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Favorite Mail

Welcome to our all time favorite mail and posts from every mail bag that I have done. This is a combination of mail bags from Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling (any post before April 2006 would be from an old Independent Modeling mail bag). This is an archive of relevant mail and our replies organized by subject. The date of the mail bag will be noted for each letter, with a link to the related mail bag. This archive is updated on the first of the month when relevant mail is posted in the current mail bag, and the newest letters are added to the top. Other sections of the Tampa Bay Modeling site link to this section so the mail and our responses can be used as reference and support content. We really like this way of archiving so great letters and our replies are not lost in old mail bags and can be easily researched. Enjoy!
~ Model Monica Stevens, Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Mario Story - POSTED JUNE 2003.

Ola, everyone! It's finally Summer, and I've been spending a lot of time ski'ing with my B-friend and our friends. Picnic parties at the lake are too cool, ya know? I've also been booking lots of work, and I recently did a bit of runway over in Orlando. That show rocked, and I made it into a magazine. Speaking of jobs, our new TRIDENT enhanced modeling job board is coming in a few weeks! We also just launched a scam section called MODELS BEWARE here on Independent Modeling this month. I am so excited, and you models should be jazzed about all of this, too!
With that said, I have a little story to share. I happened to be at a club in Ybor dancing with the girls and generally minding my own business a few weekends ago, and this fast talking man named Mario claiming to be a photographer for Maxim came on to me. He told me that I was hot, that I should be a model, and that he was a pro New York photographer for Maxim with really big industry connections. When I told him that I was already a model, he went on and on about why I had to shoot with HIM. Well, by this time I was annoyed, and I started to laugh at him. The other girls that were with me started laughing, too. He wanted to know what was so funny, and I told him that we knew that he didn't shoot for Maxim, FHM, or any of the other crap magazines that he claimed to work with. I told him that all of the models knew about his game. He got really defensive, and a bit hostile by pushing me into another girl, so I threw a drink in his face. The bouncers asked me why I did that, and I told them that he was really bothering me, and I would leave the club if he didn't. Well, he didn't leave quietly. I think that he called me the "B" word. The bouncers carried him outside and proceeded to teach him a lesson. Those bouncers are always a bit protective of me.
A bit embarrassed, Mario? Now you know who you were talking to. Don't mess with me. Models, you can celebrate now- He got what he deserved. Actually, I'm wondering WHY so many models were tricked into working with him in the first place. He looks like a creep even more so than the aggressive way he behaves, and I wouldn't feel comfortable around him no matter how new and naive I was. He looks like the type to have those eight counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a minor under seventeen, as his arrest record with the Hillsborough county Sheriff's department states. We don't need rapist model photographers in Tampa Bay! I know about this, of course, because I am on the staff of Independent Modeling, and I also use this site like any smart model should. Knowledge, as Jillian always tells us, is power.
Mario, the game is over. Go back to New York. Leave your mother's house, and enter the real world.
We're out in force, and we are going to get you and anyone else out to scam and hurt models!

~ Model Monica Stevens, Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

Stalker Photographer - POSTED MAY 2003.

Hello Chris and the Independent Modeling Staff,

I visited your revised site, very nice. I read your statement about a certain photographer from New York claiming to be working for Maxim. I answered his TFP ad only to find out it was a bait and switch deal. Of course, he wanted to sell me photos. When I wanted to back out, he got really weird, practically stalking me over the phone. When I would not give in to his pressure to pay him to shoot me, he got really mad and said to me, "Well I can tell that you are new to this and not very professional. If you ever get serious about modeling, give me a call."

Yeah, I am "new" to modeling and not very experienced. Ever heard of a little agency in New York called Elite Model Management? I guess working for clients like Vogue, Mademoiselle, Saks, Neimans, Style with Elsa Klench doesn't count....

The good news is Mr. "I'm from New York" did finally stop calling my home every other day. Guess he decided to devote more time to REAL models.

Good for you guys for protecting models and calling a spade a spade, or in the case of this joker, calling a scammer a scammer.

Any photographer who advertises for TFP then tries to sell you a portfolio is NOT legit.



Hi Kim!
Thank you so much for the letter. By the way, you're still in the running for consideration of spokesmodel of this site. Call Chris for details.
Listen models, Mario is at it again! I thought that we had ended his silliness, but snakes in the grass tend to survive. By the way, did you know that we crippled six scams since January? The funny thing is that most of these scams can't figure out what went wrong!
~ Model Monica Stevens, Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor

When Pedophiles Attack - POSTED JUNE 2003

You are a pedophile!

The fact that you actually used the phrase "child pornography" to refer to nude
pictures of a 16 year old proves that you are the sickest pedophile I've ever
seen. In fact, I think you're a child molester who loves to molest children.
There are two types of pedophiles. There are pedophiles to
surrender to their problem, and those are the people who look at child
pornography. There are pedophiles who are in denial about their problem, and
those are the people against nude child photography. If someone is against nude
child photography, that means they must think there's something sexual
about it, which means they are a pedophile. Anyone against nude child
photography is a pedophile. Therefore, to fight pedophilia, you have to promote
nude child photography. The more people do it, the more acceptable it will be.
Otherwise, you're condoning the pedophilic view that there is something
wrong with it.


Oooooooh..... This is going to be a fun one. OK, models, let's play with this. Have you ever heard of a new computer virus that can defeat any virus protection out there and deletes information from hard drives? Well, it's right here in my response to this degenerate. It's in the text, and if you read on, you'll understand why it will only affect "Christi". As a matter of fact, this person will be the one that enables it, and it's for a very, very good reason.
Hello "Christi", if that is your real name, which I know it isn't. So, let me get this straight- the fact that we have an opinion that happens to be correct makes us guilty of what we have an opinion about? Your logic is really warped, and your justification of what amounts to be child porn is transparent. You're wrong. How can you say that we are pedophiles when we basically say that nude child photography is wrong? Why on earth would anyone want to do it? We only state FACTS here. We never promoted it... you are. You're also in a lot of trouble. You see, you were on Google on February 25 at 5:50 PM (and since you were at work when you did this, using your office computer running Windows NT 5, we forwarded your E-mail to your boss, just like we did to another man last year- we hope that your resume is updated) searching for the "girl from kia commercial" (not WOMAN, but GIRL), and Google led you to this MAILBAG ARCHIVE from September 20 of last year and our mail about the Kia commercials and Subway (for those letters, please read below this one by scrolling down). You read our other letters, and got mad. Then, you used a throw-away E-mail account thinking that you could attack us and we couldn't find out who you were. Well, surprise. Your IP address is ***.***.***.***, and we KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE. We know where you live, we know where you work (obviously), and we know the street address of your local FBI office. Why do you aggressively defend nude child photography? You seem to know an awful lot about pedophilia. Well, we have a theory, and you know the real deal, too.
Your local FBI office now has your information. Your boss received it this morning, along with a letter from our attorney using colorful words such as "libel", "from your network", "liability", and "lawsuit". If you have any interesting material on your computer's hard drive, we suggest you get acquainted with the format command in Windows. They could be knocking at your door at any time. As for your employment, well, that shouldn't be your main concern right now.
People, if you want to get pissed at us for doing the right thing and attack us because you want to defend whatever perversions or unethical behavior that you entertain, BE WARNED. We're not putting up with this.

~ Model Monica Stevens, Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


Child Models - POSTED SEPTEMBER 20, 2002

FROM: Mindy
SUBJECT: Child models= legal child porn

What do you all think about web sites featuring teen and preteen girls in skimpy outfits? There was something on the news last week about it being legal child porn. What do you think about the law that they are trying to pass to stop the sites?


I find such sites to be revolting and disgusting. A parent who chooses to promote their child through
exploitive marketing is no longer a parent, and is as guilty as the criminals who destroy children with the legal definition of child pornography. What is worse; real or implied? Kids need to be shielded from the evils of the world by their parents as they grow up. They need to be taught the difference between right and wrong by example as well as fact. Kid's need to be allowed to be kids, and not used for financial gain or pushed into a career that they don't want to do (ahem.... pageant mothers!). Well, comparing pageant mothers with what you're talking about is a stretch (on second thought, is it really?), so I'll address the implied child porn. I agree that it should be outlawed, although that might be unrealistic. The problem with this country is that defining what is and isn't appropriate is a problem. We have so many trashy people abusing our freedoms that it's a real mess. The reason that those laws may not work is that it is hard to define the criteria if the scope is too wide. Who's to say that a tasteful child model portfolio couldn't be prosecuted under the same law that was created to stop parents putting up pictures of their 12 year old daughter in a bikini? In regards to the latter, tell me what's wrong with this scenario:

"My 11 year daughter is the next Britney Spears!"

Web Designer:
"That's great. We need to get traffic to her site, and offer a payment based membership."

"Yes- she'll get famous that way! Will we make money? Let's do it!"

Web Designer:
"We need to put some swimsuit stuff on there. That stuff will sell. She'll be pretty in a bikini. Is she a virgin?"

"Why- yes, she is! Why do you ask?"

Web Designer:
"That makes her pure. I'll be sure to put that in the factoid. A pure girl in a bikini- that will sell very well. It's good to show her natural beauty. We can put most of the money toward her college fund, too."

"She's going to be a star!!!!!"

As farfetched as this might seem to those of us who were raised properly, this actual conversation happens every day in the good old USA! It really turns my stomach. If parents actually accepted the responsibility of parenting, and raised their kids with love and respect, then this wouldn't happen. If parents didn't sell out their kids by being deluded by the illusions of fame and fortune, then this wouldn't be an issue. Chinese Curse to those parents: May you get what you wish for. My prayer for those parents: May you reap what you sow.
Parents have no business being pimps.
I'm sorry, but sites featuring children in provocative poses and revealing clothing might not be considered child pornography by the law, but it is child pornography all the same, and you can bet your last dollar that it's being used as such.
~ Model Monica Stevens, Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor


Kia And Subway Models - POSTED SEPTEMBER 20, 2002

FROM: Jose, Miami Fl
SUBJECT: Commercial taste

Did you see the Subway and Kia commercials that ran over the Summer? The subway commercial had the obnoxious guy going to a Subway restaurant with two models. The Kia one had a bunch of models tricked into going to a "all models" sale at a car dealership. Weren't they great?

I think that they played to the common stereotypes that society has toward models in general. None of those commercials had any speaking parts for any of the models, and made them out to be idiots with pretty faces. I didn't find either commercial amusing, and found it to be insulting to the professional working model. Things are going to change. As a final footnote, there was something amusing that came out of the Subway commercial. I was in a Subway this Summer and a guy asked if I was the model from the commercial. When I engaged him in an intelligent conversation, he knew that I wasn't the one.

~ Model Monica Stevens, Tampa Bay Modeling Mail Bag Editor






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