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Exclusive Modeling Article - Photographers

Tampa Glamour Photographers: A danger to models?

Could the photographer who wants you to take it all off, and who insists that you need sexy pictures for your modeling portfolio, be the same kind of person who gets arrested for voyeurism? What ARE THEY going to do with those pictures of you?

By C. A. Passinault
Director, Tampa Bay Modeling
Lead Photographer and Designer, Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design

Please note: This article is not meant to condemn glamour modeling, as it is a legitimate field of modeling. It’s high risk modeling, however, so the drawbacks must be explored, and this type of modeling is NOT for new models; glamour modeling is for experienced models only!
If a model is aware of the risks, and this is the type of modeling that they wish to specialize in, by all means, there’s nothing wrong with it. Just keep in mind that being a glamour model will make it much more difficult, if not impossible, to book mainstream modeling jobs.
If you are a model who’s self worth and self esteem depends upon being perceived as “hot”, or “sexy”, don’t do glamour modeling. As with all types of modeling, but especially with glamour modeling, good self esteem is a must, and you have to have a professional frame of mind in order to maintain a career in this field. If you have self esteem issues, modeling is not a good way of building up your self esteem! Modeling is a tough, competitive career, and your judgement must be balanced in order to build and maintain your career.
You are defined by what you do.
Additionally, remember that pictures are forever. You can’t undo photographs. Once taken and published online, your pictures will live forever. Could you imagine your children coming up to you one day and asking why mommy was a whore? That’s not to say that their observation is accurate, but that’s what they perception would be if they found a bunch of tacky, nude pictures of you online. What about men leering at your pictures online, thinking that you’re cheap and easy? Do you think that anyone will respect you? You’re going to find out the hard way that you will not be able to control you is able to view your pictures. You also won’t be able to stop people from taking your pictures and emailing them to people.
If you are not sure about this, read this article, but don’t pursue glamour modeling. Maximize the marketability of your modeling career by avoiding high risk modeling.
All of this said, this article is about glamour PHOTOGRAPHERS. It is very, very difficult to find a glamour photographer whom you can trust, and whom will be able to handle high risk modeling pictures appropriately and professionally. Make sure that the glamour photographer is established, that their portfolio shows good work in other fields of modeling, and that they have REPUTABLE references. Also, never do a TFP/ TFCD for a glamour photographer, and ALWAYS get paid for ANY high risk modeling photography such as this.
Glamour modeling photographs have NO BUSINESS being in a standard, mainstream modeling portfolio, as it is a conflict. Glamour modeling photographs are often used as soft pornography, which is also a concern.
Regarding other high risk modeling, such as fetish modeling, that’s a subject for another article. That kind of modeling is higher risk than glamour modeling, and it’s almost as risky as outright pornographic “modeling”. Such extreme risk modeling is beyond the scope of Tampa Bay Modeling, and we do not recommend such “modeling”, at all, if you wish to have any kind of modeling career.
This sounds kind of obvious, but glamour models should never sleep with any photographers. Photographers who get models to “take it off”, and who then proceed to hit on the model, are unprofessional. If the photographer ever makes you feel uncomfortable, stop the shoot immediately, tear up the release, and leave! Better yet, NEVER sign ANY modeling release until the shoot is over.
As a photographer, at the time of this writing (02/15/11), I have never shot any glamour pictures, I have never shot any models in provocative poses, and I have never shot a nude. I never felt comfortable doing that kind of work. I also just turned down a photography job shooting pictures for an adult web site which would have paid very well. I know what I’m doing, and will not do work which is frankly outside of my profession.
I’ve been a professional photographer now for over ten years. I’m well known as one of the best modeling portfolio and talent headshot photographers in Florida. Throughout the past decade, I even avoided shooting a lot of swimsuit modeling because I was afraid that those pictures could be easily taken out of context, and that they would reflect badly upon the model.
I’m only now at the point of my career where I feel confident that I can navigate the career minefield that glamour photography entails, for both myself, and the models.
I have no choice but to get into photography which caters to high risk modeling, as I feel that I have to offer an ethical, professional alternative to what is available now (In my opinion, most glamour photographers in the Tampa Bay market are sleazy and unprofessional, and are only doing glamour photography to see girls nude). This said, know that I will have a long talk with any model who wants this type of work to make sure that they are aware of all of the risks. I will also try to talk them out of such modeling.
Also note that, with such work, I will do something called “segmenting my market” to avoid any conflicts. This work will not be offered by my Aurora PhotoArts company; I will operate another company under a separate brand with any high risk photography services.

C. A. Passinault
Professional Photographer
Director, Tampa Bay Modeling

With the “mayhem” (pun intended. Some sites, such as freebie portfolio networking sites, have perfect names, and branding, which reflect on the professionalism of their participants. We are more powerful than any portfolio networking site, and have a louder, credible, more relevant voice) in modeling portfolio networking web sites today, we see a lot of misconceptions about modeling which aspiring models do which completely destroy their careers before they have a chance to begin. Models need to be aware of the dangers of modeling, especially in a market such as the Tampa modeling market.
Our topic for this article, exclusive to Tampa Bay Modeling, is Tampa glamour photographers and the dangers of glamour photography to models and their modeling career. We are sure that this article will be controversial among glamour photographers, but it’s irrelevant to us. We’re models, they don’t have pictures if we don’t participate with their shoots, and they answer to us. Hear us roar.
For the purpose of this article, allow us to define what the term glamour means in the context of this subject. “Glamour” refers to any number of genres of high risk modeling and photography, which includes, but is not limited to, nude photography (including “artistic” nudes), boudoir photography, lingerie modeling photography, modeling in skimpy bikinis, and modeling in provocative poses.

To be concluded on 02/16/11

PUBLISHED 01/27/11

UPDATED 02/15/11






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