read what you have on here and go "F... these snotty girls." I would then find out who you were so you wouldn't get anymore jobs.
I am also glad that I am not a photographer. What do you have against those guys?
Is the point of this site to piss people off? I am sure that you are doing that. Way to sink your careers by burning bridges. Why do you insist on doing things that models are not supposed to do?
I will say this: Whoever is behind this site is pretty smart. There is a lot of creativity here. Too bad that it isn't real.
- Rob from Tampa, Florida

Oh, it's real, Rob. This site does work, and that is the reason that some feel threatened by it. Agencies are only one way of booking modeling jobs. There are others, and there is nothing wrong with a model increasing their methods of obtaining jobs. That's being a smart professional.
We have nothing against agencies or photographers. We work with them all of the time. We do have issues, though, with those who do things by lying, stealing, and cheating. It is wrong. We maintain the integrity of the modeling industry by making professionals and others accountable for what they do. We are very professional in the way in which we deal with model agencies and professional photographers. It's just that here, on this web site, we voice our opinions and want to help other models. We do the right thing by helping others and investing in the integrity of our industry. Do you?
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Cover Girl

I saw you in Maxim or FHM a while back. You were hot, Monica! Any plans to be published in one of those mags again?
I'm your biggest fan.
- Shawn from Brandon, Florida

Hi Shawn. Are you sure that you saw me in those magazines? Remember that I may not be using my real name on this site, and there are no pictures of me on here (although I do have professional modeling pictures on some sites that I either pay for to market me- and I'm not talking about any lame portfolio networking sites, or sites where I am paid to model a professional mainstream product or service).
This much I will say. If I am in those publications, you won't find me in hometown hotties or the hot dates section. I get paid when I get published, and the photographers that I work with do, too. Any photographer or model who claims that they are "published" in these sections and indicate tear sheet credits are either clueless or are embellishing what they have done (they are either unprofessional or are scamming you). You don't have to be a professional to get your work printed there- I know of a guy who took a picture of an attractive girl in a swimsuit with a disposable camera and the picture was accepted (the guy was not a professional photographer and he saw it for what it was instead of making claims that it was a professional effort. It was a typical layman submission to a readers section, and there is nothing wrong with that unless you make it out to be "being published as a professional", which would make it a deceptive claim and make you a scam). Show me proof of payment and photographer credits, and then we can say that you have been published and can claim tear sheets. One Florida photographer that I know, Brian Hayes, really has been published in FHM, and you'll see his name in the credits as proof.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Finding Time

If you are booking so much work as a model, where do you feel time to answer all of these letters?
- Allison from Ybor City

I have a whole month! I may be busy, but helping models and the modeling industry is important to me and I make the time. Doing the right thing makes me happy.
Now, if you saw me camping out on some modeling message board every day and making constant posts, then you may have a reason to question the state of my career. Are you one of those models who don't bother investing in a professional web site, professional pictures, or career tools? Do you use web cam pictures, seek out "professional" photographers who will give you TFP, set up some free modeling profile on a portfolio networking site, and then voice your "professional opinion" on the message boards every day? I am not sure if this is you or not, but if it is you really need to evaluate your career before questioning a working professional who has paid her dues and who realizes that you only get out of a career what you put into it. Thanks for taking the time to write.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Play Nice

I thought you were going to be nice now? I don't see it. I see a bunch of angry people with with a agenda. How can you be nice and be set up to fight scams? Your site is apparently designed to hassle people. Being mean is in your nature.
- Scott from Tampa, Florida

Well Scott, we are being nice. It's all about balance. Occasionally, it will be necessary to write about something negative or to voice our opinion. We will just take steps to avoid going overboard from now on.
Anger does not dictate our careers. What makes us angry, however, is seeing unprofessional people and con artists who run scams take advantage of people, and we are not about to let that go.
I suppose that we will never be able to please everyone. Some people read way too much into things. It is really very sad.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Awesome Job

I've been very impressed by the progress that this site has made. I've been following this site and the Independent Modeling site since you both began. It would have been really something if Independent Modeling could have been like this site back in 2001*. Back then, Independent Modeling was called Tampa Bay Independent Model, and while it looked roughly like this site is wasn't nearly as advanced.
Both of the sites are very impressive now, and they don't seem to be so experimental anymore. Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling are the best modeling sites on the Internet, and I can say that honestly because have been to every one that I could find over the years. I am looking forward to what you all will be doing in the future, as your sites have helped my modeling career more than you could ever know.
By the way, not all modeling agencies and bookers hate you. The reputable ones refer models to you and they love it when you make it hard for the less reputable people. You make legitimate people look better and help to clarify exactly what a professional is.
- Claronette from Clearwater Beach, Florida

Hello Claronette,
I couldn't have said it better myself. Have you been reading my mind or talking to my friends*? I'm also glad to hear that the real professionals respect what we are doing and that a lot of them like us. We like them, too.
By the way, I really like your name!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


You are running a scam. Just thought that you would like to know what everyone thinks. When will you idiots stop putting bad advice on the Internet and finally give up? What you are trying to do does not work and the bad information on this site is a joke. Reverse auctions for professionals? That's not ethical, and it is a scam!
- Dave from Zephryhills

Well, Dave, Claronette just told me that everyone doesn't think that we are running a scam. There you go.
Most of the people accusing us of publishing bad information are just mad because they can't claim ownership of it. It doesn't stop them from being hypocrites, though. A lot of them plagiarize what we have, and they use it for their own benefit. Hey, as long as no one knows that the information and advice is not connected to Tampa Bay Modeling, that's enough to make the "bad" information "good" and "brilliant". Whatever. We see this all of the time. The content on this site works, and deep down you know it.
Oh, and reverse auctions are an accepted and an ethical practice in the business world. If you don't believe me, enter the term in any search engine or consult any business school. We introduced the concept to the modeling industry, and there's nothing wrong with doing that.
I find that people who do not understand something usually assume the worst, too. Do you even know what a scam is? Make an effort to learn and to understand and your opinion may change. Absolutes do not belong in any industry, and an industry that claims absolutes may not be as honest as it portrays itself to be. This might be why there is no much confusion and negativity in the modeling industry. In the industrial revolution, automated machines put a lot of people who worked on assembly lines out of work. Those people may have thought that progress was unethical, too, but it didn't make them right.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


Can't make up your mind, can you? I thought that you said that you were going to try to be nice. It looks like you're back to slamming people again!
I'll never believe you liars again!!!!
- Karen from Clearwater

I am nice. Please stop telling people that you were published in a magazine when you were only in an amateur submission section. We all know that it doesn't count. There. Your career is already getting better. Have a nice day (at least give us credit for trying. This won't happen overnight, and we are working on it)!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

The Fry, Leo, And Victoria'a Secret

hi, Monique, answered to your questions:
why I don't have a pictures of these Victoria's Secret models. I was hired by two French agencies in the begening of the 90's to prospect new faces in the Czech republic, Hungaria,Slovakia,Ukraine...after the collapse of the soviet Union. It was a great period over there because it was a new market full of "creatures" with long leggs.not spoiled by the capitalism yet. We organized events and we found this Eva H. from a little village near Prague. in this time she was not Victoria's Secret model! She was first top in Paris, girl friend of the owner of the agency,and after couple years she met the drummer of Bonjovi and live in US a wild .The agency I work for was mad because she was stolen by one US agency. Anyway she is back in France now . letitia C. was short but well pushed by my Friend, she is now more in the actress field. Anyway the purpose was not to shoot them but discovering them.
About Leo di Caprio: Back in Prague 96, movie festival in Karlovy vary (a kind of cannes festival for East Europe) we had all the hostesses and FShows events for the guests. Leo was there to present his movie with J Dep about the fat mother I don't remimber the name of it. Nobody knew him in this time in The East Europe and we where the only person to speak English and with many Girls around! of course he stick with us and he even was on the Run way with our girls. they where all in love with him. like that we start to be friend. In this time he has to escape of his mother from the hotel to go night out!
to return to the business with you: question: if you fighting scams why you have this ads by google stuff, its only scams potential like this citie in Tampa 30 years in business and scouts modeling BS. I decided to avoid this from my web site.
the agency with teams; B
some Fun: the scams ways it a way of business in USA no? from health insurances,churches,stock exchanges, tel cie, credit cards, charity business,internet ... to the president! you just have to choose who is the less crook!
Agency in this area I am waiting for you to be the booker, a honest person with a clean view of this dirty business.
to be continued
Kiss of the Dragon

French Fry (should I start calling you Dragon?)!
I have missed you. You've giving me a really tripped letter this time, and I do look forward to reading each and every one of them.
Ok, I'll be honest. I have doubts about the Victoria's Secret models. You know the facts, though, and if it's the truth, nothing I say will matter. I just wish that I was able verify what you are saying. I keep thinking that a photographer would always have a camera on them and would try to photograph any model-worthy girl that they find. Don't you have a picture of any of these models anywhere? In my opinion, though, you really don't have anything to prove to me because your letters are enjoyable to read and I get a kick out of them. They do seem to be sincere to me.
Ah, Leonardo Di Caprio. Titanic Boy was always great, and that movie was the Gilbert Grape one where he played a mentally challenged boy. For some reason, I feel that this story is true, and it could be because I saw a picture of him once on your web site that I have not seen on Getty Images or anywhere else. You either really do know him, or you had a hell of a zoom on your camera! Any pictures of him on the runway with your girls?
I agree with you about model scouting in the Tampa Bay area. Most of them are scams of some sort or another (although there are some professional photographers who legitimately scout models that I know of). In regards to our ads, they are are a way that we earn revenue. We can't control what comes up on them, but know that most professional models are smart enough to discern what's good and what is not. There are two other reasons for the ads, too, but I don't know the specifics. I can say that a lot of thought was put into them and no real compromises were made. Since this is a model resource site, competition is encouraged even if it conflicts with our advertisers. Your web site is a business, and putting ads on there which lead to your competition would make little sense.
Regarding the agency with many teams..... I think that I know which one you are talking about. To my knowledge, they are legitimate (although many of us do not approve of some of the people who they represent and it is discouraging us from being too enthusiastic about working with them anymore), although I only spend enough time there for bookers to give me referrals to go-see's or to get paid for a job that I booked and don't really know everything that happens there (for the reasons already stated). If there are crazy parties, I have not heard of any (or maybe I did but was too busy to pay them much mind - models who get work on their own don't have to compromise to get work because agencies have no leverage on us). If you must know, Alexa is my favorite agency here and I spend more time there. Susan knows what she is doing, and in my humble opinion Matt is the best booker in the Tampa Bay market (and being nice to look at and talk to is a perky bonus, too).
Ok, on to your agency idea. I'd love to be a booker for your agency, but I'm not a booker. I know what a booker does and am able to get modeling jobs on my own, but becoming a booker full time is not my idea of a career that I would like to do. If I work the phones, I want to get jobs for me and not other models! In my opinion, model and talent agencies are not a good business to start anymore. Too many agencies are now struggling and a lot are closing, mainly because of models like me booking work on our own and teaching other models how to do it. Another reason for all of this is what is coming on Independent Modeling (I think you will be pleasantly surprised a year from now. You may even like the site!) and the upcoming Advanced Model site, book, and national magazine. I will be surprised if any of the current Tampa Bay modeling agencies are still open in ten years. I really do like some of them, though, and hope that they make it.
Oh, I have some questions for you, great Dragon. What do you think of photographers in the Tampa Bay market, such as those who go around claiming to be professionals when they are little more than guys with cameras doing free TFP work as a way of meeting women? As a professional photographer, how do you see yourself competing in the Tampa Bay market- do you consider yourself to be in the top ten? Also, since you have published your own magazine, how has your experience been? Ok, one more.... After that casting director and you parted ways, who did you get to do your acting workshops (I noticed that your wife now offers acting courses)? Do you think that web sites can teach models just as well (information-wise, not runway) as model schools? What do you think about the information on Tampa Bay Modeling and other model resource web sites? I'd like to hear your opinion; don't worry about offending anyone. You are free to express your opinion here even if it is something that we won't like, unless you wish to make false allegations, which wouldn't be allowed (although I think that we are both beyond that by now and have a reasonable understanding and perhaps a little respect toward each other).
I'm looking forward to your next E-Mail, fry guy! Ciao!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Sign Of The Times

Love the new format it is a sign of the times!

Greetings Tampa Bay Models:

You just keep getting better! You are to be commended for your recent decision to discuss issues within the realm of professionalism. The best thing about this site is the fact that the issues are backed up by sound reasoning. This will now be the focus rather than the critical banter which only serves to take a good point and sully it. This site will serve as a guide for many professionals involved in the industry and for that reason it must be credible. Credibility can only be achieved through professionalism. It is this professionalism that will make your message beyond reproach and your site a force to be reckoned with. After all, you can point a finger at name-calling, criticism, complaints etc. but you cannot argue with good sound reasoning. Your opponents will have a hard time getting anyone to regard this site as inconsequential without any evidence of useless banter. I hope that your usual standard of great writing and a great sense of humor will remain in tact!!

Just want to add an additional comment about the overall image of many people outside the industry (and entering the industry) that feel quick-witted, sharp-tongued models make better models. This notion is outdated, antiquated, and incorrect. It began in the 1980's which were years of excess. The economy was booming and all industries (including modeling) were beginning to make more money than ever before. The industry itself became pretty reckless with drug use becoming synonymous with work. Many models earning top dollar were high alot of the time during photoshoots, fashion shows etc. As a result their behavior and comments often reflected their drug-induced state. Their comments were often flip and rude their behavior was often outrageous. In the beginning their antics were viewed as being bold and cute but over time it was becoming increasingly apparent that many of these girls were addicts in need of serious medical attention. They could not model or even get out of bed in the morning. Their careers were ruined and many lost their lives to drugs, aids or suicide. This is how the notion of the sharp-tongued, quick witted model got started. It was basically a bunch of girls who were too high to think before they spoke and eventually their reckless lifestyles were their undoing. Times have changed since then and money is not as free-flowing as it was in the bygone days. Clients want models who are reliable and conscientious. They don't want to waste time and money on a photoshoot or fashion show booking a model who is impossible to work with or making outrageous demands. Modeling is a business like any other business. There is a lot of money changing hands. The models who display professionalism, reliability, a good sense of humor and sound common sense are the ones who will command top dollar and impress clients. Wise-cracking, big-mouthed, know-it-alls, are really just not worth clients taking a chance on anymore. Drug use is no longer viewed nonchalantly as just a hazard of the industry. It is an absolute prerequisite to disaster. You cannot market a model who has tracks on her arm or cannot be relied upon to show up for work. Yet I meet many a young girl today entering the industry who act like a walking and talking poster child for bad behavior. Believing that their behavior will make them the darlings of the agencies and clients. They couldn't be more off the mark. Times have changed. A model who speaks intelligently, views her work as a career (not a game) , and can be relied upon to show up for work will reap the financial rewards in the end. Everyone will say "its her beauty that sets her apart" but in reality it will be her brains that make the difference.

Best wishes for continued success,


Hi Stacy,
Thank you for the compliments and the comments. You have made a lot of great points, and we are trying to be polite while we make our points and voice our opinions (I hope that I didn't slip up too bad in this mail bag).
Question: You talk about meeting girls entering the industry. Are you a model, a manager, an instructor, or do you do other work in the industry? Also, who is Ed? A background trace we ran came up with Vietnam Veteran information. The reason that I ask is the E-Mail seems familiar from my days over at Independent Modeling, and it reminds me of this guy who had published a modeling book, but I can't be sure. I am thinking that you are a model but I'm no longer certain. Thank you for your input into our site, and you may be pleased to also note that Independent Modeling is no longer dead in the water. The site is steaming ahead, and you may like what is coming. My sources are telling me that art directors and ad agencies will be using the site by early 2007, and much of the print modeling work that comes to agency bookers will be appearing on the job board. Many of the contacts that bookers use will be in the TALON database, and there will be extensive tutorials and tools that will enable models to find and book work on their own (did they get the attention of any model and talent agencies out there yet? They will). A lot of work has gone into that and the art directors that have been talking to them are favorable for booking models without an agency involved; an early example being in 2003-2004 with a Palm Harbor ad agency that procured excellent models thorough Independent Modeling, a prelude of the standard to come.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Site Credits

Who did you have make this awesome site? I want mine to be like it! How much does a professional web site cost for a model?
I was also wondering about what I can expect to pay for a photographer to do my portfolio, and the costs of my career tools. What do I need to start?
-Jennifer from the University of South Florida, Tampa

Hi Jennifer,
Tampa Bay advertising agency EOS MediaArts made this Raptor Class site for us, and both C. A. Passinault and our staff model Talesha Larsen worked long hours together building it.
Web sites from a professional designer or web design company usually charge $120.00 to $200.00 per web page and if you elect to have them maintain it they could charge you $20.00 to $30.00 per hour. Hosting a web site on a server usually runs $10.00 to $20.00 per month. A basic web site, which would be at least five pages, would run you around $600.00 to $1,000.00 to build, and that doesn't include those other costs. Tampa Bay Modeling has an appraised value of $20,000.00, and Independent Modeling and the other independent sites are now worth $100,000.00. Independent Modeling and its sister sites will be worth $750,000.00 by spring of 2007, and the values will continue to go up.
For fair portfolio photography rates, check THIS out.
Please remember that you get what you pay for. If it's too cheap, then it could reflect on the professional skill of the web designer and what you will get. If it is too expensive, you need to see if they can deliver what they promise and really check their references.
To start, shop around and avoid anyone doing work for free. Professionals do not work with new models free of charge, and you will find that they will only collaborate with experienced professional models. Career tools are an investment, and you will only get out of your career what you put into it.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


Your site is incredible. If I were some shady photographer or a model scam, I would be terrified of you.
I'm being honest, too. Please don't read too much into what I am saying, as I hope this is not coming across as sarcastic. As a model and a aspiring photographer I find your site invaluable, and I want to thank you all for sticking through the tough times and helping the models and the rest of the industry.
Your site is a 10. I will recommend it to everyone that I know!
-Steve from Tampa Bay, Florida

Hi Steve,
You make a point. Model scams and shady photographer ARE terrified of us! Why do you think that slander us and attack us every chance that they get? As professionals, we will continue to make them accountable for what they do and say, and will continue to enable models to help regulate the industry. Thank you for your words of support!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

A Mother's Thanks

Hello Tampa Bay Modeling. As a mother of two models, I wanted to write you today and thank you for saving my oldest daughter from a horrible person. She learned about models scams from your web site, and she easily recognized an unprofessional photographer for what he was before she worked with him. The photographer's references did not check out, too, which made up her mind not to work with him.
We later found out that the photographer was a sexual predator who had raped models and molested underage girls.
I am so thankful for this web site. It saved my daughter from a criminal who could have ruined her life.
- Bernice from Northdale, Tampa, Florida

We have a saying here: If we only help just one model avoid a career mistake, all of our hard work is worth it. Thank you so much for your inspiring story! We hope to continue to be a help to you and your daughters as we continue to expand our site to make it the best modeling resource for the Tampa Bay market!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Agency Angle

My agent recommended me to your site. Although I book catalog print all of the time through my agency, I wanted more work and the head booker recommended your site to me so I could book work on my own and through them. I don't know who that asshole booker was, but some bookers do respect and like your site for what it is. I love it, too!
- Francesca from Miami Beach, Florida

Hi Francesca,
That's really cool. I know many bookers who like sites like ours, too, because they are also doing the right thing, are secure in what they do, and see that we know what we are talking about. If any agency would like our help in optimizing their business to survive and remain profitable in the changing industry, we are more than happy to help. After all, agencies may not not be the only way of having a career anymore, but they remain useful as one source of potential jobs (why is it that agencies in other markets like us and the ones in Tampa Bay tend not to? I'm sure that it isn't because the agencies in other markets are thinking that we are driving business to them! Tampa Bay has issues, but there is a lot of good to go with the bad. One of the good assets would be the Tampa Bay Modeling site!).
Regarding that booker, I am sure that he is reading this, but he hasn't written in a while. I need to figure out who he is, too, because for all we know he is not even a booker.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Blazed And Confused

I am a top fashion model in New York City. I found this site one night and have been facinated with the shit on it for the last two weeks.
The industry does not work the way that you describe. Are you "models" bitter because the small agencies will not represent you? Is this revenge?
You're nobody. The modeling industry is strong, it works, and it will not change because it doesn't have to.
You have fun with that down in Tampon. I'm leaving for Europe in three hours. Bet you wish you were booked there, because it will never happen.
Ciao, little bitches!
- Annabelle From New York, New York

Whatever. The model who limits themselves to agencies always find themselves at a disadvantage. You may have some good bookings now, but it won't always be like that.
Why did you bother writing us, anyway? Something about this site must really bother you and you seem to have some spare time on your hands. If I were flying out to Europe for a shoot (and I already have more than once), I'd have better things to do than take the time to write a modeling site down in Tampa.
Like it or not, the modeling industry is changing. You've probably already noticed and have deluded yourself into thinking that it isn't happening. Will you be able to adapt fast enough when you finally accept the truth? The longer you delude yourself, the harder it will hit you. When your career finally ends from neglect and lack of growth, you should start a support web site for has-been, weeping models. Good luck with that, Janice.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Teen Trouble

Tampa Bay Modeling,
Your site sucks. I am a web master for a teen web site. The things that you are saying are totally untrue. Teen web sites are great ways for young girls to make money for college and no one is getting hurt. You make teen web sites to be some form of child pornography that slips through a loophole in federal law, and you are wrong. Parents have no problem with what are sites do for their daughters, and if the parents are ok with it, there is no way that it could "exploit" their daughters.
I hope that someone finds a way to shut down your site. I hope that you trouble-makers get sued!
Oh, and may I refer you "models" to a web developer that can design you a professional site?
- Carl from Tampa Bay, Florida

I could go into a long response, but I won't because it simply is not worth it. You know exactly what you are doing. Those girls and their parents don't. The law may not see what you are doing as child porn, but why else would grown men pay money to see teen girls in provocative poses and trashy outfits? How exactly is your site marketed? Do you let parents see that? Just remember that exploitation is not art, and in my humble opinion people like you defile the freedoms that the United States is based upon. Artistic expression and freedom of speech? Give me a break! (For more on Teen Web Site Scams and to report anyone who crosses the line and breaks the law, go HERE. The children thank you for doing what you can to stop their exploitation). I hope that you make a mistake and what you do catches up to you sooner rather than later, as it will catch up to you. I will not be the least bit sorry the day a parent finds out what you are really doing with pictures of their thirteen year-old daughter and they teach you a lesson. Goodbye, Chester.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

The Meaning Of Stubbornness

You people will never learn, will you?
- Jackson from Orlando, Florida

Actually, learning is easy. Applying what we learn takes some work, but getting some people to simply comprehend what we do and why we do it is the hard part.
Sometimes, those who accuse others of something are themselves guilty of the same thing.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Modeling In Miami

Your site is great for Tampa Bay, but is there anything like it for the Miami modeling scene? I think that modeling is bigger here, and we need something like your site, too.
- Carla from Miami, Florida

Yes, I agree, although what is on the Tampa Bay Modeling site, Independent Modeling, and Florida-Models can be used in any Florida market. Even so, some of us are looking into versions of Tampa Bay Modeling for Miami and other markets. (TOP SECRET information follows - Spoiler alert) What might end up happening, especially if our staff has to man these sites, is that we would have geographically themed site sections on this main site, which would serve as a hub. Another domain name would lead to a "selector" section, allowing the model to select a version of our site relevant to the community that they live in. We have been doing just that already by breaking down the Tampa Bay region by cities and areas and making sections of our site that are centered around geography (TOP SECRET information is over. You can resume reading now).
Branching into other markets is something that we will consider. If nothing ever comes of it, though, you can be assured that everything on Tampa Bay Modeling can be used in the Miami market. The only difference is the geography.
Greenroom Orlando recently did something like this, becoming Greenroom Tampa, Greenroom Miami, as well as the original Greenroom Orlando. I think it is cool, and the people over there are a great bunch of professionals.
Hmmmmm....... A Miami modeling resource site...... Let's not neglect Orlando, either. Maybe, just maybe, we could geographically segment outward as well as inward.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


I noticed that you have a lot of photographers on your site. Have you worked with any of them? I really like the pictures and would like your opinion.
Nancy from Palm Harbor, Florida

Hi Nancy,
All of the photographers who are currently advertising on Tampa Bay Modeling are among the best in the Tampa Bay market, and one of them isn't even based out of Tampa Bay! I have worked with most of them. Craig Huey in Orlando is one of the most amazing photographers who I have ever worked with, and his studio and location work are equally impressive. C. A. Passinault from Aurora PhotoArts is a genuine model maker and one of the top modeling experts in the State of Florida. He is one of the smartest individuals that I have ever met and is a gifted polymath who is good at a number of professions. His location work with models is legendary, and it is said that he has worked with so many models that he is a compilation of much of their knowledge and experience. C. A. Passinault is also the architect of these sites and is currently the director at Independent Modeling. At the moment, much of the photography work on this site is from Andy Meng, and if you like the pictures you're probably talking about his work. Andy is just awesome, and the work that you see on his site is nothing compared to what he does and what he has in his portfolio. You cannot go wrong with any one of these guys.
I will have more photographers to recommend soon, and not just advertisers on our site, either. There are a lot of good ones out there We will also be adding a lot of new pictures to the site shortly and will be activating our micro-thumbnails, which our contributing professional photographers will be sure to appreciate.

Well, it is time to bring this mail bag to a close. For those who are sure to write me and ask, yes, I am getting sick of the broken-record E-Mail letters that accuse us of all sorts of silly things. We may start weeding through the letters and concentrate on only the good ones, as this mail bag was a bit too big and I barely got it done (I had to have an additional two friggin' days and missed my July 1 post-date). As you can probably tell, we decided against smaller and more frequent mail bags published irregularly and will stick to this monthly format, although most of the future mail bags should be smaller than this one. We want to give everyone something regular to look forward to on the first of evey month, and the way my schedule is it works better for me, too. Sigh. It was meant to be a way to make the mail bags smaller and less of a chore to read, but if we start weeding for quality the same thing will be accomplished and our readers will know when to expect it and not risk missing one (we want continuity and regular readers sending in letters rather than turn it into a debate forum- while I will not back down from a debate here, the OPINION section is where you want to debate, as it is formated to support that kind of interaction).

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go try on this new blue bikini I bought last night in Hyde Park. If it looks as good as I think it will, I may have to ring one of my professional photographer friends and pay them for some pictures of me wearing it today before I wear it to the beach - capture it before it starts to wear. I love the summer, and I hope everyone is enjoying their time as much as I am! Just remember, models, July is the time to get that swimsuit portfolio updated. I'm already working on mine.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor



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C/O Monica Stevens, Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


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