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The scary looks of the Tampa Bay Modeling industry. Do we finally scare away the hate mail?


Hello everyone! I can’t believe that it is October already. This year has blurred by, and now I have to figure out what to dress up as later this month at the Tampa Bay Modeling Halloween bash. There’s another party, too, on October 18, as the models of Tampa Bay Modeling celebrate our second anniversary. That birthday party will be at a secret location in Tampa, but I’ll give you all a clue. If you’re smart, you may be able to figure out where it’ll be, and if you can figure that out, consider yourself invited (Ahem.... French Fry and his supermodel wife). Let’s just say that most of us will have dates, the party will be preceded by five-star dining, and the ballroom will be at the same location. Although it will be on a Wednesday evening, we’ll be dancing well into Thursday morning as we see the stars dance on the dark waters of Tampa Bay. I like how the lights of bridges look in the distance, too. Danielle, Laura, Serena, Jessica, Talesha, Chris, and Mindy have gone all-out with this one, and we will even have a DJ with a dance squad and a photographer (there will be other photographers there, too, but they will not be working and will be attending as guests). Danielle Cooper will be our keynote speaker for the evening, and she will be discussing the issues with Tampa model and talent agencies and the growing threat of model consultation scams in the area. It’s just too bad that we will never be able to post the pictures of the event here with all of us dressed up and celebrating. There are a lot of us, and we continue to grow. Oh, and one more thing. If you figure it out and decide to invite yourself, you will need to be on our list in order to avoid a cover, which is $75.00 per couple and $50.00 if you come alone. Most that have to figure it out won’t be on our list (we will be putting a few on our list who won’t be directly invited). The cover just covers being allowed to join us, and does not cover dinner, drinks, or anything else. You will also need to know the code word, which is “Rose”. Forget the code word or the cash, and you’re history.
Will it be in Ybor? Well, Ybor sucks, and it is nowhere near the bay. Besides, we treat Ybor as a DMZ, or no-mans land. The answer would be no.
I love it. It is sooooooo underground! Hee hee!
Anyway, I just got back from spending a few weeks in New York. Fashion week was so much fun! I did a lot of runway and even a couple of fashion shoots. A part of me is glad to be home, but as a model I did not look forward to returning to this modeling market. In New York, agencies actually work well. Here..... Well, you know the story. Tampa Bay isn’t New York, and it isn’t even Miami. The legitimate modeling industry here is weak, and in my opinion 75% of the market here is made up of unprofessionals and model scams (one of the reasons that sites like this exist, which is to save the models from the model scams). Don’t even get me started about all of these model consultation scams that I’ve been learning about, especially one which has been stealing from our friends over at Independent Modeling.
Well, now I’m relaxing with a nice tall glass of milk. My bedroom window is open, and it’s a nice night outside, although it is a bit cool out and soon I will not be so inclined to sit here in my underwear next to an open window. I love the late nights working on this. Because of my time in New York and some of the things that I had to do upon my return, I am off to another late start, and if I’m lucky I’ll get this online by the middle of October (look at the bright side, if that happens you will only have to wait two weeks for the next mail bag instead of an entire month!). Well, I need to get this done. On to the mail!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

01. identity Crisis
A reader wants to know who we are in a question that may be two years old.

02. Tampa Bay's Top Model Scams
What are the top model scams in Tampa Bay? To what extent is Tampa Bay Modeling going to fight them?

03. Insulting Models
A model questions us attacking everything, including our target market.

04. Ripping Off Tampa Bay Modeling
A photographer asks if we are embellishing our claims of plagiarism.

05. Mac And cheese
A photographer warns us about our crusade to save the models and makes a remark about the French Fry.

06. Model Industry Invasion Theories
Speculation on our plans to cover additional Florida markets and the idea to fight scams on the streets.

07. French Fry
French Fry gives his take on model job scams and points out some possible scams while Monica posts a response that will surely inspire him for all time.

08. Bedroom Tricks
Another E-Mail from some guy who really wants to show models his rad bed room. He may want to model, too, but we aren’t really sure because he has yet to send a picture of himself.


Identity Crisis
A reader wants to know who we are in a question that may be two years old.

I, and I am sure many others would like to see the resume and tear sheets of the "international top models" that are running this site from their condos. I found it slightly rude and unprofessional that the staff seems to brag about their so-called posh lives. We'd like to be impressed and see the credentials of who is doing all of this since no one has heard of anyone on here.
- Marcus, someone from the Tampa Bay area

Hi Marcus,
Why is this E-Mail worded exactly like a post on the old Tampa Bay Modeling message board two years ago? Did you write it, or are you just copying what you read? Regardless of the origin, the original question was never really answered. I will answer you.
I know that we always tell people to consider the source when it comes to anyone giving an opinion, but in cases where you CAN’T verify the source (as in this one), you have to apply common sense to the information and see if it balances out. If you give it a chance, and believe me when I say that there is no risk here, the information and career resources available on this site work.
Who are we? Who cares! What is on this site works, and because some of the content is both controversial and necessary, and its nature would be a conflict with our careers, you may never know who we are. You can choose to believe whatever you wish, and it doesn’t matter to us. You will only be cheating yourself if you doubt anything that we say or claim, simply because you will be underestimating us.
The irony here? The photographer who originally demanded to see our tear sheets and credentials two years ago was himself lying about his credentials and experience to the point of faking his tear sheets (I recall a fake Versace tear that he made). Talk about ultimate hypocrisy and the pot calling the kettle black. We are not on here making false claims, yet it is ok for some con artist to actually do so; the double standard and defensive behavior is just pathetic.
Most people, I have found, accuse others of doing what they themselves are guilty of. If they imply wrongdoing or blatantly make baseless accusations, then they should be scrutinized for the same thing.
Oh, and getting a snap-shot printed in Maxim’s home town hotties or FHM’s 20 hot dates is NOT being professionally published. Those are amateur submission sections, and any so-called professional claiming that they have been “published” in these magazines when they have actually made these sections are not professionals, and their professional credibility is questionable at best. Did they get paid? Is the photographer credited? Does the model, photographer, and any other parties who are involved retain ANY rights to the images? I wouldn’t call it professional, and I would not call it being published, as that is misleading to others; it implies something more professional and more of an accomplishment than it actually is. Give a six year old a disposable camera and have them take a snap-shot of any attractive girl in a bikini, and they can be “published”, too. Does that make 6 year-old little Johnnie a professional photographer and competition? Does this make the bikini girl a professional model? This may be funny of it weren’t so pathetic. That opinion, though, is an entirely new subject which will be addressed in a Tampa Bay Modeling article soon.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Tampa Bay’s Top Model Scams
What are the top model scams in Tampa Bay? To what extent is Tampa Bay Modeling going to fight them?

Here is a question for your model scam fighting experts at Tampa Bay Modeling. Let’s say that I am a model looking to avoid scams. What are the top ones that I should watch out for?
- Hunter from Saint Pete Beach, Florida

Hmmmmmm....... It used to be MODEL JOB SCAMS, but it is no longer that simple. Model agency and model management scams work because of the lure that they use, which is the promise of alleged model jobs and the ability to make “big” money. Hey, if you look good, then you can make a lot of easy money! Whatever. It is never that simple. If you have the looks that a model needs, that is only one part of working in the industry as a model. There is a whole lot more to it than that, and it is the reason that the Tampa Bay Modeling site exists and is here to help you at no charge!
MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY SCAMS were a major threat a couple of years ago, and they still can be dangerous, but the models shut many of the ones in Tampa Bay down or severely crippled the ones which still exist; most of them have been reduced to jokes. Oh, and since almost all TFP’s are done my amateur photographers and men with questionable motives, I shouldn’t have to tell you to stay away from those. Don’t waste your time and potentially risk your career! We keep hearing reports about TFP photographers trying to hit on models. We even have a few stories of these so-called professionals who offer free shoots molesting and raping models.
MODEL AGENCY SCAMS are still around in this market, but since most of the smart models book work on their own and don’t have to depend upon agencies, they are not that much of a threat to those of us who know about them.
Our analysts (most of whom are also top models who work and play in the industry) have now determined that the top model scam in the Tampa Bay market are MODEL CONSULTATION SCAMS, which bait models with the promises of jobs without the potential risks of being licensed as an agency. There was a local agency notorious for advertising model jobs in the classifieds as bait to sell model photography, and they were sued and lost their agency license. The operation became a model consultation/ management operation which does the exact same thing but avoids calling themselves an agency. They still advertise model jobs and lucrative model and acting careers in the paper, too (and all of these assholes in the papers, despite their denials, know who is running the ads). Is this business the worst of its kind in the Tampa Bay market? No, not by a long shot. There is a more dangerous model consultation scam in Tampa Bay. This model consultation scam tells models that they have lots of jobs to offer them and that they cannot refer the models to the jobs (free of charge, of course, since they are not an agency) UNLESS the model buys portfolio photography packages and composite cards from them (because they don’t know how good of a model they are unless they work with them, of course, and they will only refer good models to these so-called jobs). The big secret that they don’t want you to know? That they are trying to sell information that they have stolen from others. Many of the “jobs” are from free model job boards on the Internet that anyone can access at no cost, and most of the information that they “teach” models is stolen from Independent Modeling and other free model resource sites (I wouldn’t be surprised if they start ripping us off, too). Want to know how “good” of a model that I am? Look at my portfolio, BITCH! Here are my composite cards, which are, by the way, excellent, despite what you tell me since they help me book work on my own all of the time. If someone criticizes the modeling career tools that you use, you only have to look at what they are trying to sell you. In this case, they are trying to sell you tools that are INFERIOR in every way, and some models are tricked into buying those services because they figure that they can easily make the money back by booking those supposed jobs that only “they” can refer them to. Let me tell you that their photography is HORRID and their comp cards are absolute CRAP. If you need photography services, you need to seek out someone who does that for a living, like a professional photographer; model agencies and model consultants are far less qualified to tell you what you need in photography and composite card services because they are not in business to do this (and if they are, there is something really wrong). For more about these people, check out this LETTER and THIS LETTER from a previous Mail Bag.
So, what is the BIG FLAW with these model consultation scams? Consider the following: model jobs are for professional models only, and aspiring models have no business booking them or trying to book them. How do these model consultants make money? Well, they make it by selling photography and other services that they are not upfront with when luring models in. If the model is an established professional, then they already have a portfolio and composite cards, and they will not need whatever it is that they are selling. If the model is new, then the job may not appreciate the model consultant referring amateurs to them. See the CONFLICT? The model consultant business should not use the promise of jobs when trying to attract aspiring models because it is an obvious conflict of interest. They should market whatever services that they are really selling, which would make them a legitimate business because they are honest about what they are doing. I’ve seen a few advertise that the models would be referred to the jobs free of charge if they already had a portfolio and composite cards, but come on here, who in the hell are they kidding? If this were true, then they would be working for free, and anyone working for free like that has poor business sense. Would you trust your career to someone who obviously does not have any clue what they are doing? NO! I’m guessing that you already guessed the catch: No matter WHO you are and WHAT you are working with in regards to your portfolio and other modeling career tools, they are going to find something wrong with them. You will never be good enough no matter what. How else are they going to make money? I am sure that they will smile and refer you to a model job without making a dime off of you out of the goodness of their heart.
You can probably guess that I’m one of the ones who are smart enough to avoid these characters. Many models, though, are not, and that’s sad.
Regarding model consultation scams, I would have to say that they may have a hard time selling advice, information, and career tools to models when better information is available on model resource sites (Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, and Florida Models) free of charge and qualified professionals who make a living doing things like photography and composite card services offer more value and the tools that models really need!
Are we going to directly fight model scams and take it to the streets? No. What they are doing will catch up to them regardless of what we do. We will not directly fight these assholes. We will, instead, concentrate on helping models and others avoid them by educating them.
As for Independent Modeling, they are aware that they are being ripped off by these people stealing from them, and have come up with a solution. What is it? Well, I won’t say it here, but I will say that it will cause all of the model consultation scams in Tampa Bay to lose at least 75% of their business by the fall of 2007, and that is great news for the real professionals and the models who have been ripped off in the industry!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Insulting Models
A model questions us attacking everything, including our target market.


Hell Monique,
Why do you and this web site insist on insulting models? You often attack them and everyone else who is legitimate in the modeling industry. I hope that you get off on bad mouthing everyone, because we do not and your bullshit is no longer cute and is getting old. If you insult those who you are trying to sell on modeling, you only hurt you. Who want to listen to people who talk down to them? I work as a waitress at one of those chicken wing restaurants that you always bitch about, and make great money doing that and by modeling. I have a lot of modeling experience in the industry and have worked with the best photographers in Florida.
I would just like to say fuck you, you sorry ass bitch!
- Krissi, a model (and chicken wing waitress) from Tampa Bay

You have experience and have worked with the best? No you haven’t.
You would like to believe that you have worked with the best photographers in Florida. You have not. You have been conned into thinking that you have by photographers who are little more than salesmen who lie and embellish what they have done. Why aren’t they listed on this site? Why aren’t these photographers listed in the Independent Modeling TALON directory? Why are these photographers passed over by real professional models who know what in the hell they are actually doing? You believe that you have a lot of experience as a model. Well, entering bikini jam contests with a surgically enhanced body is not modeling. If it were, you would be right. As it is not, you are wrong, and are very misguided as to what a model is and what we do (which brings us back to the counterfeit photographers who gave you lots of bad advice).
So, for those readers who are wondering, what exactly is a “chicken wing waitress”? A chicken wing waitress is often portrayed as some sort of blue collar sex object, and they work in skimpy shorts and shirts for their starring “role”. In my opinion, you girls all compromise by allowing yourself to be degraded and exploited, and those restaurants are tacky places which are not often patronized for their good food. Why do you think men go there to eat? How does it make you feel?
Did you know that I have been offered a job top be featured in a well-known (the best known) chicken wing restaurant chain calendar? I’m not surgically mutilated (ahem- enhanced), either. I’m all natural, and it helps me to pull off a wide variety of marketable looks in modeling because I am not locked into the bimbo look (I guess they wanted the all-American wholesome girl look instead of the plastic silicone fake look). Oh, and by the way, I turned them down. I care too much about my self-respect and my modeling career to accept every job that comes along. Even if it pays (a LOT), what good is it if it can hurt my career with my face associated with a business which is not exactly know for class?
Chicken wing waitresses are NOT models! It is both funny and sad that many girls become chicken wing waitresses because they want to become a model or an entertainer. They figure that if they are “out there” they will be discovered. That is not how you become a model, and it does not lead into modeling. Many chicken wing waitresses become well known, all right, but for the wrong reasons. I have more respect for exotic dancers (for the uneducated, you refer to them as “strippers”) than I do for chicken wing waitresses. Although both professions are known for being fake with people and leading them on for the money, using similar tactics, at least exotic dancers are honest about what they actually are and what they do. Exotic dancers are often smarter, too, as they are not as easily misled and conned like you have been.
I drove by a chicken wing restaurant the other day on my way to a booking, and noticed that it was next to a cheap, tacky motel. How convenient. How many of those waitresses knew that motel like the back of their hand? How many waitresses tracked back bed bugs and other nice goodies back to their homes and jealous, possessive boyfriends and husbands? Chicken wing waitresses with bed bug infestations in their homes? I wonder what (or who/m) they have been doing! The thought was good for a chuckle, well, at their expense. You are what you do, and I call things as they actually are. Hmmmmm...... Which profession leads into being an escort on the side or as a main career? Exotic dancers or chicken wing waitresses? I really don’t have the answer to that one, but I’ll leave it to you to figure it our for yourself.
So, do you think that I am fond of chicken wing waitresses? You don’t want me to go into my opinion about so-called “professional” sports team cheerleaders (nice paycheck, girls!) and bikini bar dancers (you’re clothed so you are not an exotic dancer? Then why do you dance and act the same way?). They are not models, either, although they often claim to be. A lot of cheerleaders, if you notice, don’t have any business trying to model, either, simply because they don’t have the looks that they need! Have you seen any cheerleader calendars lately? Not exactly pleasant, are they? To be fair, though, some cheerleaders are model-worthy, but they are definitely in the minority on any squad. Would I ever consider being an sports team cheerleader? I could do it, and they would benefit from my modeling, but why would I? I get PAID for my hard work, and I am not buying the “you can get exposure” argument. I get more exposure as a model, and I also make a living from my career, thank you so very much.
Hee hee. Think about the thousands of young, professional women who I have “insulted” by now (you can hold the hate mail because you know that I am right). Actually, if they are real professionals, they wouldn’t be insulted. If they are secure in what they do and know who they are, they also wouldn’t get defensive, either. Do I think that I am better than they are? No. I am smarter, though, because I refuse to compromise my integrity for money or the promise of fame, and I also realize that I DON’T know everything and my career benefits by educating myself. Many of these people refuse to be educated, and they are what they are through ignorance and insecurity.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Ripping Off Tampa Bay Modeling
A photographer asks if we are embellishing our claims of plagiarism.


Where did you come from? I never knew of this site before a confused model brought it to my attention. I have looked at your site, and find the information contradictory and very misleading. What made me laugh are all of the claims that people are stealing from your web site and using it to lure models into some scam to sell them things. The information on your site is so fucked up that only a retard would use it. Don’t you think that you are overstating the significance of the theft of things from your web site?
I taught that confused model a lesson, too.
I like your site itself. I like the design. Maybe I will study it and make something better. Since you are all on some misguided agenda and are scamming models, there’s nothing wrong with taking the few things of value that you have, is there? At least some good will come from it!
Jake, a TFP photographer from Tampa Bay, Florida

You allege that we have contradictory information when the reality is that the information is complex and must be used in the proper context. Does the information on this site apply to every situation? No. You merely lack the comprehension to discern the difference. If you fail to understand something, you are content to scream out “contradiction” instead of looking into it more. The amusing thing is that, despite the stated complexity, 95% of all professional models should be able to understand and use the information on this web site. Aren’t models supposed to be stupid and photographers supposed to be smart? Many photographers in the Tampa Bay market can barely read and write, and lack the intelligence to utilize any information effectively or apply it in any way. This is why many of you are finding that models are progressively kicking your asses and removing you from the modeling industry. They mistake that you make is that you underestimate the models who you try to B.S. Should we discriminate against mentally challenged photographers? Absolutely not! When those feeble-minded, photographers try to use photography as a way of meeting “hot” girls and trying to hit on them or rip them off, though, we have an issue. Hey, if you lack the wit and personality to attract women to begin with, do you seriously think that using photography to get women to talk to you will increase your chances with them? If you think that, then you really are deluding yourself. Many model and talent agencies obviously don’t discriminate, either, regardless of their motivation (In other words, do not trust the judgement of any agency to recommend photographers to you because their motives may not be in your best interest, either, not to mention that most agencies play politics and have no clue who they are referring models to). Don’t get me wrong, as there is nothing wrong with models and photographers dating as long as the interest is mutual and honest, it is just that dating as the main incentive of working in a career is unprofessional, and meeting people under false pretenses is unethical.
Yes, models DO need photographers (professionally speaking), but photographers also need models. Each profession is a dime-a-dozen and is now saturated, so we can all afford to be picky about those we risk allowing into our career circles. The only way to set yourself apart from the crowd is to be a professional, and in my opinion the tone and nature of your wonderful letter has ruined your credibility in the professionalism department.
There are people stealing from this site and sites like Independent Modeling. We have proof, and are constantly gathering evidence to support any possible action that may be taken. So, how good is the information on this site? It’s excellent, and we know that you realize that, too, even if you refuse to admit it. Why else would you get all defensive and bother sending us your lovely E-Mail? Don’t you have anything better to do, like trying to book more work?
Nice to see your justification process of stealing from this site, too. You delude yourself into thinking that we are doing something wrong, so you use that to justify ripping us off? Wrong is wrong. You don’t see us going around and stealing from others, do you? Regardless of if they are in the right or the wrong, that isn’t the point. Stealing is wrong, it is a violation of the rights of others, and is wrong regardless of wether the victim is legitimate or not. Copyright infringement and plagiarism is a crime, and no matter how you try to justify it, if you do it you are unethical, unprofessional, and you hurt others as well as yourself. The modeling industry, despite its many flaws and conflict of interest, does not need any additional problems.
Please do not bother wasting your time to write to us again. I have already kicked your ass with my response and have said what needed to be said. Goodbye.
This is the last mail bag where I will answer these B.S. letters. If you disagree with me and wish to have a debate, then that is fine. I will post and respond to any legitimate debate or letter disagreeing with me or what it published on this site. If you wish to attack us and don’t have a point that you can back up, that’s not acceptable. I have better things to do than to spend time validating these E-Mails from self-serving assholes as being legitimate. I give these people the respect that they deserve when I come across them in the industry, and I will do so here, too. After this mail bag, these attack letters will simply be ignored.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Mac And Cheese
A photographer warns us about our crusade to save the models and makes a remark about the French Fry.

Tampa bay models,
why do u insist on trying to help models. Models are strupid and listen to everthing. Do u know you can be sued for the things you say. Helping models who are to stupid to listen is stupid of your because you can be sued. If you really are helping models then why do you keep posting mail from the clearwater french fry scam. If you ask me you are hypocratics!
-Samhain from Clearwater, Florida

Hello Samhain,
It’s true that some models ARE stupid and don’t bother doing any research and do not learn the industry. Those same models refuse to think for themselves and seek others to lead them. Most of those models are fondly referred to as agency represented models!
As far as potential liability, it is there, but it is limited. We post lots of information and professional opinions on this web site. While certain people probably dream of suing us and silencing our voice, it isn’t that easy. We are not talking about anyone on this web site and post professional, true information. I hope that they have money. Besides, do they know what information we possible have against them which can be used in a countersuit or criminal investigation? We refuse to be intimidated or punished for doing the right thing and helping those models who are smart enough to allow themselves to be helped.
Regarding French Fry, I suggest that you lay off! I think that he is cool, and I’m fairly certain that he is not doing anything wrong. I like his letters, too, and so do many models. Speaking of French Fry, we have several letters from him this month. After this letter, I can’t wait to get to them! Yay!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Invasion Theories
Speculation on our plans to cover additional Florida markets and the idea to fight scams on the streets.

Wow. Someone is finally brave enough to fight all of these Tampa model scams! I salute and support you, Tampa Bay Modeling! Are you going to take it to the streets and picket them?
- Rolando, a photographer from Tampa Bay, Florida

Hello Rolando,
There was a time when we were prepared to that, but that time is gone. We do not plan to actively take on any model scams, although the Tampa Bay Modeling web site is designed and optimized to do so if we have to. The bottom line: We strongly suggest that no model scam goes out of their way to provoke us. We’ll kick their ass.
We have a the most comprehensive scam fighting tools and database in the industry on our web site, and we will continue to update and support that content. That is the extent that we will go.
We were gunning at unethical model and talent agencies and model consultation scams over the summer, but we now have a better strategy. We will out market them and saturate the market with better alternatives to whatever it is they are doing.
Thank you for your support!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

French Fry
French Fry gives his take on model job scams and points out some possible scams while Monica posts a response that will surely inspire him for all time.

from the Fry

Hey Monique,

I was disapointed that you think we charge $3000 for tuitions.
I wish, but nobody in this thirld world of Tampa Bay can afford it.

Should be some guy name (omitted) located in Clearwater: they use this site (omitted) to scam the poor girls to be "exposed".

Monica, if you are all so mad after the scams why you don't look around (well-known model schools listed - You know the ones -ED) about how they scams their clients.
they even have a life program for $6000! (I have some tips).
Are you scare of lawsuits?

About the casting:
don't worry I will don't tell you How you have to change your pictures;
we are only using our models who are trained and shooted by us.
only sometime like this ad we need older girls for swimsuit.

By the way if you are going to Alexa or Benz with your pics They will tell you:
you have to have this look for our clients can you do more pictures.
and its always with Zuzane J. and the same others anyway.
You going to Big agencies name in Miami they say the same old sheet:
you have to be shooted by our photographers (its $500-$600)

the model who gave you the tape its S like Shayna.
Like I told you she was nice ,she had a fun with us but I. M. spoiled her.
That true We don't follewed the Florida laws too much in this time because we are from overseas and I don't care too much about these third words rules.
Do you know that if you enregistered yourself in New Jersey you don't need TA?

We thank you for it but tell me how many fashion shows Shayna did from this time.

My wife would like to speak with you and Cooper one of this day.

question: are you like W. Bush with his preventive war!
You remind me the laws under comuniste with your attacks .

Where is your party about IM?

kiss baby
the Fry

(Second E-Mail)

from the fry

here is a nasty people
without TA giving job to "models" in maxim mag.

(Third E-Mail)

from french Fry again!

Hey moniqua second mail of the day about scam:
last week casting in Tampa about next top model tv B.S.

some of our models came back to us and told us that it was a Stange TV crew who organized this casting and ask $1000 after that with call back to be in this "casting"in Tampa Bay only BS ! its still Africa here!
or should I said its the way of business in USA only?

the Fry

Hi French Fry!
Wow. Where do I start? Here goes.........
1. Scam in Clearwater charging $3,000.00 for school.
Sorry, French Fry, I was not sure who was doing it. I was not aware of many modeling businesses in Clearwater other than your own, so I assumed it may be you. As far as that business, none of us knew it even existed, so I am sure that they are not doing much business and most models are safe from them.
2. Are we afraid of lawsuits?
Not really. That doesn't mean that we are not preparing for them, though, and we are expecting them in the future. We are not doing anything that leaves us open to lawsuits, although I would not rule out a frivolous lawsuit from a model scam who is afraid of us and will try anything to silence our voice.
3. Getting new pictures done by request of an agency or casting.
That’s to be expected, as anyone who is in the position to make money from model portfolio photography and composite cards will look for ANY reason to dismiss your modeling portfolio. This is why it is so important for models to get their portfolios done before going to an agency. If your portfolio is already working and it is booking you work, then how seriously can you take an agency who tells you that you need new pictures when not only are your existing pictures still current, but you know that they work. Now, I am not sure about what these Tampa agencies have been doing, as I am not a new model and have been represented by them for a long time, but I can say this much: Susan Jeffers is a great photographer and a legitimate professional. So is Michael Cairnes. Their work is awesome! As for the other photographers on agency lists? I think that models should look at their work first and decide for themselves, or better yet, skip the agency recommendations and find a professional photographer BEFORE you go to any agency. If you must choose an agency-recommended photographer, though, you cannot go wrong with Susan Jeffers or Michael Cairnes (at least the agencies got it right, there).
As for casting, models should know better than to have pictures sold to them when they are there in consideration of booking a job.
4. Shayna.....
I think that I know the model which you are referring to, but she didn’t give us a tape. I don’t even know her. We got the tape from someone who bought it somewhere a long time ago. As for Shayna, I don’t know much about her or her career.
5. Are we like W. Bush with his preventive war?
Hmmmmmm....... No. We have had meeting lately and have noticed that we are winning our war with model scams so far without taking any aggressive action. We simply post scam pattern information, the tools to fight them, and information on how to deal with them. We don’t have the time to single-out any scam anymore, and wish to keep our liability low.
Regarding your perception that we are attacking people in the industry, who do you see us attacking? As far as I know, neither myself or this site have attacked anyone lately.
With Bush, though, this war on terror is getting ridiculous, and I see your point. What do people in France think about it?
6. Independent Modeling (IM)
I have the impression that you have a strong dislike for my friends over at Independent Modeling. Why don’t you like them? They are a great modeling resource site which is helping the industry. While it is true that they did not see eye to eye with you back in 2003 (and neither did I, if you recall), everything is cool now. At least, I hope that you have gotten over it. You have to admit that we were right about your casting partner. We’ve been right about many things, but to be fair we have been wrong on a few occasions. Do you blame us for asking questions when we are not sure what is going on with a business or model job?
If you would like, I will see if I can get you listed on TALON along with the other professional photographers.
Ok, I have to conclude this letter now, and regarding the other letter, thank you so much for the tips.
In closing, I’d like to point out that I really like the song on your web site! You never answered my question last month and told me what it was, so I used by investigative skills (despite my ignorance of French) to find out for myself, as all models should learn to think for themselves and find their own answers as a rule.
The song is “Comment te dire adieu”, which translates to mean “How to say goodbye”. Madonna has a song with similar lyrics, but her song is different.
You are impressed, aren’t you? Not bad for an American model who only knows how to speak English. Many models are very good at finding things and work hard at booking work on their own in their careers. You already knew that, though.
Oh, by the way, Fry, in your honor we have added a "French Fry Bag" archive section which will contain all of your letters and my responses. This area, which is dedicated to you, is accessable from the menu of our Mail Bag Archives. Congratulations. You are now famous, and many models will be easily able to find all of your letters and benefit from what you have to say! I'm so happy for you! Hee hee!
Have a great day, my French Fry!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Bedroom Tricks
Another E-Mail from some guy who really wants to show models his rad bed room. He may want to model, too, but we aren’t really sure because he has yet to send a picture of himself.

Hi. I have a unique bed which I designed and made. My posters are well
thought out! I look good and was wondering if I can be a model. Can I
come in for an interview?

Um, hello again, Dave.
The pictures that you sent in of your bed room setup looks interesting. It looks like you spent too a lot of time on it. I bet you impress the hell out of the girls..... Well, maybe not.
Enough about the bedroom, though. What do you look like? Lose the Web TV account and send us a professional head shot or modeling pictures, and I’ll let you know what I think. As far as coming in for an interview, my question is why? Do you think that we are a model agency? We’re not! There’s no point in coming in for anything. Just sit back and use our site to help your modeling career.
If you insist on being seen by anyone, contact your local model and talent agency. Something tells me that you are cut out for looking into that route. You can get information for Tampa Bay model and talent agencies in our RESOURCES section.
Good luck.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


Whew! That was one mail bag that took me forever to finish! Well, I have to run now and start on the November mail bag, which is due in two weeks. Since that mail bag will post the second(ish) week of November, I will finally be caught up with the December mail bag, which should post on time. Although most may want to have this as an excuse, this is what happens when you have a busy modeling career. I’m busy with my modeling career and make a living by modeling, not by doing this mail bag. I volunteer the little spare time that I have to do this to help models. Why can’t I have the spare time that all of those so-called professional modeling photographers do when they lurk on model message boards all day. Oh, that’s right, I’m busy working and booking more work!
It would be cool if all of the models here at Tampa Bay Modeling were retired models or didn’t actually work as models, as the site would be updated more, but that could be a bad thing because then we wouldn’t be qualified to do this. We all have to work as models AND keep up with this site, and I am sure that the professional models who are our target audience understand and respect that.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


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