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No Experience Required.

The apparent and gutsy model scams in the Tampa Bay area seem to be increasing as of late. Lately, we are either hearing about model searches where “top agencies” discover models (hee hee.. Wait to you see what we have in store for model searches and agencies in the near future), and now we are seeing advertisements for model jobs that don’t require any experience. That’s what I intend to look at today.
While there is nothing wrong with the occasional art director who takes a chance on a new model with an unproven track record, or announcing a model job for experienced professionals only, I see a lot wrong with mixing model jobs and unqualified prospective models when you are advertising for said-jobs. Doesn’t anyone else see the potential for a conflict of interest and the high probability of a bait and switch?
Allow me to break it down for all of you, and then I’ll go into scenarios that really piss me off as a professional model. If you’re a professional and have any sense of pride for the modeling industry and what it could be, you’d be pissed, too.

Model job posts for experienced professionals only.
This is often a good thing. There is nothing misleading, and when you are only looking for experienced models, they are automatically-qualifying prospects who would not need any portfolios or modeling tools that they would have to buy. The only catch is that if it is advertised, I have to wonder how the hell they are making back their money. Advertising is not cheap, and if you really need professional models there are less expensive ways of finding them (either through a model and talent agency or independent freelance models responding to a simple job post on any free model job board out there on the Internet). The high cost and low return is probably a big reason that we see so few of these.

Model job posts for models with no experience.
These are full of ethical issues and other problems. Why would anyone want to work with inexperienced models on a professional job? Any job, especially print or fashion shows, are difficult enough when you are working with seasoned professionals. You’re asking for disaster of you are sincerely soliciting amateurs to work professional jobs, and I would have to question if anyone who does so really knows what in the hell they are doing.
If you’re selling modeling portfolios and career tools, then fine; do that. Advertise that you are a good photographer or modeling consultant company and invite people to check you out. Just don’t lure them in with false promises of jobs that they never have any real chance of booking. These are either blatant bait-and-switch model scams or done by people who have no clue what they are doing and probably cannot do any professional, credible work.

Advertised credibility.
In my opinion, average American consumers are stupid. If they see it on television, read it in the paper, or hear it on the radio, their guard comes down and they accept it as legitimate. The reverse is often true. If it is advertised and it sounds too good to be true, it often is. For the record, I have never seen any model job offer advertised on the radio, television, or in the paper pan out. I know because I look into every single on of them. More often or not, there is no job and they try to sell me portfolio pictures that I already have or modeling classes that I don’t need. They tend to absolutely ignore and dismiss my tear sheets and work history, too. Also, for the record, the same portfolio and model tools that they criticize book me professional work all of the time, and none of the model and talent agencies have a problem with what I work with, either. As for the classes, they cannot teach me anything that I don't already know, and often, what they are teaching is either incorrect, behind the times, or self-serving to their agenda with no basis in real modeling. Why do a model school, especially when you are lured in under false pretenses, when you can learn better and more useful information free-of-charge on sites like Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, Florida Models, and Advanced Model?
There must be a lot of fools out there buying into all of the B.S. because these bait-and-switches don’t seem to be going away and we are hearing reports of idiots shelling out tons of money for the crap that they are selling.

So, now that I have outlined some of the issues, what scenarios piss me off? I’ll give you one that I heard this weekend.
I’m listening to a Tampa Bay radio station, and I hear a commercial seeking models for fashion shows. This innocent-sounding lady is telling the listeners that they are looking for models for some fashion shows that they are doing, and that NO EXPERIENCE is required.
I don’t know about you, but this pisses me off. I also took action and did something about it. Do I have to go into details about what I think this is and what it was that I did about it? Let’s just say that some people in Tallahassee were very interested in the information that I sent them, and the sweet sounding model job lady will be getting contacted shortly by people other than those who they hope to lure with their radio spot. They had better hope that they aren’t doing anything wrong.
For those who don’t know, make sure that you check out our Tampa Bay model scam definition database and scam fighting resource coming in April 2006. See the “MODELS” button on our main menu? It’s going to change to something else soon (our “models” section will be accessible from our features menu, by the way).
No experience required? Take it from an experienced professional model who made her fair share of mistakes early in her career, recovered from those mistakes, and is now making a living modeling. Don’t believe everything that you hear. It’ll save you a lot of money and time. Are they clueless, well-meaning idiots spending money on advertising for real model jobs or con artists luring suckers in with false promises and hopes? You be the judge.
For now, we start on our fight to SAVE THE MODELS!

~ Danielle Cooper, Editor

Tampa Bay Modeling

Clearwater Beach, Florida





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