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JUNE 2006

Forging Ahead

01. New Features
02. Never Been Scammed
03. Don't Leave Us
04. Independent Modeling Update Issue
05. The True Source
06. Portfolio Networking Site Professionalism
07. Well Done French Fry
08. Fast Food

Good day, everyone! It's Monica, and I'm back again for another delicious, career-nutritious mail bag!
It's finally summer!!!! I can't wait to hang out at the beach with my friends. That is, when I'm not booking a job as a model somewhere.
This month, we finally get to finish off those letters encouraging us to hang in there and praying that we continue work on the Tampa Bay Modeling site. We weren't the ones that quit. We continued work while we resolved our sponsorship issue. Thankfully, the site suspension, which only affected site maintenance and file uploads, only lasted two days. What an interesting two days it was, though!
In those two days, we received tons of E-mail from models and industry professionals complaining about the site suspension. Other sites that it affected, like Independent Modeling, were recipients of the widespread concern, too. Our sponsors really got it, and their phones and in boxes were bombarded with concerned professionals who were used to being able to rely on all of the involved sites. It didn't take us long for everyone involved to get the message. The sponsors renewed their support, we were released from any obligation to our sponsors, properties licensed to us were released to us ( which enables us to shop for other sponsors if this issue comes up again, and since there is no shortage of businesses that want to be sponsors of all these sites, there is a huge incentive not to let it happen again), and resources available to us were increased. I'm guessing that our sponsors felt bad and wanted to make it up to us. They should. Sites like Tampa Bay Modeling help the modeling industry and also help make unregulated professions such as model portfolio photography (especially in the Tampa Bay Market) accountable for what they say and do. I hope that our sponsors realize that, by supporting modeling resource sites like us, they make the industry more professional and more conductive to doing business. It is an excellent investment, because they help themselves by helping the industry.
Now that my long speech is done, I would like to thank our sponsors for standing by us. There are some real scumbags out there who would like nothing more than to see these sites shut down. That's sad. Thankfully, though, many more have shown that they love and support us, and that makes what we do worth it. It's not like I get paid for doing this, but knowing that I am a part of making the modeling industry better and that we help models is payment enough for me. You're welcome.
Hmmmmmm........ Then again, as Danielle reminded me in a recent opinion post, most of those who hate us do so because we have a louder and more professional voice than they do. They can never compete, and we are much more effective than they will ever be. Hee hee.
Let's start the mail, now. Please note that because we received hundreds of supportive mail the two days that we were down (and even more in the following weeks), that I have only selected a couple to post. I'm sure that you don't want to spend hours reading a mail bag full of the same kind of letters and addressing an old issue and not asking for any advice or help. It wouldn't be fair to the other letters. We will be adding those letters to our mail bag archives in time, though.

~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

E-Mail of the month: New Features

Hello Monica,
I am very glad that you all are doing well and have decided to not let all of us down after all. Thank you for all that you do! We love you!!!
Now that you will continue on, we won't have to wonder about what might have been and keep guessing about all of those new ideas and tools that you have created but have yet to release to us. Things like your reverse auction idea have helped me and will eventually revolutionize the modeling industry. You are really changing the way things work like no one else can!
I thought that I knew everything that you've been working on and have been waiting for some of them with much anticipation, as you all are very smart and so far have managed to accomplish things that no one else has been able to or will be able to. You have me curious again. What are these new interactive tutorials of yours?
-Tammy from Ybor City

Hi Tammy,
It's good to hear from a professional model in Ybor. Thank you for all of the nice feedback.
The Interactive Tutorials were developed by an advanced concept team over at Independent Modeling. Although they are not as quick to use and as straightforward as a traditional tutorial, we expect more people to use them because of their story and "consequence of action" testing format. They are very compelling and can be addictive to play. Both Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling will use Interactive Tutorials as well as traditional ones.
We have some pretty nifty tools and ideas in development that have not been announced or hinted upon. Wait until you see what is coming next throughout the remainder of 2006 and into 2007!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Never Been Scammed

What is this association crap? Why do you make people pay for what others do?
You people seem to be out to spread fear and paranoia in the modeling industry! There are many professionals out here who are insulted by your accusations because they are not doing anything wrong. Accept that real model scams are very rare in this business. I've never been scammed.
-Carl from Tampa

I would have to say that you have scammed yourself, Carl, with your delusional remarks. You've probably been scammed before and are not bright enough to realize that your friends victimize you.
Because of the over-glamorized nature of the modeling industry and the number of people who desire to become a part of it for one reason or another, you will find that at least half of all the so-called players in the industry employ questionable or unethical practices. A third of the industry is made up of scams to one degree or another.
The top two modeling scams are model photography and model agency scams. Over half of all photographers misrepresent themselves to some degree, which makes them a scam because they lie. Those that lie often don't have any issue with other dishonest behavior.
Scams are everywhere due to a lack of accountability and regulation, or enforcement, of existing industry regulations.

My mother used to tell me that if I were to show her the company that I kept, she could easily tell what kind of person that I was. When I grew up, I discovered that she was right. People of like-mind and ethics tend to hang out and collaborate. If you know that your business friends do things that are wrong and still work with them, then you are just as guilty as they are because you are benefitting from their conduct. If you work with unethical people and you don't have a clue that they are doing something wrong, then it is your own fault; you failed to preserve your professional integrity because you did not do your homework on your new friends before you decided to work with them. This makes you professionally reckless and a danger to anyone that you work with, especially when your slime ball friends may be using you to enhance whatever it is that they are doing, with you shaking the hands and defending those who leech off of you.
Anyone who compromises their integrity and values to work with people who use questionable tactics are sell-outs. These people are dangerous to both themselves and others.

Before I work with anyone in the modeling industry, especially model portfolio photographers, I check out who they are associated with. I've found that they truly are who they associate with, and this way of checking references has never failed. I also have learned to trust my gut instincts, too.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Don't Leave Us

Tampa Bay Modeling,
Please don't go. Don't let some loser photographers and model scams get the best of you and silence you. We need you!
- Stacy from Tampa

Hello models,
My parents and I love your site. You have helped us avoid some scams, too. We were upset when we saw that you were quitting, but are now relieved to see that you came to your senses and are continuing the fight! Let us know if you need any help. My dad is a lawyer and would gladly help you free of charge.
- Kelly from Clearwater Beach

These are my two picks for letters on the subject of our two day vacation.
As you can see, ladies, we have not shut down and are doing well. Thank you all for you support and encouragement!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Independent Modeling Update Issue

Hello Monica,
I really love your wit and your style. Good to see you back. I really love to see you put people in their place and am excited about all the things that you and your friends have added to the Tampa Bay Modeling site.
Which brings me to the reason that I am writing you today. What in the hell is going on with Independent Modeling? The site is awesome and it seemed that they finally grew up and can now achieve their potential. When is the site going to be updated?
Monica, you used to work on their staff. If anyone knows what is going on with them, you would. Is Jillian out partying every night or is she asleep at the wheel?
- Amy from Orlando

Hi Amy,
None of the above. I know how you feel, though, as I am sick and tired of the lack of updates on Independent Modeling, Acting, Performer, and TALON. It's really sad that they keep posting about upcoming updates that never seem to happen.
All is not lost, though. They really have been working on things and the updates are finally on their way! For the record, I was told last week that the sites will be heavily updated this summer, starting this month. By the time that you read this, you will probably notice that the updates are well underway.
Presently, I am on the staff of Tampa Bay Modeling. I am still a regular contributor on Independent Modeling, though, and I may even contribute to the upcoming Advanced Model site.
Like most professionals, I utilize Independent Modeling as a career resource, and that makes me a professional model with a huge advantage over the traditional agency-led models. I book work much more than models who rely exclusively on model and talent agencies.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


The True Source

There is a photographer who told me that your site is a scam. He claims to help models, too.
I became curious and checked out your site (I knew who you were because the guy named the site). I became even more curious when I noticed that many of the things that he tells models are on your site. If you are a scam, then why does he say the same things and make it to be like he is the one who came up with it?
I did some research, studying your site and then investigated this photographer more before working with him anymore. My conclusion is that I will not deal with him again.
Because it is easy to see that he's the real scam and that he is stealing stuff from your site! How do you feel about con artists stealing from you and then telling people lies about you?
- Tilly from Tampa

Hi Tilly,
You're not alone. Most models figure out the true source of great modeling career information and tools, which destroys the credibility of the thieves who steal from us. Unfortunately, some find out too late. Some find out long after they have been scammed, exploited, and ripped off because they didn't take a few minutes to check references and figure things out for themselves.
Thankfully, most of those who have been scammed join others who have also been scammed to let the industry know the truth about the scams. This adds to the misery and the misfortune that the scam will reap. You reap what you sow. Now, who was it that said that you will know them by their fruits? Some people put themselves out of business by selling themselves short; taking short cuts and behaving unethically. Those who cheat never last. Our worst enemies today will put themselves out of business eventually, and five years from now we will still be here and they will not be. It happened with Independent Modeling, and it's happening here. We outlive the scams, although you can rest assured that new characters will come in and take their place in the never-ending cycle.
Don't trust anyone in this industry until you know them!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Portfolio Networking Site Professionalism

You models need to quit your bitching about portfolio networking sites. The ones that I am on don't cost me anything and they are great resources for finding good models and career information. If I ever need to learn something, I can always ask my friends on the message boards.
Although you girls annoy the shit out of me with some of the things that you rant on about, I do like your site. Please, for the love of God, tone it down with the negativity! Are you all angry about something?
-Kenny from Saint Petersburg Beach

Hi Kenny,
In our experience, portfolio networking sites are flooded with amateurs running around working for free. It's not the modeling industry, and portfolio networking sites misrepresent what modeling is all about due to a lot of people with no clue about what they are talking about voicing their opinions. Why are there so many flaky people on there and complaints about no call- no shows? It's because the sites have very few real professionals involved.
I know of a few professionals who have profiles on portfolio networking sites just to intimidate some of the losers on there. They really don't have the time to post on the message boards and work with the amateurs on the site because they are too busy booking work and making money (Isn't that the point of being a professional- to make money?). The time spent there is just enough to maintain their profiles, serve as a web site lead-in (i.e. a genuine professional alternative to the mess thriving on the site), and psychologically rattle those who see the profile. It really is amusing seeing the arrogant amateurs reacting to perceived competition.

I look at the so-called models, photographers, make up artists, and others on those sites, and it makes me sick. It's so icky. I am so very glad that what is on portfolio networking sites does not truly represent the real modeling industry, because if it were the case I would be depressed and would probably look into another career. I tried working with some people on those sites before and have always been less than impressed. I now stick to working with the real professionals in the modeling industry, and most of them have no use for such sites. Tell me, do you respect the work of so-called professionals who give their services to you for free? I can buy an occasional collaboration between established professionals, but if all you do is free work, there is something very wrong with you and you don't have my respect.
Have they made an investment into their career? Have they invested both time and money into the professional tools that they need, such as professional pictures and a professional web site which is not a freebie? Makes you think. How professional and serious is someone who has no real investment into their career? Some people put up amateur pics on a free portfolio networking site and declare themselves to be professionals. Whatever.

I have some great news for everyone who spreads misconceptions about the modeling industry through the free love on portfolio networking sites. You now have something to worry about. There are some genuine professionals who are going to give aspiring models on the site a professional alternative. This should prove to be a nice little experiment, especially since I've had the misfortune of checking out your work. Maybe you ought to check out other careers- perhaps you could work as an accountant? Please save yourself some frustration and give it up. There are way too many professional photographers out there doing work that is much better than your best. I weep for the models who waste their time with your photography.
Anyway, you might have a point about the negativity on this site. We are now working on positive content. In one example of our emerging outgoing nature, we are working on a tutorial about exploiting the flaws of portfolio networking sites.

Hee hee.
Seriously, though, we are going to be getting away from some of the negativity in the coming weeks. We're already taking out some of the over-the-top inflammatory remarks on the site.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Well Done French Fry

hey Monique,
I saw your mail bag, thank you to publish my words in English !

couple things again:

#1 the agency with many "Teams":
I cannot say the name,,just that: "only Him knows everything about modeling in this area"!
He is collecting more than 300 models for what? for Tampa Bay market?

I will don't loose my time to do modeling agency here, I have a studio in Paris .
I'am working with my Friends in Europe directly.
If you have what it take to be in these markets,please contact me.
WE found Eva Herzigova, letitia Casta,and more.

Tyra banks is a supermodel because the market was in need to a US Black model (for the African Americans clients).
Naomi Campbell was better but no American ! and her she really walk like a queen .

For the modeling technique I don't know why you are pushing to go in the Dance studio for learn the "Turns". Do you own one?
Do you think it will be for free ?
Why some professional models teachers like we have should be worst than a infamous gay dance teacher .
Some models in Tampa bay are OK like I saw in academy of design Fashion Show.
but the others, please !
I can see they where teached by Friends and dancers! and clowns maybe

That true that the big "schools" are expensive and they hire teachers who don't know by themself the run way's.
I saw couple trying to spy on you.

Funny is n't it
like you maybe who knows all my ads trough the net.

Sorry I don't want fight with you but everyday I have some strange calls asking strange things.

anyway see you soon ,In my studio?
don't worry I am to old for you.

-The Fry

Hi Fry,
Once again, one of my favorite contributors. Let's tackle some of your points.
1 - The agency with many teams.
Who in the hell is this guy and which agency is this? I only know of one agency which is owned by a guy in Tampa Bay, and it is legitimate. Then again, don't tell me..... If someone is doing this, it would be obvious to the educated professional model. To state the obvious is overkill and invites liability because allegations must be proven. Neither you nor I want that. It's nice that you notice things like that, though.
Is this the same guy with the model hook-up parties? His name must be Damion, and he sounds like that he has the triple six on his forehead. There is more than one potential antichrist in the Tampa Bay modeling industry, this much I can assure you. Most of them are dumbasses, though, and are seldom more than annoying ripples in the river of the industry.

2 - You and an agency here.
Why did you advertise for bookers on a model resource site, then? Did ya change your mind?
If you notice some sleazeball running some unethical agency in Tampa Bay, you should set up a professional alternative by going ahead with an ethical agency. With your major market experience, you'd help models and would put a hurting on his agency. I know of genuine professional photographers who have set up ethical, professional alternatives to what many unethical pretentious "photographers" are trying to pull. It's working, and they are kicking their asses right now. The real professionals work with the best models, book the most jobs, and have the well-earned reputations of being ethical and professional.

One question about you discovering the Victoria's Secret models- I know your work and have seen your portfolio as a photographer. Why aren't they in there? Is it the same deal that Leonardo Decaprio was; are they friends instead of people that you worked with? I would think that you would feature popular models like them in your work.
3 - Tyra Banks
I agree. The more that I see of Tyra and her "modeling show", though, the more I get annoyed with her. She has the same problem that Independent Modeling used to have and Tampa Bay Modeling presently has. The problem? Too much drama, and not nearly enough modeling information. At least we are up to admitting our faults, though, and I promise that more positive information and tools are on the way. You can even use those tools, too, if you wish.
For the record, upcoming site Advanced Model will be covering Tyra Banks and future seasons of America's Next Top Model with recaps, contestant evaluations, opinions on both the models and the industry experts judging them, and professional alternatives to mistakes shown on the show. I'm also sure that Tyra and the old industry guard are going to bitch about and condemn the Advanced Model modeling book when it is published. Who cares if they hate it- they would be lying if they said that what is in the book (i.e. booking work without an agency, etc) did not work. Everyone knows that it works. The famous faces in the industry will have a bit to lose, though, and will openly criticize it, I'm sure. Hey, they are not always right, you know, and I think that you will agree. The modeling industry needs to shape up and improve.
So, Advanced Model will be both a modeling web site and a controversial book. Word has it, though, that it will also be a national magazine. Time will tell.
4 - Dance Studios and "Turns".
Hey, dance studios rule, and no, I don't own one or know anyone who does. Just because we comment about something or make a suggestion does not mean that we are in that profession or are connected to it. Honestly, we are here to help models and the industry with no ulterior motives. Once upon a time, about three years a go, this person that you know stated that modeling resource sites were a shady way of pitching services.
Although I can understand how someone can be suspicious about the motives of others in a high-scam business like the modeling industry, you have to have at least some faith that there are professionals who actually want to help others. Let me explain something- a model resource site is not a very cost effective way of marketing any service. These sites take a ton of time and work, and there are far more effective ways of marketing any business. Anyway, last month you thought that I was a photographer or had a boyfriend who was one because we were talking about photographers. I'm a model who is concerned about the industry. Nice to meet you. Case closed..... forget about trying to figure me out and let's debate the issues at hand.
Anyway, I don't think that instruction at any dance studio would be free. It would be as screwed up as a photographer who did nothing but free work. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper than going to a modeling school would be, though!
Walking runway is simply choreography, and any choreographer at a dance studio can teach it. Now, with this said, I will say that it would be ideal for someone experienced in professional runway to teach it, but to my knowledge there is no one in Tampa Bay with that experience. Know anyone here who can do more than what a choreographer at a dance studio can do?
Hmmmm..... Ok, a few questions for you.
1. Did you mean that you saw a couple spying on us? Does this have anything to do with those weird questions that you get on the phone? Welcome to the industry. We're used to people watching this site and trying to take what they can. We even have a few stalkers.
2. Second and last question. You mentioned that you get weird phone calls. Care to elaborate? And no, it's not us if that's what you are getting at.
Oh, in regards to seeing your ads on the Internet, we see everything. People watch us, and we watch even more. We monitor lots of sites and boards on the Internet, too.

So, will you see me in your studio? Well, since I already know how to walk and am not entirely sure about your motivation, I would have to say no. At least for now.
Can I really trust you?
Don't get me wrong. I actually enjoy getting your letters. You may not believe it, but the French Fry nickname that I refer to you by is one of affection. It may have started out as a derogatory name three years ago, but I actually use it with a bit of fondness now.
For the record, I am now fairly certain that you are not running any sort of model scam, although I do think that a model school is not needed in the Tampa Bay market when you can learn all about modeling and being a professional model on modeling resource sites like Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling. I may disagree with some of your opinions, but I honestly respect your right to express them and will continue to publish your letters here if you continue to send them. Your letters are the highlight of my day, and I look forward to reading them.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Fast Food

This model and I finished up on a bikini jam shoot. It was raining when we got back to my place.
I heated up some pizza for us, and realized that I did not have any clean plates.
We used each other for plates, and (omitted ten pages of freaky details).
It was fun. This is why I became the best fashion photographer. It get's me what I want.
-Jim, a photoboy from Tampa

.......... You people are freaks. I don't know if I buy your story, either. Plates are flat. Bikini models are not known for their flatness.
Photographers in the bay area don't exactly have good reputations right now, and after reading your letter I can see why. You should be a photographer to take photographs. While it isn't wrong to date models if the attraction is mutual, becoming a photographer for the sole purpose of hitting on pretty girls is very unprofessional. The last photographer that hit on me got a camera bashed over his bald head, and the pervert deserved it (let's not forget a sex offender photographer by the name of Mario, who kept bothering me a couple of years back in a night club and ended up with his ass kicked by some bouncer friends of mine. Watching him get what he deserved was good for me, too- I liked it very much).

Well, that's it for this month. It's time for me to book some work and hit the beach in my off-time. Maybe I'll see everyone in Ybor this weekend for some club action!
Oh, before I go, there's some thought around here to making the mail bag a weekly thing instead of a monthly thing. How does every Friday sound? I don't know if we'll do that yet, but I think that more frequent, smaller mail bags with a little back and forth debating might be just what we need. Once a month is just too slow to debate with. Would you like that French Fry? Hmmmmmmm? Hee hee. Lates.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

What do you like and dislike about the modeling industry here in Tampa Bay?

E-Mail us and let us know what YOU think!

E-MAIL: TampaBayModeling@Yahoo.Com

C/O Monica Stevens, Mail Bag Editor






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