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Friday, September 1, 2006Tampa Bay model photographed at a Tampa Bay location during a model portfolio photography session by Tampa Bay photography company Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Bay Photography and Design. Photograph by modeling portfolio photographer Chris Passinault.

In Consideration.

Models must consider both the source and the motivation behind opinions that are given as advice. They must also carefully consider who they become associated with and what jobs they book into, as you are what you do and who you associate with.

In the modeling industry, and especially here in Tampa Bay, everyone, from the lowly guy running around with a camera posing as a professional photographer just to meet “hot girls” (technically more of a nuisance rather than a legitimate industry player), to professional independent models, happen to have opinions on one thing or another.
So, how seriously should you take an opinion? It depends upon who it is coming from and why they are voicing it. Do they really know what they are talking about or are they reciting something that they read somewhere else (There is a difference between reciting something and actually comprehending the meaning behind it)? Are they really trying to help you, or are they trying to manipulate you and set you up so they can take advantage of you? The source and the motivation should always be considered before you decide how seriously you can take it. If you cannot verify the credibility of the source, then you must look toward other methods of evaluation. Does more than one credible professional share the same opinion? If you take what you know and apply common sense to the opinion, does it add up? If the source is questionable, a lot of consideration needs to be applied to the opinion.
Consideration should also be applied to who you associate with. Who are they? Are they a qualified professional? Are they careful about who they associate with? Do most professionals who know them give their approval when it comes to their integrity and the level of honesty that they use in business? If someone is running a model scam or is conducting themselves unprofessionally and unethically, you may be supporting what they do by associating with them; you may actually make them seem more credible in the eyes of others and enable them to do what they are doing by selling yourself short or out. In this business, there is no excuse for compromise of any kind, and those who assist unethical people are just as guilty as the scams that they help.
Since you really can’t verify who we are on this site and our advertisers and sponsors may not be responsible for the opinions expressed here, you’ll just have to use the common sense rule. Since we are not selling you anything and there is no career risk from using this site (well, there might be if you go around rubbing it in the faces of agencies, but we would hope that you could be tactful, diplomatic, and discrete about what you know and activities that agencies may feel threatened by. Professionals should always be tactful unless they are into crusades and don’t mind handicapping themselves by burning a few bridges, and the reason that we are anonymous on this site is because we all have modeling careers but still want to help other models.), it wouldn’t hurt to give it a chance. By no means should you take anything that you see on the Tampa Bay Modeling site seriously until it proves itself to you. We know this works, we believe in it, and sooner or later, if you give it a chance, you will believe in it and apply it to your modeling career, too. What risk is there, and even if there was, should that deter you when you are always in control? Those who play it safe and who refuse to take any risks will never succeed, and it is all about weighing out the risks versus the potential rewards. That’s the beauty of being an educated and experienced model. The more that you know the rules, the more that you figure out which rules you can bend or break and when it is appropriate to do so.
Carefully consider the modeling jobs that you accept and book. Who is doing the job? What are the terms and conditions of the model job? Will they be able to sell your pictures to anyone that they want to regardless of your consent? Do their references and professional qualifications check out? Does the job involve anything that you would not normally feel comfortable doing? Do they associate with people with questionable ethics or professionalism? Is the pay too good to be true, and if it is, can they explain where the money is coming from, all the details of the job and how the materials derived from it will be used? If you don’t feel like they are being honest with you or it is too hard to get a straight answer, simply decline. Any model who accepts every job offer is endangering their career. The fact that it pays money does not make it legitimate or good for your career. Just because the trust fund kid decides that he wants to use a consumer camera, declare himself to be a professional photographer, and pay models hundreds of dollars to pose provocatively in a fraternity house does not make it a smart booking. You must consider if it is worth it regardless of the pay or how they make it sound. Educate yourself on the specific details of every job before you agree to book it.
Consider the source of any information that is given or sold to you, also. Be informed about what is going on in the modeling industry. If some model consultant, agency booker, or model manager claims to be able to help and guide your career, ask them to tell you more. If what they are trying to sell you sounds too familiar, look into it. If they end up recycling information from free modeling resources or real professionals and try to use that in order to bait models into buying whatever they are selling, how professional can they be? What does that do to their credibility? You must consider how they conduct their business, also, because if they rip off others, they will surely find a way to do it to you.
Use caution and be safe in your career. In an industry with more pitfalls than most, you really must look before you start down any path. Just because it looks like a nice expressway to a place in your career that would be worth going and everyone seems to be getting on that express way doesn’t mean that the expressway can’t have a traffic jam ahead with no way to turn around or get off. The expressway may even lead to nowhere, abruptly ending and dropping your career into an abyss that you will never survive (imagine what those people experienced back in the early 1980's here in the Tampa Bay area when a ship hit the original Sunshine Skyway bridge on that foggy, stormy morning and the road gave away to a free fall of hundreds of feet to the bay?).
Consider everything before you commit to it, and realize that it is being professionally responsible to ask questions and to make people accountable for what they do.

~ Danielle Cooper, Editor

Tampa Bay Modeling

Clearwater Beach, Florida








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Tampa Bay model Ayden photographed during a modeling portfolio photography session by Tampa Bay modeling portfolio photographer Andy Meng.