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Identity Crisis
A reader wants to know who we are in a question that may be two years old.


Hello everyone! I can’t believe that it is October already. This year has blurred by, and now I have to figure out what to dress up as later this month at the Tampa Bay Modeling Halloween bash. There’s another party, too, on October 18, as the models of Tampa Bay Modeling celebrate our second anniversary. That birthday party will be at a secret location in Tampa, but I’ll give you all a clue. If you’re smart, you may be able to figure out where it’ll be, and if you can figure that out, consider yourself invited (Ahem.... French Fry and his supermodel wife). Let’s just say that most of us will have dates, the party will be preceded by five-star dining, and the ballroom will be at the same location. Although it will be on a Wednesday evening, we’ll be dancing well into Thursday morning as we see the stars dance on the dark waters of Tampa Bay. I like how the lights of bridges look in the distance, too. Danielle, Laura, Serena, Jessica, Talesha, Chris, and Mindy have gone all-out with this one, and we will even have a DJ with a dance squad and a photographer (there will be other photographers there, too, but they will not be working and will be attending as guests). Danielle Cooper will be our keynote speaker for the evening, and she will be discussing the issues with Tampa model and talent agencies and the growing threat of model consultation scams in the area. It’s just too bad that we will never be able to post the pictures of the event here with all of us dressed up and celebrating. There are a lot of us, and we continue to grow. Oh, and one more thing. If you figure it out and decide to invite yourself, you will need to be on our list in order to avoid a cover, which is $75.00 per couple and $50.00 if you come alone. Most that have to figure it out won’t be on our list (we will be putting a few on our list who won’t be directly invited). The cover just covers being allowed to join us, and does not cover dinner, drinks, or anything else. You will also need to know the code word, which is “Rose”. Forget the code word or the cash, and you’re history.
Will it be in Ybor? Well, Ybor sucks, and it is nowhere near the bay. Besides, we treat Ybor as a DMZ, or no-mans land. The answer would be no.
I love it. It is sooooooo underground! Hee hee!
Anyway, I just got back from spending a few weeks in New York. Fashion week was so much fun! I did a lot of runway and even a couple of fashion shoots. A part of me is glad to be home, but as a model I did not look forward to returning to this modeling market. In New York, agencies actually work well. Here..... Well, you know the story. Tampa Bay isn’t New York, and it isn’t even Miami. The legitimate modeling industry here is weak, and in my opinion 75% of the market here is made up of unprofessionals and model scams (one of the reasons that sites like this exist, which is to save the models from the model scams). Don’t even get me started about all of these model consultation scams that I’ve been learning about, especially one which has been stealing from our friends over at Independent Modeling.
Well, now I’m relaxing with a nice tall glass of milk. My bedroom window is open, and it’s a nice night outside, although it is a bit cool out and soon I will not be so inclined to sit here in my underwear next to an open window. I love the late nights working on this. Because of my time in New York and some of the things that I had to do upon my return, I am off to another late start, and if I’m lucky I’ll get this online by the middle of October (look at the bright side, if that happens you will only have to wait two weeks for the next mail bag instead of an entire month!). Well, I need to get this done. On to the mail!
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

I, and I am sure many others would like to see the resume and tear sheets of the "international top models" that are running this site from their condos. I found it slightly rude and unprofessional that the staff seems to brag about their so-called posh lives. We'd like to be impressed and see the credentials of who is doing all of this since no one has heard of anyone on here.
- Marcus, someone from the Tampa Bay area

Hi Marcus,
Why is this E-Mail worded exactly like a post on the old Tampa Bay Modeling message board two years ago? Did you write it, or are you just copying what you read? Regardless of the origin, the original question was never really answered. I will answer you.
I know that we always tell people to consider the source when it comes to anyone giving an opinion, but in cases where you CAN’T verify the source (as in this one), you have to apply common sense to the information and see if it balances out. If you give it a chance, and believe me when I say that there is no risk here, the information and career resources available on this site work.
Who are we? Who cares! What is on this site works, and because some of the content is both controversial and necessary, and its nature would be a conflict with our careers, you may never know who we are. You can choose to believe whatever you wish, and it doesn’t matter to us. You will only be cheating yourself if you doubt anything that we say or claim, simply because you will be underestimating us.
The irony here? The photographer who originally demanded to see our tear sheets and credentials two years ago was himself lying about his credentials and experience to the point of faking his tear sheets (I recall a fake Versace tear that he made). Talk about ultimate hypocrisy and the pot calling the kettle black. We are not on here making false claims, yet it is ok for some con artist to actually do so; the double standard and defensive behavior is just pathetic.
Most people, I have found, accuse others of doing what they themselves are guilty of. If they imply wrongdoing or blatantly make baseless accusations, then they should be scrutinized for the same thing.
Oh, and getting a snap-shot printed in Maxim’s home town hotties or FHM’s 20 hot dates is NOT being professionally published. Those are amateur submission sections, and any so-called professional claiming that they have been “published” in these magazines when they have actually made these sections are not professionals, and their professional credibility is questionable at best. Did they get paid? Is the photographer credited? Does the model, photographer, and any other parties who are involved retain ANY rights to the images? I wouldn’t call it professional, and I would not call it being published, as that is misleading to others; it implies something more professional and more of an accomplishment than it actually is. Give a six year old a disposable camera and have them take a snap-shot of any attractive girl in a bikini, and they can be “published”, too. Does that make 6 year-old little Johnnie a professional photographer and competition? Does this make the bikini girl a professional model? This may be funny of it weren’t so pathetic. That opinion, though, is an entirely new subject which will be addressed in a Tampa Bay Modeling article soon.
~ Model Monica Stevens,
Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


October 2006 Mail Bag

As a model or a professional in the modeling industry, what are you most thankful for? Tell us what you think!

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C/O Monica Stevens, Mail Bag Editor

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