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Wednesday, May 3, 2006Tampa Bay model photographed at a Tampa Bay location during a model portfolio photography session by Tampa Bay photography company Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design. Photograph by modeling portfolio photographer Chris Passinault.

The Great Pretenders.

We’ve all seen it over the years. We just didn’t have a name for it until now. Our model scam researchers have defined a new kind of scam, and it just happens to be the outer skin of most types of scams. Introducing the “Pretense Scam”.
Out of all the colorful, and often shady, characters in the modeling industry, we see this most with so-called model portfolio photographers. Although Pretense Scams can be applied to any profession, for the duration of this opinion post we’ll apply it to all of the wonderful photographers out there who make themselves out to be far more than they actually are.

Fake it until you make it

How many times have we heard that? Well, lot of so-called professional photographers out there seem to live it. They pick up a camera for the first time, and within a week of shooting pictures of strippers and schoolgirls claim to be professionals with decades of professional experience and top modeling industry connections. Those who don’t bother to evaluate the quality of the work in their portfolio and don’t bother checking references fall for the lies and often pay good money for pictures that they cannot possibly use. More common, and my personal favorite, are all of the self-proclaimed professional photographers running around shooting models free of charge (Also known as TFP/TFCD). What could they be up to? I’d have to question any professional who does nothing but free work and do not seem to make any money at their claimed profession. I could accept a professional photographer who gets paid 90% of the time and selectively chooses to collaborate with professional models at no charge, but if all that you do is at no charge, I’d have to really question what they are doing and I wouldn’t be wrong with the conclusion that it is too good to be true. Often, such free professionals are either lying about their credentials and experience, have some unprofessional motives, or both. It is quite pathetic to see all of these guys try to trick models into bed with their cameras and their lies. It is even more pathetic to see these liars try to trick models into doing things that are bad for their careers. Just remember, ladies, pictures are forever, and some venereal diseases are incurable or even fatal. Did you really become a model to help some con artist photographer reproduce? There is not a photographer in the world worth compromising your professional integrity and principles for. If they have to lie and cheat to get work, regardless of if it is free or for a fee, what could they possibly do for you and your career? Even if they are the real deal, do you honestly think that they will respect you and help you with your modeling career after you have become their toy?

Look closer

There is a flip side, too. We often find photographers out there who actually do good work and have the references to back it up. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are ethical or professional, however. Some of these sleazy characters spend years stealing from professionals and copying their work. The lack of talent is camouflaged by lots of practice, and although they remain relatively low talent, they turn out work that looks good because they are well practiced copying others. These photographers are single-minded sociopaths who do not know when to quit and weather years of getting their asses kicked by the genuine professional photographers that they are ripping off. They scam their clients and molest models, too, knowing that there will always be a percentage of suckers out there who will either not learn of their bad reputations or don’t believe what they hear until it is too late. Determination keeps them in business, and they find a niche on the underbelly of the industry.
Just because they do good work does not make them professional or good to work with. These pretenders may be well practiced and may turn out work that looks good, but put them into a situation where they have to use talent to come up with something new or really good, and they will fall flat on their asses every time. Put them up against a real professional, and they won't be able to compete.
Some of these counterfeit photographers make themselves to be better than they are in some rather extreme ways. They will put well-known charities and other “reputable” affiliates all over their marketing material in an effort to make them look like they are some great humanitarians. Just because they look like good guys does not mean that it is true.
If the references that they give seem to be genuine professionals and well-known charities, then they need to be checked out before you work with them. If the photographers seems to be trying too hard to give a good public image, it could be a red flag that something is wrong. Ask the charity or reference how they are connected to the photographer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the charity either does not know who the photographer is or the photographer gave a dollar so they could drop their names. Some photographers will promote others to imply that they are associated with them when they are actually not. Remember the people that you know who seem to brag about who they know and try too hard to bring attention to themselves? The same thing happens with photographers in our industry. You are either cool or not. You either do or claim to do. If they seem to be trying too hard, you owe it to yourself to check their references before you bother to check their work. Name dropping to make yourself look better than you actually are is one of the oldest scams.
Insecurity is the root of pretentious, arrogant, and defensive behavior. Insecurity is not professional, and does not belong in the modeling industry. We need fewer words and more action. Don’t just say that you have integrity. SHOW IT.
I just wish that these pretentious photographers would be honest with themselves and with others. Lies and misconceptions will ALWAYS catch up to you, and regardless of how smart and slick that you think you are, you will eventually be accountable for those lies. Honesty may lead to a slower path into a career and paying some dues, but those are the careers that will have the respect of the real professionals and are the ones who will end up with the experience that will enable them to deal with a competitive industry. When the industry heats up and competition is truly on, the pretenders fall by the wayside and often lose their businesses while the real professionals thrive. It is the nature of any industry and is the way of natural selection.
If you are a new photographer who is motivated to learn the profession, be honest with yourself and others. If you are truly talented and work hard, you may be surprised to see who gives you a chance and works with you. If you have true integrity it will shine in your actions and reflect in you work, and if you work hard at it you will soon find that you will become a professional photographer who will be in business long after the pretenders fail to stay in a modeling industry that will continue to become smarter and more professional. The industry will change due to the professionals who push for professional accountability, and the models who are smart enough to ask questions.

~ Danielle Cooper, Editor

Tampa Bay Modeling

Clearwater Beach, Florida





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