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French Fry
French Fry gives his take on model job scams and points out some possible scams while Monica posts a response that will surely inspire him for all time.

from the Fry

Hey Monique,

I was disapointed that you think we charge $3000 for tuitions.
I wish, but nobody in this thirld world of Tampa Bay can afford it.

Should be some guy name (omitted) located in Clearwater: they use this site (omitted) to scam the poor girls to be "exposed".

Monica, if you are all so mad after the scams why you don't look around (well-known model schools listed - You know the ones -ED) about how they scams their clients.
they even have a life program for $6000! (I have some tips).
Are you scare of lawsuits?

About the casting:
don't worry I will don't tell you How you have to change your pictures;
we are only using our models who are trained and shooted by us.
only sometime like this ad we need older girls for swimsuit.

By the way if you are going to Alexa or Benz with your pics They will tell you:
you have to have this look for our clients can you do more pictures.
and its always with Zuzane J. and the same others anyway.
You going to Big agencies name in Miami they say the same old sheet:
you have to be shooted by our photographers (its $500-$600)

the model who gave you the tape its S like Shayna.
Like I told you she was nice ,she had a fun with us but I. M. spoiled her.
That true We don't follewed the Florida laws too much in this time because we are from overseas and I don't care too much about these third words rules.
Do you know that if you enregistered yourself in New Jersey you don't need TA?

We thank you for it but tell me how many fashion shows Shayna did from this time.

My wife would like to speak with you and Cooper one of this day.

question: are you like W. Bush with his preventive war!
You remind me the laws under comuniste with your attacks .

Where is your party about IM?

kiss baby
the Fry

(Second E-Mail)

from the fry

here is a nasty people
without TA giving job to "models" in maxim mag.

(Third E-Mail)

from french Fry again!

Hey moniqua second mail of the day about scam:
last week casting in Tampa about next top model tv B.S.

some of our models came back to us and told us that it was a Stange TV crew who organized this casting and ask $1000 after that with call back to be in this "casting"in Tampa Bay only BS ! its still Africa here!
or should I said its the way of business in USA only?

the Fry

Hi French Fry!
Wow. Where do I start? Here goes.........
1. Scam in Clearwater charging $3,000.00 for school.
Sorry, French Fry, I was not sure who was doing it. I was not aware of many modeling businesses in Clearwater other than your own, so I assumed it may be you. As far as that business, none of us knew it even existed, so I am sure that they are not doing much business and most models are safe from them.
2. Are we afraid of lawsuits?
Not really. That doesn't mean that we are not preparing for them, though, and we are expecting them in the future. We are not doing anything that leaves us open to lawsuits, although I would not rule out a frivolous lawsuit from a model scam who is afraid of us and will try anything to silence our voice.
3. Getting new pictures done by request of an agency or casting.
That’s to be expected, as anyone who is in the position to make money from model portfolio photography and composite cards will look for ANY reason to dismiss your modeling portfolio. This is why it is so important for models to get their portfolios done before going to an agency. If your portfolio is already working and it is booking you work, then how seriously can you take an agency who tells you that you need new pictures when not only are your existing pictures still current, but you know that they work. Now, I am not sure about what these Tampa agencies have been doing, as I am not a new model and have been represented by them for a long time, but I can say this much: Susan Jeffers is a great photographer and a legitimate professional. So is Michael Cairnes. Their work is awesome! As for the other photographers on agency lists? I think that models should look at their work first and decide for themselves, or better yet, skip the agency recommendations and find a professional photographer BEFORE you go to any agency. If you must choose an agency-recommended photographer, though, you cannot go wrong with Susan Jeffers or Michael Cairnes (at least the agencies got it right, there).
As for casting, models should know better than to have pictures sold to them when they are there in consideration of booking a job.
4. Shayna.....
I think that I know the model which you are referring to, but she didn’t give us a tape. I don’t even know her. We got the tape from someone who bought it somewhere a long time ago. As for Shayna, I don’t know much about her or her career.
5. Are we like W. Bush with his preventive war?
Hmmmmmm....... No. We have had meeting lately and have noticed that we are winning our war with model scams so far without taking any aggressive action. We simply post scam pattern information, the tools to fight them, and information on how to deal with them. We don’t have the time to single-out any scam anymore, and wish to keep our liability low.
Regarding your perception that we are attacking people in the industry, who do you see us attacking? As far as I know, neither myself or this site have attacked anyone lately.
With Bush, though, this war on terror is getting ridiculous, and I see your point. What do people in France think about it?
6. Independent Modeling (IM)
I have the impression that you have a strong dislike for my friends over at Independent Modeling. Why don’t you like them? They are a great modeling resource site which is helping the industry. While it is true that they did not see eye to eye with you back in 2003 (and neither did I, if you recall), everything is cool now. At least, I hope that you have gotten over it. You have to admit that we were right about your casting partner. We’ve been right about many things, but to be fair we have been wrong on a few occasions. Do you blame us for asking questions when we are not sure what is going on with a business or model job?
If you would like, I will see if I can get you listed on TALON along with the other professional photographers.
Ok, I have to conclude this letter now, and regarding the other letter, thank you so much for the tips.
In closing, I’d like to point out that I really like the song on your web site! You never answered my question last month and told me what it was, so I used by investigative skills (despite my ignorance of French) to find out for myself, as all models should learn to think for themselves and find their own answers as a rule.
The song is “Comment te dire adieu”, which translates to mean “How to say goodbye”. Madonna has a song with similar lyrics, but her song is different.
You are impressed, aren’t you? Not bad for an American model who only knows how to speak English. Many models are very good at finding things and work hard at booking work on their own in their careers. You already knew that, though.
Oh, by the way, Fry, in your honor we have added a "French Fry Bag" archive section which will contain all of your letters and my responses. This area, which is dedicated to you, is accessable from the menu of our Mail Bag Archives. Congratulations. You are now famous, and many models will be easily able to find all of your letters and benefit from what you have to say! I'm so happy for you! Hee hee!
Have a great day, my French Fry!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


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C/O Monica Stevens, Mail Bag Editor

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